The Oracle- November 2021

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Greetings to my beloved members,
I hope that many of you have been feeling the positivity in the air for the seasonal change. On September 21, we had the beautiful event of the autumn equinox.
This is always my most favorite time of year because it marks the end of the angelic year celebration. The celebration (as many of you know) continues up until November 1. Since we are now into November and the celebrations have ended, it’s time for November’s Oracle . I hope that you’ve been enjoying this column so far, as a complementary reading to show my appreciation for being a subscriber.
Let’s go ahead and get into the monthly information for you.
Looking into November and into the first week of December, I see that there will be a need for you to invest wisely. For those of you out there that are working, make sure that you’re using your funds wisely. Don’t put money into useless opportunities and be sure to penny pinch. Don’t forget that the holidays are just right around the corner. Having that in mind, every year people make the same mistake of doing their Christmas shopping last minute. Wouldn’t you like to have a year where you don’t have to worry about doing that? Wouldn’t you like to have a year where you can afford your gifts, as well as being able to hang onto some funds at the end of the holiday season? The Angels advise that you buy one gift for each person that you love, from now up until 20 December.
In doing so, you’ll be able to put those gifts to the side and still hang onto some of your financial means. This is the smartest way to go about things since we have the little problem of inflation now. We also have the problem of they were being a lack of supply and a lot of different items. Christmas is going to be a bit difficult for some. If inflation is a big problem, then the best way to work around it is to conserve and to think smart. The heavens advise buying one gift each week up until Christmas, for the people you love. Give yourself a budget of anywhere from $10-$20. And then when it comes up until the middle of December, you can go ahead and buy the price your gifts for those that you have in mind to do so for. Like your children or your spouse.
But you have to also remember this… It’s not about the cost of your gift. It’s about the thought that you put into it. Long time ago, people used to knit sweaters for people, where they would go out and weed or something for them in the olden days. Even up until the 90s, kids had to get whatever their parents could afford for Christmas and maybe that one special gift that they wanted, under the tree. Today, children are self entitled and demanding. Parents cut themselves short and overworked themselves trying to afford greatly expensive gifts. Your kids should learn to be more resourceful and more appreciative of what they have anyhow. I know that a lot of parents out there don’t wanna disappoint their kids or feel as though their kid is unhappy with them. But enough is enough. The kids today will grow up in a world that is very hard, with the wrong outlook if you don’t start teaching them now.
With all of that in mind for those of you that can afford it maybe you could even add a second gift weekly. Nonetheless this will help you to be on time with your gift giving, and you won’t be spending a huge amount of money all in one shot. Then if there’s still some money left at the end of the week after paying your bills and buying the few small gifts, put that away. Don’t spend. Live as if you’re poor. Put the money away somewhere and tell yourself it doesn’t exist. How do you save, you’ll be proud of yourself when you go back to it later and there’s enough for you to treat yourself to something nice or afford something that you’ve always wanted. More so though, you’ll have a financial nest egg that you can fall back on when times get even harder next year.
For those that aren’t working, there have been a lot of problems with people finding jobs. Remember not to succumb to a couple of rejections. If you’ve applied and it’s a no go, don’t stop there. Be creative with your ideas and travel a little farther if you can. If you have a car and you’re applying within a 10 to 15 mile radius, heaven advises that you go 20 to 25. If you’re applying for jobs that you usually have worked at, try something different. Any kind of job is better than having no job. In any case job or no job, it’s obvious that any kind of means of survival that you have, you need to be careful with. It’s important that for those of you that are living with parents, that you do the best that you can to get on your feet soon. This is advised not only here but in the Herald because of things that are headed this way in the future. You’ll wish that you listened.

You may notice that your consciousness has changed a little bit. You may feel less organized, more forgetful and more anxiety. You may even notice that you get worked up a lot easier. Why is that? Why are you not the person that you used to be anymore? Well there are a lot of reasons for that that are individually specific and unique for some, and then there are answers that can apply to the masses overall. If you’re looking for deeper answers, come to me for a reading. You could try the angelic advisement reading or something along those lines to go deeper.
