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Introduction to: Fallen Ones

downloadFallen Angels are spiritual beings who used to be of a high vibration, from being angelic previously. Then they went to descend into the lower realms. There are several reasons, and several rebellions in which that occurred

First rebellion was led by Semjaza, or as they call him , Samael. Azazel wanted to be human, and to lead the humans into an evolution of spirit. Samael was not ready for this right away. He did not want to lose his higher vibrational energy body, or the love of the creator. Many say that it was Lucifer, but no where in the earliest scripts, does it say it was Lucifer.  From eye witness account, let me tell you what I saw. I saw Semjaza love our Creator but Azazel got to him, to his ego. He made Semjaza believe he was not subjected to human care, and it was in his power to rule as a King, making humans bow to his needs and rules. He thought it over, and after careful preparation, he and Azazel led their legions, and some of the commanders of them, towards a fate worse than death. Infinity in a lower realm here, without the ability to return home. They were left in the 6th and 5th dimensions, in one of the realms within Earth’s atmosphere. Each realm has its own subplanes, and there are many spirits in the other subplanes. But yes, it was the knights of the round table so to speak..that they started to take their positions. They started to do walk ins in the physical bodies of the humans on Earth. This interference was unheard of. The energy combining with the genetics, altered the human physique and  genes forever. So the Creator ended  up imprisoning them to their fleshly units. And they were so large in size due to all of that energy of their Consciousness. So this is why we had a lot of giants.

After this, they decided that they would make a new civilization with humans as their slaves. Starting the early Fertile Crescent Kingdom. Later on, the Creator exiled them to another planet still in their fleshly supernatural physical bodies, and sent the planet into the dark deep. When that planet went out into the void because they were Supernatural Giants, another ruler was set into motion. This rulers name was Ariel or Yaldabaoth.

Many teachings spread throughout the world that had originated from these fallen angels, and then Ariel’s teachings started to spread too. Ariel genetically altered humans for a pure bloodline to try to override the devastation that the Fallen ones had made. But soon the planet Nibiru that had been sent off into the void, had finally returned. Allowing these very intelligent Supernatural Giants to return back to Earth and their domain. They kept some of Ariel’s teachings, but combined it with their own. They soon tired of the physical form from being confined in it for so long. So they returned to their spiritual State as they had only been punished for 70 generations, and that time has now been over. This is what they meant when they had said that the Angels were punished to be beneath the Earth. The body is considered as Earth in symbolism. The reason why is because it is made out of the energies of the Earth. Now with all of the deceptive teachings mixed in with the truth for once, human hybrid children ended up taking their positions as kings and started ruling over the people, and using the teachings to deceive and control. You can find out much more in my Truthology course.

imagesHowever.. for now, after this started to take, place many other things happened in the world again, you can also  find more about this, in my Truthology course. But, the Second Rebellion came about much later on in history. It came still early on in ancient civilizations. But, it is still happened a little bit later on, after the first Rebellion. Now when we talk about Lucifer, Lucifer is the bringer of light represented by the planet Venus which is The Evening and The Morning Star. This symbolism led people to miss out on something. Venus is the planet of love and associated with light. This is where the new age term “love and light” came from. This is the age of enlightenment, or false Enlightenment better yet.
In those earlier teachings of a man, man believed Earth to be the center of the universe. So many teachings that they claim to be Universal today, are really just teachings about the Earth’s spiritual Realms or  Earth’s inner Universe. This greatly confused earth’s universe, with the universe beyond. People started accepting things that were being taught because they were enforced on them by the rulers. People were even killed and murdered for not conforming. It goes so much deeper than you will ever know…. but back to Lucifer…

Lucifer  is a being who representative of light and love. He is called that, because it is the only spiritual being whose likeness is close to the Creator”s. This is because Lucifer is all-knowing and made of the light. Who else’s name is close to this meeting? Michael..  Michael and Jesus in the Bible are the same.. I know this for a fact… Michael’s name means who is like God. Michael came down into a human body to teach the “love and light” foundation of wisdom as Yeshua or Jesus, something many will never come to accept, but they called Christ “Michael” in Revelations.. The rulers confused and mixed his teachings with their own deceit. In this, they said that Lucifer was bad ,so that you would never find out the truth about what Christ Jesus was trying to teach. Instead, they made it about ritual. Magic..You can even hear some of the Catholic priests chanting in Latin calling Lucifer don’t believe me? Click here.., if you are familiar with the language and ritual.

They worshiped him because they know that Jesus who was also associated with the morning and the evening star Venus, and Lucifer the evening and Morning Star Venus, are the same being. But, they led the whole population to believe that Yeshua, is equivalent to Mithra.  References on The Evening and Morning Star Being Jesus, and Lucifer both, can be found here.And  they kept the real teachings and Truth to themselves. In some ancient Scriptures, it says “Lucifer how you have fallen” Isaiah 14:12. And that was merely symbolic for them explaining on how they were using the light and the truth in an evil way. They were bearing the light like Lucifer the light-bringer, but for their own power, greed, and so it goes. That was the third Rebellion. When people started to use the teachings for wrong and in force it on people through religious wars.

