Basilisks are in the demon family for sure. I have run into them many times in my spirit travels beyond and in my channeling. I have to say, to some they would be considered as being pretty scary since they have a terrifying appearance. There are so many stories about them, in mythology. They are also featured in the movie, “Harry Potter” in popular mainstream.

Basilisks are large snakes who have large venous stingers on the end of their tails. They stand upright like a cobra in the front. Even though this is the most common description out there, they are also said by other resources to have the head of a chicken while the body is that of a reptile… That is untrue and in fact another type of entity. These are evil spirits who were created in the netherworld to cause problems in nature. They energetically can create earthquakes and even tidal waves in the ocean at the detriment of humanity simply to enjoy watching them suffer.

The Basilisk has a powerful stare that can petrify any being or creature to their demise. Even the cry of the basilisk is dangerous; it drives anyone who hears is mad. They say in ancient mythology that the only known way to slay a Basilisk is to get it to look at its own reflection. The sound of this creature in addition to its size in energy body can devastate any location at a large scale.