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Cupid & The Truth about love and desire

By Ceruleanvii at Messenger

Indeed all things connect.

The tales of Cupid go back to the stories of the God Eros. In any name, he is said to be a son of Mercury. It’s apparent that this is a deity who rules over the elemental sign of air. And so, there’s always been a little hint of truth when it came to the idea of love, in the mythology related to gods associated with it. If you really know anything about your elements, air is associated with thought. Cupid being associated with air and he representing love, means that love is also air. In that case, love is mainly just a thought form.

Thoughts lead into another layer of a person’s being, their emotions. Emotions are merely just chemical reactions that you have from your thoughts. That is why a lot of times people are deceived by love. They believe that they have fallen in love because of how their body feels inside, when they are with someone. Or, even at the thought of them. I have said it many times in previous readings and teachings that the same hormones and chemicals that are produced during moments of feeling love, are exactly the same as the ones that are produced when a woman gives birth to a child.

True love is when those hormones and emotions keep going. The same feelings and reactions that you had when you first met the person, never fade away. They keep going and going. It’s the same for a mother. She will always love her children the same as she did the very first day that she saw their faces. She loved them even beyond that, from the first moment that she knew that they were in the womb. This is why a lot of men seek women that are virtuous and motherly for marriage. They are looking for someone who knows how to love. What I mean is, they are looking for someone that can love them as purely as their mother did.

Art By: Edgar Jerins

For people that had good mothers, they were loyal, trustworthy, hard-working, and always understanding. They were comforting, a good listener, but also someone that they could trust that could not only give them good advice, but easily forgive them for their shortcomings. That means that the mother didn’t complain about socks on the floor and even if she did, she would still pick them up. She’s a nurturer… someone to allow him to be who he really is. This is the person that he can tell his darkest secrets to no matter what, and not be judged for it. His friend that he can talk to about anything, but also lay his burdens upon without having to always be everything that she wants him to be. For a girl like that, a guy will do anything.

It’s the women who are more like a party girl, that are usually chosen for sex and a good time. The companionship in that, can go on for quite a while. But it does not last forever. Most usually, it’s more like a friends with benefits situation with a whole lot of jealousy and sex. This is because, most of what people are feeling in that situation is called infatuation. This is where a lot of the jealousy and insecurities come into the picture because in a real love situation, there’s no need for either person to be insecure. Even if the person was in the best of shape were in the worst of shape, they could walk around naked and feel sexy in their body. But people who are just in it for infatuation are in it for the rush of the feeling, the codependency temporarily, and just the idea of security. But it never lasts because each party being insecure, leads to them thinking that they will want different things later on. This ends up ending the relationship as they seek out the missing elements in another.

Infatuation so closely resembles love, that many people fall victim to its mask. The idea of Cupid, is that he induces the thoughts of love based on all of the wrong things. When this happens, it triggers the same chemical and emotional response as real love would, at first. And this is what many people fail to recognize as lust. This type of sinful nature is such, because it is so deceptive. It brings the illusion of love and longing, as well as sexual desire while being based on a feeling of attraction that then leads to feeling a bit obsessed over the object of your attraction.

Most of the time, this person won’t really offer what you’re looking for at a great percentile. They may have “the look”, and you may get along with them, and for the most part they may really have a good time with you. Yet, what about the long term? How about those moments when you start to feel distant? Or what about the moments where you realize that you don’t see eye to eye on nearly on as much as you had originally thought? Every romantic relationship has its arguments, even in true love. However when it is true… There aren’t really all that many. Partners that are really in love, know how to talk to one another in such a way that their friends and all things even in disagreements. But when it was merely just lust for infatuation, over time… Arguments become ugly. After a while one of you will start to see things about the other, that you didn’t quite pay attention to before. And then the relationship starts to unravel, or infidelity steps in. If a person doesn’t fulfill you in all of the ways that you are looking for, and vice versa together… then it isn’t true love.

