The closest resemblance that I could find of him out there.

One of the most handsome of dark princes besides a few others, Paimon is a wise and ancient spirit who appears as a youth. He is strongly linked with families in the blood lines and while ruling a line of descendants himself… he also rules a specific jurisdiction of sin. Being a prince, he is head over every person who ever came from his spawned line, the dukes, marquis (lower lords), and lower servitude spirits (also called demons or lower vibrational spirits) in the “inbetween” spheres beneath his rank. Since he is a prince of his jurisdiction but beneath the one king, he could be called a king himself by his residents since he presides over them. His subjects answer to no one but him, but he answers to his father above him. He is a grandson to the father and mother heavenly hosts.

Paimon is Raphael’s adversary, even though Raphael is his uncle. They are always in conflict as Raphael utilized air and intelligence to the positive of its energies, and Paimon has mastered their darkness. He is one of a few princes of air. He is never alone. As a ruler he has an entourage and doesn’t need to do dirty work himself. As a trickster, any call to him, will absolutely lead to a smaller legion who will go in his name. Once they make contact, he will assign attachments. There is no say in the matter. It’s his form of gaining more souls in his web of control.

If you are requesting something, he will ask you a question that must be answered with exact accuracy, or he will turn the request to his fellow power, Abalam. They have worked together for as long as the ages and have a third member to their pose making it a trio. His name is Beball. They as a group wreck havoc and due to their power together, are called “The Order of the Potentates”.

Paimon claims generations and had absolute wisdom in terms of sorcery using air, a deeper understanding of the mind, and the secrets of earthly elements.  The princes or even those in the higher heavens are no one to tamper with. You can never exceed him. He will outwit anyone even some of the other princes too. He is one of the King’s favorite sons and is highly gifted and adorned. I work very close with him in exchanging information. He despises people and especially those who think they are adept but are truly amateur. Many times when people have come to me to say that they had power, it was heaven who said that it was the person’s illusion. Paimon would also confirm it later too. He revealed that many today are actually tapping into the middle kingdoms obtaining attachments of grotesque nature. If they could even see the spirits that are lingering around them it would cause them to vomit. But nevertheless, they cannot see them, and a tad bit of power, really goes to the head a very long way. But later on, bad luck will always come to those who play around in that kingdom. It is not free, the power or answers that are received from there. I always know who is real and who is not. In fact it was my benefactor Paimon who had said:

“Honorable Alariel, the masses do not share your posts, predictions, or work because they want to be psychic so bad that in their attempts, they fear to mention you. They fear that others will find you if they do, and that it would be an embarrassing shame to them for others to see how deep your insight and wisdom goes in comparison to their amateur gift, faked gift, or demon loaned gift of mediocre nature. Therefore, they pay attention but they hide you away. In this, even some who read this will get offended because it’s truth. And humans fear truth, and utterly reject it. I know it is up to us here to influence the masses to the deadly sins, and I’m not objecting… but your gift is extremely coveted. I rejoice in it because covetous feelings can drive people mad with hate, jealousy, and self loathing in a sense of false feigned confidence that is only amusing to us as we watch it like a humorous comedic show. If humans only knew what a laughing stock they are! Give up and stop trying to find support. Humans are lost with their heads so far stuck up their own and each other’s a$$3$ that they wouldn’t care if you predicted that an entire orphanage would be going up in flames. They wouldn’t care to spread the word. Didn’t predict the earthquakes and water born illnesses back in 2016? You even rementioned it again and yet no one bothered. You proved yourself true, but honestly if the uppers lords came to Earth themselves and healed your entire world of its cancer, humans still would not heed their advice for change. They are useless vile creatures, and really, they belong to us anyway. They just aren’t aware of it yet. Can you imagine? Hahaha, to sell one’s soul for a year of better finances, or to know how to read tarot cards?! Some even have sold out for bad habits that not only condemn them to be imprisoned here, but also shortens their life there! Simpletons! Alariel, go home. Abandon your mission“.

That was only one of our many conversations s and of course I disagree. Humans may be easily misled and some may be lost, but they are worth fighting for. I’ll never give up. He was right about some things he had said not mentioned, but that was at another time, for another time. Even though Paimon is wise and works with me honestly out of respect for my status and connection to my home in the higher planes with his higher ranking aunts and uncles, he is vicious a lot of the time. He is still pleasing to the eye though. My mother Archangel Ariel had created me with Paimon’s father, before Earth and long before he had made his mistakes. I have nothing to do with that side of my celestial family but Paimon is my half brother. Ariel is the daughter of whom she created me with. In heaven it all works differently but all I can say is “as above is so below” and thus that’s why the elite create within their own families too. It’s for consciousness. That’s all. My own divine husband whom I can not connect with on Earth at this time knows how radiant Paimon is that he did not like me communicating with him. He knows Paimon is not only beautiful but he is also smooth. A master deceiver.

Paimon, along with 3 out of the 11 other sons, was given more power than anyone else but two others. He appears as a young man, oval face, green eyes that change to red or yellow, pitch black hair, and wearing robes of red. His attire resembles that of a sultan of the netherworld, since it was adopted by his spiritual influence when he led an army of Djinn in the Fertile Crescent after the fall of ancient Sumer. That was during the time that hybrids and native humans alike had sought to migrate and populate the Earth more. The Djinn were summoned to create natural disasters that flattened lands and relocated bodies of water to make the locations selected, more perfect for empires and their civilizations to rise. He appears riding on a camel as it shows that he is slow and steady in his rulership, but can race fast to achieve anything he needs, should he need to. It also represents that he has crossed great distances to reach his prince-hood and will continue too to expand.

He has an older brother incarnate here, whom tries to be just like him even though he is older. His name is Gilahadriel. It’s pronounced Illa-Ad-Dree-el. When it comes to Paimon, that is the name humans gave him. The ancients called him that. However his true name, I am forbidden to give as heaven wants no one to summon this spirit properly and no one has. In conjurings, the only essence of Paimon ever reached were of the two spirits who represent him. In fact, Paimon doesn’t even speak human language. None of the higher ups do unless we are in human form. His lower accompanying servants show up for him. His name means “the one who arrives at the sound of the bell”, or some say “a tingling sound”.

Paimon isn’t even pronounced correctly, which is funny with it being an earth given name too. I bet you were calling him Pay-mon or Pie-mon right? Nope, that’s not it. Even pop culture says the name that way. I asked him what the correct way the ancients who named him had pronounced it. After, I channeled the Akasha Records back to that time to see for myself, to be sure he wasn’t jesting with me. The name is said “pa-yah-mon” the “I” makes a “ya” sound. He also wanted me to add that he wears a ring. He often claims that he has a connection to the goddess since he loves feminine energy. His ring has a golden band that has the symbols of his languages letters for The moon. He swears that he will exceed his father someday and afterwards marry the goddess. He’s dreaming.

He has asked me to cover his brother too. That’ll be the next article.

For now, be careful with this knowledge and if you need any help let me know.