Back to the second Rebellion… before Lucifer’s fall , which merely was just symbolic of the humans, using the truth and the light to mislead people. The second Rebellion, took place around the time of the uprising of Sumeria, Canaanite, and Egyptian civilizations. This led to the fall of Atlantis eventually, as true teachers tried to restore and fix things. This failed and many of the deceptive teachings swept the world. That is what they called Project Babylon. That is when they confused the language, so to speak. The language is like water. That is what they mean by flood, when they talk about the ancient floods. They are talking about also the waters becoming bitter, in the Book of Revelations. This is because they are referencing the truth..  light is plasma, and the plasma is liquid, and liquid is water. Everybody would become poisoned and bitter with deception.

The rulers and archons both have done this, multiple times in the past, and there is now a fourth Rebellion already underway right now. Since the Angels cannot go home, they have taken over those realms, and blocked higher beings of Light, from being able to interfere with what they call, the Knights of the Round Table, or the Metatron’s cube. They used Metatron’s wisdom, or also known as Enoch, to try to build a new network since he was an angel that carried blueprints. They even showed him again what the Earth blueprints was like, so that he could go inward and see the layout. All he was really doing, was shutting off the reality so that he could figure out a way through Consciousness, as we are all connected through it.  Metatron is a word derived from metator, or “leader”. Enoch means “dedicated” so  putting them together it now says “Dedicated Leader”. Leader of what?  They used Enoch, for their own purposes, and in this trickery, the true creator had elevated him to Archangelic status, and took his soul out of here. He did not want him to be interfered with by the Archons, as he still had purity. His purity is what led him to help. He felt sorry for the fallen ones, because they made him feel that way by telling them they wanted him to tell god they were sorry. Did you ever see a bad person, who said they wanted help? That they wanted to change so bad.. that you felt bad and wanted to fix them? Yeah, me too.. Even knowing it was impossible. Enoch did the same in his blameless, empathic heart.

After this “leadership” and quest of the archons using Enoch’s love for the Creator to figure out the matrix… they were able to place seals. Everybody here has seals. They also shut down most of the DNA because of the seals. Chakras are also seals. Chakras were used as energy filters for the light body but they put them all different frequencies for those spirits that now preside over Earth. Archons suck energy out of humans and keep them below a high vibrationso they do not reach their higher selves. This is so they can imprison mankind.

It is a diabolical plan presented as truth, to get people to open up their chakras, because they now do not have any type of connection to the Creator, to filtrate energy as a source of life for them. Every ounce of energy needs to be regenerated. So they are using the different frequencies of the chakras as they made them, that resonate with them, to tap into them, as people filter energy naturally from the Earth. To keep everyone ignorant, they worshiped the truth themselves and used it for power and wealth, like a huge Monopoly game between each angelic archon. They twist the truth in the material world so people will always be confused and hit a dead end.


That is what I saw and what I still see, and you can again find out more in my Truthology course. Because I can not expose it here, not all of it anyhow. In my part two of Truthology, I go deeper into these topics..  People are not ready for the real truth, and the real truth is not even fully in the course. There is more, but I am waiting for pure people to embrace it.. I am one of the Controversial Teachers out there, because I am not going along with the agenda. I expand on what is true, but expose the falsehoods, and then add truth from Heaven..But yes fallen angels have done something even darker than just all of that. They started to learn how to use dark matter and energy as a way to filtrate  light, and fuel it. That is why they said in early scriptures that mankind, human children, would be known as evil spirits. Because whenever a bad Spirit would live on  the energy sucked out through the seals and suck out light and energy, through making a person feel depressed, or commit some crime or corrupted act, they would steal a piece of that light away, and transmute it into Dark Energy. Eventually, that dark energy would become an entire Dark Being. Because it would be made out of all of the negative qualities in frequency absorbed from that person. I see it so much and everybody around me as I can see everyone’s ulterior motives and agendas. Everybody wants truth so that they can have their own power. It is going along with the propaganda of making man God.

Many people out there that say that they can Channel. Yet again, I am disagreeing. Yes I feel that they do have the power to communicate with Spirit. But which ones? They do not know how to read the energy signatures or speak in languages of light as there are many, in order to know what Spirit they are dealing with. And more than likely, they are reaching the archons that are ruling this planet rather than reaching the higher deities that they clean. Many of the teachings out there today like I said, are based on a lot of the spiritual Earthly teachings. And many people are we teaching one another’s teaching. But there is never any truth to add to these teachings. It’s all just people replicating one another in their quest to be Godlike and recognized for it. I know that many people have negative things to say about me… because I tell the truth. But I do not care. I am not here to be liked. I am here to save those that still have the light of Norea inside of them.

