Sept 2021- Monthly Oracle

Dear reader, welcome to your “Oracle monthly”. This reading covers the time period of September 10 throughout October 10. I hope that you enjoy the complementary insight, as a subscriber to the website. As always thank you so very much for your support and your patronage.


This month will be a great month of looking forward to building up a lot of your goals. You’ll feel some anger and irritability though, as things seem to get on your nerves a lot more easily lately. Be careful of being hot-tempered as you may be in trouble later. 

A situation that you’ll face won’t go smoothly, and you may face loss and upset. You may get into conflicts with others, receive bad news that makes you stressed or disappointed a lot. You will no longer be able to stand the stressful situation. You have to be careful of being hot-tempered. You may not be as careful, and it will result in making mistakes and you may need to correct things. For single people you may meet somebody that you come to like a lot but for those of you in relationships already, some of you will find that relationships come to an end. It is a time of renewal and actually, even though some negative things may happen, it is all in the best from the universe to lead you into a better direction. This month provides a lot of positivity if you have the right way of looking at things.

In regards to finances right now or that you don’t loan out any money as you probably won’t get it back. Try to save as much as you can but don’t spare on getting the things that you need right now. 

The world is in a state of global chaos whether anyone really notices it or not. Because of this, resources for help will come short and you’ll need to rely on yourself. In other words try to be thrifty if you can but stock up on the resources that you need in case any issue should arise. Seeing if he sucks ahead will always keep you out of harms way. Additionally now would be a good time to apply yourself more strongly in terms of expanding your education or working for the promotion at work. Be careful not to allow yourself to sleep over make any mistakes. It’s also a good thing to try not to focus too much on social media. These days things are very toxic in terms of mental and emotional health and may affect spiritual health as well as a result. The best way to handle your social media habits would be to follow only those that you like and are deeply inspirational. Go on and don’t look too much at your home feed. If you see something on your home feed when logging in and that you like, then by all means look at it and support it. Add your post and then log out. I would spend only one hour daily reading news or whatever articles you have of interest, and posting, while liking some of the things that you feel are legitimate to follow. Other than that, try to spend your time away from the phone so that you can conserve your energy. People are losing energy fast these days as 5G and much of the technology acts like a Psychic vampire for everyone, which is one out of many reasons that people are feeling more unmotivated these days.

This month a lot of things will happen that you won’t yet understand, and will bring you to look for answers in order to bring things to rest and find closure. This applies in regards to things that have happened in the past too. You will find some answers. While you may not like what you find, it’ll bring a lot of peace your heart and bring you to content place. You may find also that there are heightened moments of feeling inspired and then it quickly dissipates. This is because of the atmosphere energy is very strong and magnetically pulling higher charged energies out of your aura leaving you feel tired and depleted. The longer that you give into it, the more you feel sluggish. Try to fight through some of it in order to regain your energy.

There are people in your life that are looking to spend more time with you these days and it would be a wise thing to incorporate them into your schedule so that when things get busier for you, you’ll still have some strong allies. Spend time with your loved ones.

Right now isn’t a good time to gamble or make risky decisions with any financial means that you have. Don’t seek fast routes to make money. Try to do things more legitimately and ride out this slower period in time.

Last but not least, you may feel some impatience towards some things in your life that you would like to see move along but aren’t. Don’t feel impatient. Everything is happening according to when it’s supposed to, even if it’s not according to the time or peace that you would like. Try to have more trust in the universe and feel at one with it and you’ll feel more serenity during this time. Don’t forget, ride out the moments of high motivation, and don’t put things off until the next day because you’ll find far more success and opportunities in doing so.

Thank you everybody and good luck!