But for now, if you’re wondering just generally what everyone has been experiencing similarly and why… let me explain to you what it is. Seriously, all of you have heard me repeatedly speak about dark consciousness. This is definitely something that is very real. It affects people differently and those different effects will be for different purposes and cause different reactions. Still, they are also pushing off a lower consciousness in the agenda today. If you are a student of mine then you can find out more about this in the last lesson of “Indignation” found at
Where I actually go into DNA and how it is changing. A lot of people are feeling more depressed, because of the times though. It’s true that when the environment that you live in is dying away, you’re going to feel the effects of that. The earth has been going through a lot of changes through global warming, with all of the natural disasters. With all of the natural disasters happening, many people are affected. It causes a great wave of negative emotion and consciousness to channel into the atmosphere. Because you are a natural part of that atmosphere being a resident here and it’s reality, then you’re going to definitely feel the emotions as many other people that are connected to the same atmosphere as a collective. We have had a lot of things such as the Amazon fire, the fires in Australia, the global unrest…
As all of it was predicted by the Angels. No they don’t lie. And they still aren’t. It’s the truth when they say that we are all supposed to be one. But every man is against each other right now. Everyone has different views of what’s supposed to be and what’s not supposed to be, people have gone against one another in politics, and opinions about the vaccinations, racism, and changes that are being made to the laws. It was predicted in the angelic Herald column that people were going to be more suicidal and they would be more aggressive and bloodthirsty. There would be more intra-family crimes and murder. This is happening more and more every day. As a disharmonic society grows and there is more sadness in the air from a growing rise in crime, then of course it is creating a whole new bubble around everyone who is a part of the world. And all of those emotions, may not always have words to go with them. You just feel them. When you’re out in public you might feel anxiety and think it’s something in your personal life whereas maybe it’s just the simple fact that you’re connected to everyone and everyone is connected to you. You don’t have to be psychic to pick up on what your fellow man is going through. Perhaps, you walked into a cloud of someone’s sadness or depression. You have to keep those things in mind when your feelings go into different directions that originally they hadn’t been going in.
Therefore, just keep in mind that a lot of what you’re going through today, in terms of racing thoughts, anxiety, depression, losing hope, it isn’t all just yours. You’re feeling the overall effects of what this day and age is doing to people and their outlook on life. You have to be strong and rise above it. Sometimes people feel as though it’s worthless to even try to be the better change they wish to see anymore. They feel that they are only one person and how can one person make a difference in such a very difficult time? But you can! There are so many people that you might see every single day, that just need a kind word or a smile when you’re out in public with them, that might make it all the better than the adversity or depression they face when they go home. Sometimes while it seems that many people are closed off, a lot of people really just want someone to talk to. Why not try striking up some friendly conversation with someone when you’re out? It just might make the both of you feel better. Remember that the light within you is strong because the more darkness that there is out there, the more you have to reflect off of as a light.
November is going to bring you into a lot of important decisions that you’ll need to think about. You may not know which way to go because you feel stuck right now. Many of you may feel like you’re just repeating the same day over and over again without any movement. Doesn’t seem like there’s much to look forward to in a future where the world is struggling does it? And then again, it’s not over yet and so there’s still a chance for everyone to have room to grow if they really fight hard and try. This is a month where spirit wants you to sit back and think about what your next plan of action is. You can’t just keep going on in a repetitive cycle. It’s like creating your own purgatory around yourself every day. Unless you’re content that is. Some people are happiest when they are within their comfort zones of familiarity. Nevertheless though, for those of you that aren’t happy, break the cycle. Think about where are you would like to be next year and start making small steps towards accomplishing that. Even just taking small steps can lead to great strides. Every Little step that’s accomplished leads to them joining together into a bigger one. And for every group of small that makes a bigger one, then that’s another big step accomplished. Big step after big step leads to success. You’re not gonna get anywhere complaining in your own mind about what you didn’t do, what you should’ve done, and what might not be worth it later. If that’s the case then you’re just driving yourself crazy. You have to also remember that even if at this point in time you can’t do what you wanted to do, you still have to do something.