I am here to reinstate man with their creator not to try to be above it. in any case I have seen many times that the teachings out there are just merely repeats of information already given. And what will happen later on because we are living in this last, last-ditch attempt to take down True Believers,  everyone involved the truth. And those that were apart of the Age of Deceit are all going to have something in store for them. Many Souls will have ulterior motives. Deceivers and frauds will go into the void or, Consciousness will be erased, and all of the memory inside of it, deleted from the akasha records. That is the “Last Death” as indicated, because even though organized religion has its falsehoods, it is interlocked with some truths that they use for themselves. That’s why they cover it up .This is the age of Deceit, and that is why they prophesied about there being another age of  on the rise, on planet Earth in the last days.

So let me get into a little bit deeper here, because the hierarchy is very similar to the Angelic realm. But the Demonic hierarchy has some differences.So first of all there are the archons. They are the ex Angels, who are now ruling spiritually over these planes. Under the archons, are the princes. They are sort of like archons. Then there are the Marquis and the Dukes of Hell. Many people think that hell is underground, but this is not true .Hell is all around you, you walk through it in the air every day, as the spiritual veil has become filled with negative entities. This is why channeling is dangerous. Under the Dukes, are a lot of Astral entities that act as Messengers, and also a lot of spiritual entities that will go out and investigate, like Shadow beings, to see what true beings of Light are up to, and if they are growing up to be successful in their missions.. If they are, those beings will wreck havoc on their path.. They’ll bring drama, trauma, and temptations to the path of the anointed to divert them from the higher mission. I have seen many fall this way.

They will stop any light being who is true, to keep them from their mission of growing and trying to become one with their maker again. There are also many other types of spirits in these Realms that are subjects of the Fallen Angels, so to speak. There are malicious elementals and fae, and also Jinn. Just to name a few. Again when a true messenger is brought down to save mankind, there is a sort of hierarchy that is supposed to work along with them. That’s why they say “as above is so below”, and anyone that tries to steal, copy replicate or distort a true Messengers teachings on Earth for themselves, is subject to a penalty punishable by universal.. they are aware of who they are. That is because that person who is replicating a true messenger or making claims to be one, is actually acting as a representative of the Archons, in hurting the messenger’s path and mission. Their trying to parade around and teach, leads people away from the true messenger, and to the false one instead. Those innocent beings seeking, will not reach the true messenger, and their salvation could be lost, as a result of being taught falsehoods, or half truths that the false teacher stole from the true messenger. Oh, I see a whole lot of that out there. I have many who are stealing my work… Many who wish to be taught by me, to try to rise up and take my place.

This is why Christ, when he brought his message, spoke the way that he did in saying that others would betray him. I also see those who will betray me. The teachings are sent by certain Messengers, because they are meant to lead certain people who will go on to grow and get out of here finally. But those who are apart of the age of Deceit, try to take the teachings on for themselves, just like the Fallen Angels have done time and time again , through truths that were brought down through other sources. That is why there are so many  teachings out there now. I wish I could have brought my truth long before this time.

Who is leading the Rebellion today? We know that it had been Samyaza in the beginning. And, we also know that the second Rebellion had been ran by another figure whose name is ineffable. I can not say the name or expose it, but I and every messenger here, are well aware of who it is.. The third rebellion, was led by mankind them self. And the fourth Rebellion will be led by an entity who will manipulate and use mankind to do so. So it will be a combination. The Antichrist is not one, but instead all of the beings who are working against those who are anointed with the truth and light. The word Christ simply means anointed. So Antichrist would mean, “against anointed”. Not anointed. False.

There are a lot of angels who are involved with “Those” who became the archons. As well as even lesser Angels who made up the air. I will go into some of the leaders of the first Rebellion. And… also some of the second, in this blog. It will take some time, but I feel it is necessary for true seekers to know.

Getting back to the Rebellion, now, Archons, and other entities are using mankind as puppets of sorts. Especially, the bloodlines who can be programmed more easily due to their connections.  They control all of mankind, but target the elite more, because they have more access to physical power here, and in doing so, they can alter the world at their bidding. They reverse truth, making what is good, bad. And vice versa, to confuse everyone. There are humans so deep in alchemy, and necromancy, in the physical powers of this world, being used by the Archons, some know what is going on, some do not. Others have deliberately called on archons to walk in, to gain more power here. Many rituals are used to do this…fallenangelscopyrightaluracein

For in-depth teachings on these matters, and more, please come by and inquire about the Truthology Course. I mention it, for people who are really seeking, to come find a good place for truth. In the meantime, enjoy the wisdom placed on my websites and videos for you… I send my loving regards!