Why then, is it wrong to entertain a relationship based on infatuation? When any relationship causes pain to either party or even just one person in it, then it’s wrong. Many people really do fall into the depths of the illusions of “love”, that they get brokenhearted after the experience. In the spiritual journey, I always tell my students that they can’t really love someone else until they can love themselves. This is because, if they really care about themselves, they’re not going to settle for less than what they really want in life. This means that they can be OK with being alone and enjoy their time to themselves until they find a person that actually fits what they are looking for a little more closely. Stepping into a relationship where a person doesn’t fulfill you, is basically just setting yourself up for future failure and heartache. Why would an individual put themselves through such an ordeal? But yet people do…

They do so, because they don’t really love themselves on the inside. As a result, they just want to feel some form of love on the outside to fill that void. That’s exactly what lust and infatuation do. If both partners go into the relationship believing that it’s love and soak up all of the flaming passionate energy that it brings with it at first, only to hurt each other later on somehow, then yes it is wrong. Being honest with oneself and the other person by perhaps talking to them about what you are looking for, would be best. Explaining that you’re looking for something specific but that you wouldn’t mind enjoying some time with them in companionship is being completely open and honest. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, as long as they understand and they’re willing to go along with it.

This way later on when you finally start to realize that you’re ready to leave the situation because of one reason or the other, nobody gets hurt. You have to remember what love is. The Bible describes love and first Corinthians chapter 13 and saying that love is patient, love is kind, love is it long enduring, it is not based upon selfishness and it does not keep records of wrongs. What this means is that you are 100% all for the other person. It means that you are only out solely for their happiness and that you will go through anything with them no matter what. It never gets tired, it never gets old, it’s 100% true. But many have relationships where they just go through trial after trial and they get tired of it. Many relationships and find one person feeling a lack of something or the other, or maybe the issues that another person brings into the relationship that were not seen before.

Cupid has a lot to do with this because Cupid is a consciousness just like any other great spirit. I told my students about something called dark consciousness which is similar, but consciousness has a lot of different ways of operating as well as being used.

Spirit is consciousness, and so that means that this is a floating spiritual energy of thoughts without any physical form. Therefore, it is not bound by the limitations of the physical world. The bigger the consciousness is, the more power it has. That is why deities are in the higher planes to begin with. Their consciousness needs to be in a place that can hold the sheer size of them. Many of them are a little bit of everywhere all at once though. Cupid is the same. This is not a supreme deity but is a greater spirit that has the ability to provoke the illusions of love. By implanting sudden realizations of attraction and desire in a person, Cupid can have a great deal of power over them. Through attraction, a person can entirely put enough focus upon another, that they put all of their energy into it. This means the pursuit, thoughts that they have about them, and how much they’re thinking about them. But there are many things that go into illusions.

First of all, illusions are created based off of things that are disguised or greatly distorted by one’s eyes. Yet, truth itself is from within. I’ll go into this a little bit deeper later. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is it not? And so if you know your mythology, this deity here was greatly associated with Aphrodite who is the goddess of beauty. Do you see where I’m going with this? Most of the love provoked by the consciousness or spirit of Cupid, is induced by what the person sees. Therefore it’s more based upon the physical attraction of things, rather than the persons inner truth. This is what I was saying in the beginning where I had mentioned that when a person can be totally honest with them self about what they are truly looking for in a life partner or companion, is when they are willing to wait it out to find exactly that. But when a person is so physically attracted to another that they don’t really care about anything else about that person, their background or their life or how it may affect them later on, then they are greatly entering into the realm of self deception. It is through the disguise of the beauty or physical attraction, that their mind is caused to believe that they are in love. That’s when those chemical reactions start to happen and infatuation is born.

Cupid, mercury, and Aphrodite all three come together to tell you a very symbolic story. It’s saying that through physical attraction, once thoughts can be induced with love. But we know that there’s so much more to love than just what a person looks like. And so really the love that Cupid is giving is the false kind and one that is greatly eluding a person from accomplishing their dreams. Lust and infatuation lead to heartache, sexually transmitted diseases in cases of sexual activity, and to be honest with you a waste of time. If people are with a person for a while that just ends up becoming a failed relationship later on, then they’ve wasted a lot of time away from their real goals and pursuits in life.

I don’t think a lot of people really care about all of that these days though. Everything that you see on television and in the media has to do with provoking cupids great energy of lust and infatuation. It’s all about appearances and sexual attraction in this day and age. But a person that is really true to them self and to the ideas of love, will be a person who really looks deeply beyond the physical appearance of a person. It’s not even just to know that they’re attractive and that you have fun with them, it’s so much more than just that. It’s how the person supports you in your life, how honest they are, what they’re willing to go through with you by your side. It’s how much they love you at that moment andhow much of that love is still the same later on after not so good moments or even after time which tells the truth of all. Every person need someone that really understands them and can be by their side in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment. And so it’s a lot more than just what’s on the surface that matters. And when I say on the surface, I don’t just mean the surface beauty physically. I’m talking about what you see just at the beginning of a relationship. Every person is deserving of a relationship that returns the same thoughts and feelings, someone that just seems to know you through and through without having to say so. It’s to have a person that really truly cares even when you’re not at your best. This is a person that would sacrifice anything just to be by your side as you would do the same for them, equaling out to both people being happy later on.

