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Fore-Welcoming…. New Incarnated Angel

Foreword; This article covers from the conception of the soul’s physical form in the womb, to the actual incarnation, all of the way up to their birth.  I add this now, since some thought that whole article pertained to the birth only. How are the energies from the time of conception, until when the soul actually incarnate, until then birth are always sensual for an incarnated angel’s path and mission.

As the way of the oracle has always brought diversity, controversy, and conspiracy… She will bring forth Goddess energy so strong that she can unite both of the “houses”. She is not the messiah, oh no. I want to make that perfectly clear because just in the contents of this message, many may seem to think that I am implying so. That is not the case… but, she is a worker for it. And takes a huge role in trying to help others, as the one before her. She begins her path, not being allowed to have exposure to the outside world. Her life will be of just goodness, innocence and training.  With great wisdom and insight, even beyond my own… her knowledge cannot be adulterated. Being raised by an Oracle herself, she will be shown how to use her wisdom and her gifts in this world, but there will still be dangers lurking. When I was smaller, I have always had someone trying to bring me away from my path, and into a more controlled one. To be used for the spiritual gifts and abilities. Spiritual forces here, did not want to provide a clear path for my work. Many still try to contradict me even now, not knowing deeper how the maze of the matrix is always shifting in new directions because of the many different forms of consciousness that are here, we’re all trying to create their own realities and how they somehow interconnect. Then you have the rulers of this reality over top of that. I am just trying to show people a way around it. But for her, she heralds a brand new start.

Heavenly, to the conception…..

Coming from the lineage of archangel Ariel (Mars/Aries moon), she also connects to Azriel. With a powerful determination to create change, their first must come destruction , and then rebirth. This is why her birth comes with having both Leo and Virgo energies. The Virgin bringer of light with its planet Venus., but with the “strength” of the Lion (Leo in N.node)…. Much of her support comes from the archangel Aurora (n.node/north itself) as one of guardians. Her vessel was manifested on 22nd of December (conception). With  Leo and Virgo in her path of birth, her soul incarnated arriving with the Mu Virginids, being in opposition with the celestial body apophis in February 2018. She will be born with the energy of Leo the lion (N.node), Venus in Libra (during path of incarnation only), a partial eclipse, and a lunar eclipse will pass before her birth too.

From December until February, this is the path of celestial incarnation… symbolically…below….

“Apophis”, or known to Ancient Egyptians “Apep”, or the Universal “Serpent God” and his brother had fought in the universal time of things for eternity already. The God of light had his family, as did Apep. However, Apep wanted to demolish the family of his brother, and set out on many methods and paths to do so. The children of the God of light and his wife, were many. They go by many names but for now… somewhere along the line, Apep had offended and wronged the Queen of light and their son who took care of the Sun and its ability to give life to the planets near by including the Earth. He hated the loyal nephew. So in his determination to ruin the family of his brother, he targeted his children instead.

Note: Apophis is represented by Yahweh who relates to his planets Mars for war and strength as well as Capricorn which represents these things in the material world with his rulership of it. As we know he was the God of the Bible in one of the major religions that dominated the world. (Capricorn Rising)

Apep had misled their people into the path of chaos. Apep embodied chaos as his chosen direction in the pathways of the Universal Tree. In love for husband, the Queen of truth and light wanted her brother in law to embrace goodness once again, but his tricks were old, but still cunning. Her path is all about overcoming chaos with truth and light.  Apophis, hearing of the Queen’s plots for better change in him, enraged him in his furey. He decided he would use his tricks again. A new daughter had born to one of the daughters of heaven. Blessed by his brother with love and wisdom, he knew that the child would prevent his chaos from completely spreading about the Earth. He sent one of his soldiers to steal the female child away, the great granddaughter of the celestial parents.