While you may not have room to achieve the greatest of what you had hoped, you can still achieve the next level down. I always advise that you go for the greatest though. But for some that feel as though they’ve missed that boat, don’t give up yet. If you’ve made a lot of mistakes then don’t be yourself up for them. There are a lot of people that were very sensitive and couldn’t handle the things that were going on around them and so they took up old habits. Some started drinking, some started smoking marijuana or doing drugs. Some are gambling themselves into oblivion. And then afterwards they feel so badly about it that they feel that they can’t get back into the spiritual mindset that they had before. That is false. Don’t allow the shadows in yourself to lie to you. No matter what flaw or habit you have, you still have a chance to add more good and work on the floor or have it later. It doesn’t mean that you should give up just because you have a little bit of a downfall.
The heavens are also trying to advise you to be very careful especially these days around people that cannot be trusted. They are very hard to detect but I’m sure everyone has someone lurking in their life that isn’t all about good intentions. Now is not the time to give your power to anyone that can drag you down further than what this world is trying to do. You do a good enough job beating yourself up, and so don’t go handing the bat over to somebody else. If you are suspicious of someone in your face-to-face personal life, and something just doesn’t feel right such as a new lover or someone that you’ve come across at your job or on the Internet… Be very cautious. Today people are very desperate and also in a place mentally where they’re bored with their lives and depressed and so it brings them joy to play games online or in the lives of other people. It’s just like those coworkers that many people have, that approach you acting as if they care when they see that you’re feeling down? But really they just want to get into your business to forget their own problems. It could be as little as that or something bigger. But nonetheless keep your eye out and always safeguard yourself.
Another thing that you have to be aware of this month is the change in your own outlook towards people as well. You may not be feeling as sympathetic or compassionate towards others, because you’ve seen enough of what people are capable of. You may feel extremely closed off. Also you may get lost in your own thoughts that you come off a little strongly toward your loved ones to. It truly is a very emotional month. November is covered with Scorpios energy as it merges into the fire of our Hunter in Sagittarius. Well this reading isn’t all about astrology and it’s done through channeling, I do have to mention some of the astrological energies two. They do play some of the role in how things go for you month-to-month after all. And so keeping that in mind always remember that when Scorpio is at its strongest and emerges into a hunters personality like Sagittarius, then that leads toward looking back at old grudges and problems from the past that then get you a little worked up and angry inside. It may bring out the personality of wanting to escape off into that forest like wonderland so to speak, and get away from it all. But don’t worry. The energy as it merges into Sagittarius will then lead you towards having more motivation and ambition as you really truly need at this time. Plus, with December right around the corner you should be feeling the holiday spirit. While it is a difficult time for a lot of people who have lost loved ones or are alone… It can be a positive time if you look for positive influences.
Try not to let the pass creep up on you and if anything goes down with anyone recently or in the near future… Don’t hold it against them. Everybody has their own story of what they’re going through right now and while you may not really care too much about that at this point, just remember that turning off your feelings isn’t going to help you to grow. That’s exactly what the leaders of this world want you to do, to show less empathy. Less empathy will divide mankind.
Even though we have some very strong emotions and some insight into some negative things that you want to be on the lookout for, there are some positives too. You know me, I have to give you the good and the bad and the in between. I feel that it’s best because it’s most honest. If I told you everything was gonna be a bowl of cherries, then I would be a liar and when something bad happened, you would want to know why I didn’t tell you. So let’s talk about some of the positives.
For those of you who are single, you will meet someone new of interest. It may inflame some of your passions and longing with desire, but goes slow. Don’t allow the spell of infatuation to take you under as moving too fast often leads toward failed relationships later. Have fun and enjoy getting to know the person and use that as a positive way to escape.
For those of you who are in a relationship already, you may notice that some of that lack of emotion is coming out in your partner. They too are feeling the effects of things around them. Don’t make it all about yourself now. May be sitting back and showing some love and sympathy out of interest and concerns your partner will open them up to do the same. This will help a lot of couples rekindle their relationships and come together more strongly than before and knowing, that they’re going through something similar. Remember that while a lot of you were seeking a psychic connection with your partner, that many of you don’t have a psychic partner. They’re not mind readers and so you have to open up and be truthful. Remember why you love your partner and what made you fall in love with them to begin with. I say this because through difficulties, couples often drift apart when there are too many things to worry about or think about. If you follow this advice you may find that your relationship spices up and it could lead to more romance, especially since you’ve been hoping for it.
