Intro to: The World of Lower Vibrational Spirits…


It is known to man throughout history, that here in this world there are froces of light and dark. The realms are tricky to understand, and I think that the fact that I go so deep, scares people off. The information must be overwhelming, or it gives others too much inside information on the spaces beyond, paralell or inbetween. However, it is important to know how it all works, and the residents there. I heard someone tell me once that: “There is no such thing as a demonic spirit”… Yes there are. But the word demon literally means “wise one”…. It is derived from the word daemon which means God, Subordinate God, Wise One,  or an attendant spirit (familiar). In every culture around the world, they have their lower spiritual forms. Some are called, Yaojing, Devils, Spooks, Jinn, and in New Age, Lower vibrational entities.

There are over a hundred names for them, but what most people do not understand, just like the Angels and higher realms…there are many different types of species of entities. Also, there are many ranks in their hierarchy too. As above, is so below, as it is said. And it is true.

We will have to start at the top, on this subject because in order for anyone to understand the lower beings, we have to know where they come from, who rules them, and why. But first, how did this all come to be?…

In the creation of Earth, many things happened later on, that changed Earth, within and without. On the physical land, and within the soul, earth had been altered in such a way, that it’s after effects are still felt today. The creators wanted to boost the natives of earth, so they took human form and had offspring called the nephilim. The nephilim felt superior in that they were a combination of both heaven and earth due to their angelic DNA, and their earthly bodies. They thought that they should rule earth since they were the best of both worlds so to speak. They ended up having offspring and after time they filled up the dimensions and took up rulership.  As an amateur psychic, you never know what you will reach, once you open the spiritual gateways. Being able to read blueprints and signatures is a good thing to learn first. However, who would show you?

None the less, lower vibrational spirits have served as familiars for a long time in ancient history. Since the beginning of time, elementals, and fairies have been guides and helpers. Earth spirits have also played a huge role in society and in the natural aspect of earth’s changes.  Knowing the hierarchy or some of these spirits can help, in case you come into contact with them. I will cover the good, the bad and the ugly, but, I will need another blog to cover the darkside. I hope you will also join me there….  In my first lesson, I want to cover a particular spirit that I came into contact with recently. It is because this is a spirit who has plagued many, and been a guide to few… Some people out there may have actually come into contact and need to know what to do in those cases,  See you at the new blog, the domain to be debuted on my Facebook on September 17th, 2017.