The stories of Cupid are tales that tell of events of mixed up love between the gods. But the most important detail of this is who he himself fell in love with. Due to his own tricks he ended up inducing love within himself toward a deity named Psyche. We know that this word means, the human soul. And so this is a consciousness that is fall in love with the human soul. But what does that actually mean? Well for starters, aren’t humans wrapped up in the idea of falling in love? Well there you go. Cupid and his wife represent the fact that falling in love has become an infatuation itself, among humans. But reading the stories, it never really does and well. And that’s because this is the type of love that isn’t true. It is the idea of sinful desire being implanted within the core of human nature.

So with that, there’s a little bit of Cupid that lives within everybody. It is for every human to work towards their greater goal of enlightening themselves, so that they could be free of this kind of desire. This is because, this is the type of desire that holds a person back from the greatest fulfillment in life. Even if it’s like I said, wasting time in situations that don’t work out, when they could have been looking for something so much more fulfilling and better. What about using the time while a person is single, to reach their greatestlevel of success instead? Or to work on things within themselves that they don’t like so that they can become the better version of themselves rather? Instead people try to find themselves within another person. And that simply just isn’t ever going to be the way. One must be at one with themselves first in order to discover their real self and someone else and vice versa. And that’s because no one will ever just fine only themselves in another person… The other person has to also see themselves in you. This is what creates the balance and completion of what every person who is seeking true love is looking for. It’s very hard to find and it does take a long time i’m getting to know people, going through life experience, and really understanding what it is that you’re looking forward to begin with. Many people have an idea of what their perfect person looks like, what kind of money they make, but none of that really matters. It’s like I say with clients of mine that come for life purpose readings and expect to be told that they’ll be a movie star that’s rich and wealthy… The soul may not really want that and it’s rather human desire that wants it instead.

When a person truly finds themself, they realize that all of the things that they thought that they wanted or needed, really aren’t at all. They become real with them selves and then they pursue their own goals in that realness which leads them to a state of bliss and contentment with that which they have found. They don’t think to look at what they couldn’t find because they’re too happy with what they already have. And so, anything else is really just taking time away from looking for all of that. A person isn’t going to find their true love or their real soulmate until they’ve reached that place. Because a soulmate has to be found with real true love. Even if they meet a soul that should have been in that position, it doesn’t mean that they will be if the person hasn’t found what they need to find spiritually yet on either side. And so yes the desire of human nature is definitely something that has been a great obstruction in the lives of many people because they desire things that or probably just illusions anyway, being completely out of touch with their spiritual nature which is the real truth of who they are.

So who is this great spirit that is behind such a force like that? Do you know it can’t really be Mercury‘s son or the companion child of Aphrodite since those are merely just metaphors for a deeper story and truth of what was really going on. Who is the great spirit that was behind inducing the deadly sins after all? Isn’t it a fact that the deadly sins are all completely made up of human desire? This is a really good question for those that are still trying to understand their place in the middle of this great spiritual war.

Who can really judge anybody for just wanting to live and experience life? It is the human way, do they, experiment, go through life seeking one’s treasures… But for those that are really looking for something so much more than that, it takes having to see truth. Life is full of errors and it’s true that there’s errors take us into great waves of wisdom through the experiences. Some people drowned, and some end up lost deep at sea… Others crash back up on the shore. But what if a person could just walk across the water? It’s not impossible, Jesus of the Bible did it didn’t he? Maybe symbolically that was what the story of his walking on the water, really meant. Imagine life without having to deal with the consequences of error? Is it really possible to live your life in such away? It is for those that really try. So stay away from the Cupids that not only are presented on days like Valentine’s Day where they celebrate desire, but stay away from the ones that are in every day life. Desiring and wanting or two different things. Desire you get lost in, wanting something, you fight for it. Desire is fleeting and when it’s not obtained can be replaced… But when it comes to love and wanting these are things that are persevered and endured to the end because it’s for all of the right reasons.