He knew that his brother had plans for her, and that the mother of the child was already building a path for the child to follow…  The female child had a great message of change within her, the little star. Apophis wanted access to it, to be a few steps ahead in preventing change on Earth. But in his darkness, he could not understand the message in the light. The only way that he could gain access, would be, if one of the daughters of heaven would come and reveal the hidden message in its translation. He was so lost in his obsession of knowing what the message had within it, that he promised peace in heaven, if someone would reveal the hidden truth.

In desperation, he called out to his niece, his brother’s daughter… and sought to have her decode the message within the newborn soul. He only thought of the message and how whatever it said, could  really destroy his plans. So he had told his niece, if she could decode the message, in return… he would promise a period of peace. He thought that she, in her love of earth… would fall for his false proposition of a peaceful alliance.  Before her arrival, he had been cunning. He thought to make himself appear as Holy and grand as her father. Kindness was worn as a mask over his hatred. But she was the Courage and strength of her father’s glory, and it did not fall for it.

Therefore, she agreed, but gave her terms also. She promised to reveal the wisdom in the child, but only if he, himself he promise not only peace, but that the child could return back to its mother, once the message had been decoded. They both came to an agreement. Knowing that the message itself had power, she had given her uncle only a portion of the message. But he was not a fool. Enraged that the entirety of the wisdom was still being withheld from him, he swore that he would find someone out of the sons daughters of heaven, who would bring the message out in the open fully. He sent for the his niece to be taken away. His niece had to think fast. So she started to sing, and the song made her uncle fall deeply asleep. Seeing he was deep in slumber, the niece having tricked her Uncle, decided to safely sweep the child away.

She wanted to take the child to the throne of her brother who was ruling the sun and its light, so that she would be safe in the keep for her grandfather as she would be sent to Earth to be hidden at a later time. The baby soul would help in delivering truth and wisdom to Earth during a time when Apep would threaten the planet again.

When the child grew up, she would be there for the light and the justice and fairness in the Earth. A beautiful lion cub. Her Aunt stole her away as Apep slumbered deeply  and the two of them made their way to escape to the protection of the Lord of the Sun (her sun sign), she had many things to encounter. It would be a long journey ahead, the child riding on a lionesses back, the two set out, and  had ventured out across the sky. She was hidden in the star system where the courts of heaven rule fairly. (Libra as a birth sign).

On their way, the two had been stopped by the guards of Archangel Raphael (Mercury his planet in Scorpio which is a water sign) or better known as Hermes, They allowed safe passage, but the sea would be coming up, leading to their need to voyage beyond in the deep. They tired, but they found that the God of the Sun had heard of their predicament, and thus sent a chariot to help. As they had boarded, he had rode them both to another warrior, strong, who would see them the rest of the way. Meeting with them, he set out to see them to the next stop.

The next stop was to take her to see the woman of the celestial seat. She would provide help, but the God of war feared that the child’s place on Earth would take focus from his assets there. He did not provide a clear passage as they had neared. But the duchess of the celestial seat had provided her fastest camel to whisk them both away to safety, leading to one of her best ships. The guardian Aurore, provided light for them to see by, as the God of war had tried to overshadow them with darkness, although a son of the father of light….he had made an alliance with the God of chaos too. By the time that the ship had taken them to their location, they arrived safely.


Sent to be confined in the Earth for safety, and to lead people with love, wisdom, truth, and answers… the cloak of Earth’s blanket would conceal her identity. For the time being, the child was hidden safely in the stars until that time would come. And when she would come, the sun, would balance the moon, and moon would than overshadow the sun, but than the sun would fight for its place again. A solar eclipse, with a lunar eclipse, and then with another solar eclipse after, a rare happening to mark her arrival to come. Her numerological path comes to the complete 7. Six is the pattern of Metatron, “as above is so below”. The star of Metatron has six points and one center. The three points up shows mind, body, and spirit used in heaven, and the three pointing below, shows mind, body, and spirit used on Earth, with the one center equaling seven spaces, representing the all seeing and all knowing.   

