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Kifarion is an artist who also goes by the name of DW. A long time friend and confidant, Kifarion has done quite a number of pieces including the one above, and many Ars Goetia Sigils of protection and more. The piece above is inspired for an upcoming article on one of the underworld warriors whom I will not yet name. As you can see, he has the two horns of awakened memory (activated hippocampus), and the middle horn which represents the Pineal gland, and the Cerebral cortex which is responsible for the nervous systems information which when heightened in awakening, acts for intuition. Since most of the human experience in consciousness is had through chemical reactions from the brain which spark emotions and information, this only makes sense to have this highlighted in the symbolism of our creature. the second representation of the third middle horn, also symbolizes the pineal gland as I stated, as this is the spiritual antenna, for higher self experience. This being is truly awake!

If you look at his collar, he wears all of the zodiac as he rules not only Below, but through the understanding of above. All throughout this piece, Kifarion utilized the elements, to also represent our demons active role in rulership over the Earth and man alike, who are both made of these elements. The gold coloring reflects his once former divinity in which he has fallen from but still carries the wisdom of, which helps him to know exactly how to lead man from his former place as an illuminated entity. Kifarion and I worked on this piece together, as I provided him with the details, and he made it come to life in his unique, one of a kind art form and brilliant use of colors.

Please contact Kifarion, if you have any need for artwork, or  sigils. You will not be disappointed. In fact, I was blown away. He always more than delivers. You can also purchase some of his sigils and for a good cause at our etsy shop.