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In history, Angels have been mentioned, but not without Demons right beside their name to show duality. We know Angels are real. The Angels themselves having been some pretty huge figures who were known all through out the Earth by different names according to the many civilizations that were scattered.  Demons though? Who are they?


Through out time, Christianity lowered the significance of the lower ranking deities who were once in the pantheons of the Gods as sons and daughters of the God family. When the montheistic religions took over, they still knew that the minor Gods, were still important. They could not rid the world of them entirely. So, to make their main God into only one supreme ruler, they then made the minor Gods into “children” of their prime deity. The once sons and daughters, had now become a race of beings who were void of their fun and adventurous stories that they had in their days of renown. And now, they were known as servants to humanity. Servants to humanity? It had taught in other traditions that it were the other way around, with humans who served the Gods. I sometimes think to myself,  how horrific it must had been for the minor Gods to have been looked at by the humans as nothing. One day, all of the love that these Gods have for the creations, will have to be placed on hold as they exact their vengence.


c061c0b3997e45631e777ffeb4a4e664The word demon actually translates from
daemon, ,meaning “administering spirit”. In truth, these are any spirits who asre in the spiritual realms, who become helpers of something or to some cause. Many who get caught in the “In between” become demons because they serve the Lords of those realms in whispering while unseen, into human ears. This then goes into the consciousness, without the human ever hacving heard it directly. They can not hear it because of the barriers between worlds which seperate human in flesh, form spirit. However, the thought being projected in this nature, can influence people subconscious. This is how it is always done. Media now does this through something called subliminal messages. Over the decades, the world has gotten worse because of this and the media’s use of this tactic.

The word demon can also mean genius, which led to uses of the word genie later on. Djinn are a form of demon. They too are called genies. That is because they also do the same. They provide insight, but for a price. There are so many species of demons.

But why are demons depicted as ugly creatures? Are they really  grotesque beings with hooves or other animal like parts? Honestly, it is a mixture of both ugly, and, those who still look human. Demons also take on the form of a dark mass, or orbs. Demons as administering spirits, carry out the orders of the duke or prince within their legion. There are many of these for each act.  There are spirits trapped in this world who do not defile or mislead humans, but instead will come when called upon for wisdom or for a favor. They will provide insight, but the problem is, you never know unless familiar with all of the billions of demons, if you have a trickster who is sinister and evil on your hands or not. I have come across so many different types of these beings while passing through the astral world to get through to the other realms and planes.  Do not forget that angels have some animal like features, but they are beautiful and strong. They appear in divine forces of light.

Since demons exist within the same frequency as many other beings, the realm can be confusing. People do not realize that these are not spirits beneath 3D vibration, but in 4D. That is because humans livew in 3D plus time going forward. When you leave the body, you are in just time moving eternally forward,  in energy form. Unless you are in purgoatory. That is a realm of time standing still. In higher planes, it is timemoving backward, still, and forward all at the same time.  Demons exist within time moving onward, which is why they are able to move about behind the scenes of our world influencing it. They merely seldom reincarnate, and those who do, go on to become some master mind criminals, or some very dangerous psychotic people. More or less it is their existing moving forward in time, forever.


These beings when under the command of their authority, will project thoughts of all kinds into the world of humans. Perversion, pedophilia, Rape, Murder, torture, sodomy, theft, hatred, rage, jealousy, greed, vanity, gluttony, hunger for power, obsession, lust for unnatural sexual desires, and much more. They will place upon a person, the feeling of being watched, hearing voices, disbelief in spirituality and heaven, as well as insecurity, depression that never goes away, anxiety attacks, forgetfulness, repetitive behavior and  repeated routines in life.

Demons hate goodness. After being a wicked spirit for so long, the light is something that they grow to have an aversion to. Although it still attracts them for their existence. Having sold their soul the human demons will be cut off from the Source. They will need a source of some kind to leech off of. That is when they become attachments or energy vampires. They will use humans who still have light or try to attacks souls with more of it, perhaps an incarnated being.

Demons can attach from ancestral lineage. They are passed through whatever sin is passed genetically. They are called generational spirits. They attack anyone in that family connected. They bring dysfunction, arguing, addiction, loss, bad luck, and misfortune.  They can also come from the atmosphere, a sin, drugs, and even media. Some of the entertainment world has rituals for conjuring spirits into movies, Television, and music. Some even place them into books and magazines. A cult branched from the free masons that my mom’s family used to have connections with used to use that method in their publications.

Demons themselves sharing the 4th dimension, also live there with fairies and many others. They all share the same vibration. So many spirits live there from beautiful magical beings to Wraiths or dementors as I call them, (I got the term from my father who loves Harry Potter).  They are real, but different from the movie of course. My father called them that after one night that I had been attacked by a triplet of Wraiths. These are old women who look very pale, with long black straggly hair, and black eyes. In white flowing gowns of mist, together they had chased me. I had been in the astral world and landed in a realm which had fire and ice. The realm was covered in white snow and ice, and had blue flames and bursts of fire, that erupted from the ground. I did not intend on landing in that particular realm obviously, but it were these beings who were given orders to divert me from my course, and to try to spiritually hurt my soul. It is a great big difference when a soul is out of body, versus being in astral projection. I was  out of body. Being chased acrossed a large bridge which was draped between tall, narrow cliffs, I tried to get away. Finally, I had ended up in an old room within an old burnt down building that had been there, where I hid. They had found me though, and all three of these ghostly ladies had cornered me. I thought I was done for, as I was alone, but being of an angelic soul I got passed my fear and told myself, “Ally, you can get through this, call upon Father”. Once I shouted his name, I was slammed back into my body suddenly, and physically shivering as if my physical body had been there too. But it hadn’t. I was thankful to the heavenly Creator. I encounter so many beings and soul type in my existence. It is sometimes terrifying, mainly wonderful, and always amazing!

There are creatures of every kind, under a number of purposes for their existence. It is truly a dangerous world to enter into, being an amateur who does not know the realms, nor the spirits there. I am never scared, as the Creator will always help, and you can find help too. Simply have faith. But even with faith, stay away from demonic energies. They are very deceptive, and almost never go away. Some kids in New Age try to develop psychic gifts, and upon trying they lure these spirits towards themself. I have done many exorcisms to help them.  I hope people can merely be safe and on their guard. Demons are not fun to be stuck with according to may stories that I have heard from my followers, and what I know from having to remove them from poeple and passing through the spirit realms myself in OBE. It is better to be safe than sorry.

But yes, many spirits of all kinds and jobs. With their existence right in the air all around us, we all have to be constantly on guard. I have many clients who come and have a demonic spirit, or attachment. I have cleared so many of these things from outside and from within. It is never an easy thing to do. Be careful….