What’s more is her numeric vibration being seven,  is a sum of three plus four (this includes not just the birthdate, but other elements of angelic lifepath determination). The balance of male and female, as the masculine is the holy trinity of three, mind, body, and spirit, whereas the Goddess is revealed in four with mind, body, spirit, and emotion. That is where the nurturer, intuitive, and compassionate energy of the Goddess comes in, The Sun and the Moon of the eclipses (eclipses that took place prior to birth) which represented this number. Her name is related to the path of Ariel, and Azriel. Her name, yet to be fully revealed means: “God is my helper”. Her name relates to the first King of Israel. That king had a daughter who married a man with a similar name, who was from Meholah. Meholah is the same birth place as the prophet Elisha. Elisha was a student of Elijah, Sandalphon, Metatron’s brother. Elijah also reincarnated as John the Baptist. John the Baptist lead the way for the Christ Consciousness. Elisha means, God is my salvation, Elijah means Yahweh is my God. The name John means “God is gracious. The child would be born with a physical father named John.

The hidden meaning is God is my helper, my salvation, he is gracious…Yahweh is my God.  However, with John the Baptist’s parents, Elizabeth and Zechariah, there is deeper meaning. Elizabeth means that, God is satisfaction… and Zechariah means, God has not forgotten. Therefore, the message that she brings is that God has not forgotten Earth. And you are all his satisfaction and delight. Because he loves you. Also, the birthplace of John the Baptist is Ein Karem which is a vineyard. I had a prophetic vision,  with a Vineyard that represents spiritual nourishment.

When speaking to my friend, I told of this prophetic vision.

I had been running across a field in my yard, where I found new fruits growing in a vineyard that sat alone. Fruit which had never been seen on Earth ever before. I picked some and ran back to the house to show everyone in excitement. It was my childhood house. Two stories, which in true life did not have a staircase to an upper deck outside, but in the dream did. My family stood on the deck. I saw my parents, and my son and daughter who are already here with me. They were being escorted into the house, by my new child’s father, who did not look himself in the dream. He was someone else unknown to me, never seen before. They did not see me at all, as if I were invisible. But he did. However, he would not look directly at me, only acknowledged me from a side glance. Escorting them inside, there was a dark storm in the sky. I stood still in the center of the yard, close to the stairs that led to where they were. But the sky worsened, and a tornado formed. I looked down at the bottom of the stairs, and there my new daughter was, standing there at the bottom, looking at me in the eyes. I fell dead to my feet.  But she had been in the form of a boy. This vision carried much symbolism. With her being a boy, this showed that she reflects both dualities. Like her numeric vibration. The vineyard showed, new spiritual fruits, not known to Earth yet. Also, my family seemingly not seeing me, provided insight that, me and the little one are on our own, but when she comes, it may have with it some chaos as the forces here will try to create diversions, and obstacles to prevent things as “Apep” or “Apophis” tries to make her path more difficult.

Please know that I am not comparing her to John the Baptist, it is the link in the name. But the message of which she brings is pretty amazing for when she gets older. She has a similar path as him, in preparing new information for a new time ahead.

I have included my other daughter in her lineage before, and I have done many celestial readings for many others out there, and this was one I found a great deal of pride in, in the symbolism.  Even though her message will not come until later, it is a good thing for her to have here, to look back on to remind her that she is here to work for the better good of humanity. In my hopes, she will lead many in a troubled generation to find what heaven hopes for them to have, Satisfaction, peace and graciousness. It will be an exciting time in helping her along with her mission, as I had the heavens, but having a physical mentor would had been wonderful in addition and I did not have that. She will have me her mother, her spiritual grandmother Ariel, and her great Aunt, a feline species who is a protector as well as Angel Aurore to guard her path, as I had Ariel, Metatron, Baraqiel, and Michael on my own. More to come throughout her growth! I hope all will be welcoming, supportive and accepting as the love that I have for others will also be a love that she carries too.

I added some of the decoding of the message, if anything is not… it is for others to figure out on your own. Thank you for reading.