Also, keep in mind that people can work together a lot better and work environments if you ask each other for help. But don’t just ask for theirs, all for yours as well. You’ll notice just how much more helpful they become when they see how much more willing you are to help them. The work environment is going to pick up and you’ll find that it’s moving a lot more smoothly… For those of you that are working. For anyone who isn’t, you’ll find help and support through the people that are closest to you as the month goes by.
Be sure to see advice as well if you’re not sure about things. This month brings a lot of opportunities up for a lot of people but how will you know if one of those opportunities is the right one? You might not. Sometimes what looks like a bright light may only be a star instead of a big sun. Be sure to gain confirmations where they are needed so that you don’t end up stuck in some thing that you thought would be one thing, but turns out to be another.
Even though the beginning of the month is going to be rough around the edges you’ll find that things start to really lighten up towards the end. Some of you may have some bigger problems in the background of things like legal issues, unfinished projects that are due, relationships that are toxic etc. But those things will start to rectify more so as you come out of your emotional state that the world’s energy is causing, and you’ll start to come to your senses more. You’ll realize that you have to do something. Hopefully that leads you to want to seek out help for answers and solutions. Coming toward the middle and end of the month you will start taking appropriate positive actions in your life that will help you to start manifesting abundance in a lot of areas that you haven’t seen it in before. It will come as a great surprise for a lot of you who have really been down and out lately. Hope will start to be more so restored.
I hate to be the messenger of doom here, but I end the reading with this… Please remember that many of you out there are creating your own problems and your own demise. If you do nothing, nothing happens. Problems aren’t going to fix themselves. And for some of you, you may not know where to start as there might be a lot of problems. It’s always good to seek out help. Sometimes maybe your own energy is just too clogged up and out of balance to gain any clarity. With the way that the world is, a lot of people may have noticed a drop in their vibration through how their thought process has been going. You’ll know if you’ve been thinking more depressing thoughts were giving into quick fixes that never solve anything. If you feel sluggish or drained, or if you notice that nothing is going right in your life at all… Like attracts like. And so if your vibration is low and you’re not balanced, then there’s a good chance that that’s contributing at large, to the way that your path is ending up. It’s not a bad idea to seek help out for that as well.
I wanted to announce to everyone that may not know already that I now have a package offer that combines multiple services into one and saves you about $600 in the long run. Many people come for different types of clearings and upgrades to fix different issues and they will do it over the course of time. The thing that goes wrong with that at different times is that, sometimes if you come for your aura and chakras to be cleaned and balanced, that if you don’t clear out your atmosphere or have your spirit body upgraded a bit in the meantime, then they’ll just go right out of balance again by the time you get around to actually doing those other services that you need it. And that’s why in my experience, I thought that making a package that combined a little bit of everything would be more sufficient. I’m just putting it out there for those of you that might need to be honest with yourselves about needing some help. In any case, at least come for answers if you feel confused or stuck. You’re not alone and you can be sure that the heavens will always have answers and solutions for you.