Cupid is originally a son of Archangel Raphael, and later became a part of the Legion of angels who had fallen when coming to earth. However, throughout time he has been taught by many spirits and so he has had many soul parents in that way. He is a Spirit familiar to many on earth but only when called Asmodeus. Yes! It is him! I hope that my greatest fans are now trying to understand why Archangel Michael and Asmodeus had a bit of an argument in a previous channeling that I did between them here on this website. Maybe some of you can try to understand what the hidden meaning beyond that message really is now that you’ve learned about this entity. He is mentioned in removed books of the Bible like Tobit and The testament of Solomon.

It was only fitting that in the book of Tobit, it was his father Raphael himself that bound him when he was attacking a girl named Sarah who was set to marry the character of the story named, Tobias. In the Testament of Solomon, he’s met by his father again when Solomon interrogates Asmodeus, he learns that Asmodeus is thwarted by the angel Raphael, as well as by sheatfish found in the rivers of Assyria. He also admits to hating water and birds because both remind him of God. Asmodeus claimed to Solomon that he was born of a human mother and an angelic father, which is why he is thwarted by Raphael all of the time. It seems that his father is always hard on his trail and wanting to keep him from provoking the destructive forces that he induces in other people such as desire and lust. In other words, Archangel Raphael watches over his spiritual son in which he tries to prevent him from using the imperfection of desire and lust within the human spirit, to create other situations that tempt people to actually act on it.

Nasty Asmodeus in a symbolic monstrous depiction.

He is also known as quite a bad boy. Depictions of this spirit have him looking like a grotesque monstrosity where he actually isn’t. Many of the sons of heaven are quite beautiful which is why they’re so easily believed when trying to deceive others. Just like a persons own lies right? It’s true. When a person is lying to themselves it all looks wonderful until later on. And that’s just how less turns out. When you’re physically attracted to someone, you get involved only to find out that they may not be so nice of a person after all. This spirit is a bad boy not only because he provokes great sinful nature, but because he also plays around in the world of human women as well as men, himself. As a spiritual being, his consciousness can enter anyone and anything at any time, But when it comes to he himself and his appearance… He is quite spectacular. But real beauty is what the nature of the spirit is about just as it is the same, for every person. Even a person who may not be as calmly on the outside, can become a great object of attraction and affection to a person who comes to know them because of how wonderful they are inside. With desire is quite the opposite.

Another thing to note is that throughout time many people have depicted Cupid as being a small child. This is because much of desire and lust first started out as being innocent. I mean how many times did you actually really believe in your heart that you really desired or wanted something so much? But then only realized it was unhealthy for you later on? How many relationships did you have like that too? See you see he’s depicted as a child because it hits you in your most innocent places. Yearning for love and affection comes from an innocent place in the heart but spins wildly out of control whenyou add desire and illusions. Many things come from that childlike place within and are greatly corrupted.

He’s also said to be a lover of Lilith. Lilith is a demon of sexual desire and lust and so it is only fitting that he accompanies her in this metaphorical fashion because he is the provoker of all lustful desires himself. And so if you take away the lustful desire away from Lilith, and she is no longer the temptress. I hope you’re starting to follow me now.

What a scary understanding of who Cupid truly is. it is still a nice idea that Valentine’s Day is a day where people can try to enjoy love and romance with someone else. Valentine’s Day is actually set up to be celebrated right in the middle of what the angels called, the dead zone. This is because most people are more easily tempted during idle time. When you are sitting at home in winter, you have your goals in mind of what you would like to achieve come warmer months into the year. January was marked as the start of the year after all wasn’t it? Well for angels it’s at the end of April, but celebrated at 1 May. Most people still though, plan their goals and keep them in mind while they are caught up in the house during winter. And so Temptations and desires are provoked through loneliness and boredom, where a person feels a need to find someone new, and invest all of their time into that. That then leads them down another path sometimes further and further away from what they had actually intended to achieve in the first place. Think of how distracting some relationships can be especially when they aren’t made of real love but bring with it, a lot of chaos and unnecessary drama. And so, those entering into the areas of desire, forfeit their greatest plans and then there goes the rest of their year! What a devious way of mucking up a person’s path. Still though those with great wisdom will go about things with great thought and not fall into the pads of illusion but go for the things that their heart truly not only once but knows what’s good for them.

Have a great year! Experience life and even intimacy if that’s what you want, but be smart about it and look past illusionary things. I tried to advise that one be still and content within themselves until they find the right person after building up their life path to where it should be. But some don’t want to wait that long. And so, at least use wisdom and look beyond desire. All things can be experienced and experienced well without error, where wisdom and truth are applied. Lots of love to all of you and I hope that you truly enjoyed this article. If you did please like it and share it.

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