I still want you to look at the month and a balanced way. You know already through life experience that where there’s good, there is bad. Where there is bad, likewise there will be good. Really life is what you make of it. But we can’t lie and say that the influences and factors around us don’t play a major role. In fact there are a lot of things that would prefer to keep many people down so that they are stuck in that same repetitive cycle mentioned above. This means that you’re trapped, buying things to fill your void. Or if not buying things, eating, and if not eating, drinking… You get my drift. And that is the same behavior that fund the pockets of those that lead your world. If you think for a second there any of them want to see you rise up or do better, then you are greatly mistaken. This should infuse you with enough passion and motivation to rise above the system that you should’ve been able to trust, but just simply can’t. When I say rise above, I don’t mean to go protesting and fighting against your officials or anything. I just mean to be stronger against the adversities that are deliberately thrown at you every day. Even spiritual enemies behind the veil between worlds, we’re always there lurking. Think about that for a second. If living people can create wireless energy that can affect the health and mindset of other people, think of where they learned that from? And so right now is the best time to draw as close to heaven as you possibly can. Even though the world is changing all around you, don’t conform to that change. This is so that no one ever grows into a blissful state of enlightenment which is the key toward getting to heaven. And in order to begin that process or continue it, you have to live as if heaven is around you all of the time. This means trying to stay optimistic. It means to fight against any kind of blockages by finding ways around them into opportunities. It means settling for less if you have to, until you can get greater. It means treating the people that are in your life with more value. Don’t you understand that heaven says that a family divided will bring itself down? And this is why they have made it so that everyone in the family home is off in La La Land on their cell phones, laptops, watching TV, or playing video games instead of sitting down together. Come on being totally honest with yourself, how many times have you been so focused in doing one of those things that when someone and your family came to call your name or approach you… That you snapped on them? How many times has someone in your family whom not acted the way that you approve or spoken to you in a way that came off in some way that you didn’t like, that pitted you against them? It’s really ridiculous if you think about it. The more time a person spends within their own mind, the further away from you they get. And, vice versa. There are many of you as well that have a toxic family member or someone who is just an all-around jerk. How about some of you that have family members that are struggling with addictions or sins? You can’t give up on those people. In your eyes you may think that they’re not able to be helped, but if that were the case why would they be in your life? Obviously everyone was brought under one roof for a reason weren’t they? If it wasn’t the truth then it wouldn’t be. And so, try to love one another for who each other is and not for who you want them to be. Try to find the good in your loved ones and spend some time with them. Don’t try to isolate yourself off to the side and get so lost in the mechanisms and tactics of society that were created to separate you from others. If you really do some soul digging, you’ll see that what I’m saying is true. How close are you to your family still?
On a last note, the message that I got earlier from our beloved and wise Archangel Michael was that many of you can see just in scratching the surface in a small analysis of yourself, your family life and life overall that things are nothing like they used to be. Your emotions are all over the place, many of you are going around and around in a circle, and for some… You’re going nowhere. Don’t be a victim instead be victorious. Without family you are alone. Without a job you are poor. Without feelings you are cold. Without heaven you are unwise. Without love you are dead. Try to fight against the negativity that you might be feeling in your heart and thoughts within your mind. There is a darker agenda around you than you think and it involves a lot more than just the economy and politics. While there is a war for your money, a war on trade, and a war on the climate… There is also a war on your soul. Stand strong with the people that are in your immediate life, whether they’re someone that you like or not because they could be a future ally and you could really help them and vice versa. Do the best you can to try to strive a little bit better toward better goals and don’t give up. The spiritual hierarchy of this world and its human leaders want to see you go completely crazyAnd probably have a hope that many of you often yourselves. You’re far more valuable than that. Remember that God is love and that he represents every good and perfect thing that you have ever witnessed. From all of the times that you’ve been down and out and he’s helped you. From all of the times that you needed extra cash and he came through. For all of the times that you needed a hug and someone was there… That is God. And since he has been a forever shining light in your life in different ways throughout it, try to be the same to others that need it the most. Allow the feelings that you have in your heart that are hardened or ugly, to melt away into a true state of heavenly love unconditionally. When you get blessed, bless others. You’ll start to see that some of the cycles in your life end and begin positive new ones. But if you continue to go in the direction that you’ve been, who can say how that will end. God bless all of you and I do apologize for such an intense message this month but it was so very much needed. There is so much potential out there for all of you but maybe it’s just harder to see it. Try to remember back when you were so motivated and passionate about your spirituality. You would seek every week and sometimes every day. And now many of you don’t seek at all. Isn’t it a good question to ask yourself as to why when you needed it the most it was when it fell away? How many promise to remain strong when the spiritual battle began? And how many didn’t? Just because it seems like God isn’t there, doesn’t mean that he’s not and that he’s not watching. But you must always move forward in remembering that heaven being of higher vibrational beings who are not physical, can only do physical things through physical people. If you’re not open as a vessel for that anymore, then how can good things come? The more and more that that dies away from people, the more and more that the prophecy comes true that one day we will live in a world where God does not exist. Is that the world that you want to see happen?