Kitsune- The good, the bad, and the ugly…

A lesson, and a subliminal.

In light of the celebration of the kitsune spirit, we have talked about some pretty awesome things so far, in regards to many of their positive traits.

Another reason why I had chosen this particular soul to focus on here in the blog, is because there is a lot within duality here. First of all, the fox may be very cute. Very attractive in the way that they come off. When you look at them, they seem friendly. The fox will appear around social areas that other animals dwell in. They look around, and they don’t seem to be of any harm. In fact in a lot of fables, they are always the first to be friendly to their prey, tell jokes and be humorous, and share in whatever festivities are going on or any shared delight.

Later on, it is the very same fox that ends up harming one of the other animals, or sneaking away with something from the party that did not belong to them. You can learn from the symbolic examples of Aesop’s fables, “The fox and the grapes”. And many other stories…

In truth, the fox reminds me a lot about those involved in psychological warfare. You have to be cunning, and strategic, in order to gain the trust of others when you are playing such a game. We had gone through this at one time in one of my groups. An Individual that I had known, had deliberately gotten close to each and everyone of my followers. For years, she had acted like a friend. She shared support, she took interest, she acted as if she cared. And she was very highly active a lot. Usually, the first one to comment on things, and extremely active in order to keep up with all of the posts. Now this was strange, because it had been a group that I was leading. The only other times I had ever seen behavior like that in a group, we’re in other groups that were just doing some self promoting. Different people would play leader, to try to draw others towards them. That’s how they would build their following. Nevertheless, this wasn’t something that happened quickly. While the fox will act swiftly, they will also know just went to act, even if it does happen to take a quite a bit amount of time. She had been around for years, end it really looked as if she were backing me up, but she was actively staying on her social media page, in order to show support first. Everyone had truly liked her because she was funny, clever, acted as if she supported me and what I was doing, and that she cared about each individual. She acted as if she shared interests that everyone had, and acted as if she were on the same path that we were. She had also come off very negative a lot of the time, to draw attention towards her self, perhaps maybe even get others to relate to her situation is. She knew exactly what to talk about and what to say.

But in truth there had been an agenda there the entire time. Eventually, she was dropping negative hints here and there, slowly turning my friends and followers against me. Or at least trying to, one by one. I was very lucky that my friends and followers were very loyal to me, but I had noticed that there were a few people slowly disappearing from my circle. Little by little, they had fed into the lies and deception being implanted, behind the disguise of a friendly smile.

While I still love that person with all of my heart and always will, it’s still a wonderful example of how the fox works in this side of duality. Obviously, if someone has their own agenda…which the fox always will…they will not make it known directly but instead keep it hidden, and in a clever way. When it comes to the fox, the fox is all about working things out for themselves. And there can be many foxes out there in the world. When referring to people acting in the spirit of the fox, they could have any motive for their cleverness. It could be that they need extra attention, or to feel superior. They may be using the spirit of the fox in order to lore others away from something that means a lot to those individuals, either in disagreement, or competition. There are others who use the spirit of the fox to get by in life and survive. In fact, there are many people using the spirit of the fox, out there in the world to commit crimes, politics, and other forms of organized institutions.

I have always wondered why, they did not use the spirit of the fox in the Bible instead of the serpent, when trying to reference a deceiver. The snake it’s self looks pretty scary to some people. But not the fox. The fox always looks friendly, cute, and like they’re willing to be loved. that would be the perfect disguise. Not a scary serpent that many people are going to be afraid of it first. It is very hard to spot a fox unless you are highly trained in knowing the mechanisms of manipulation. I studied this while I was in psychology, when we had done a study on people who had a tendency to be a pathological liar. I have also known a lot of these types of people, in my own personal life too. Some of them are very obvious. But those who acted in Spirit of the Fox, were very hard to detect, unless one of us knew what to look for. It was during those times that some of them were even so good, that even I could not see it. I had to channel into it spiritually, to know the truth.

Really, it all comes down to what I’ve always said, about not trusting anybody anyway. People can change, even if they are walking a righteous path. One day too, they can adopt the spirit of the fox, under any influence or for any reason. That is why the human mind is a very complex and complicated structure when influenced by the world. When a person can master human life and then transcend it, that is when you can say that they are worthy of trust. Because no one who is ascended would ever use the spirit of the fox, as it is usually harmful to someone else, while beneficial to them self. And that is ego.

In positive light, as there always will be both present in situations where transcendence has not occurred, the fox can actually be very creative, funny, and if you are one of them, pleasant to be around. But if you cross them, for any reason you were in their way, or there if there is an underlying need, the Fox will use their negative traits above all. Always look for the spirit of the fox where ever you go. The world is full of them all around you. And like I said, the fox will always come off friendly and charming. When you start noticing the signs, you start to realize that the fox was never really your friend. The fox can only ever just be a friend to them self. That is why the foxes nocturnal and solitary most of the time, but they do like to have their pack around for back up. The most sly of souls next to the serpent but well hidden.

To close out the subject, you could definitely learn how to use the qualities and characteristics traits of the fox, and positive way. Instead of using these types of traits to hurt other people, you could use them to help yourself get somewhere, but…adding honesty, integrity and virtue along the way. Definitely something to learn how to master! The kitsune spirit, is an optimal fighter. Learning how to be swift, agile, balanced and aware… thats what it takes to build in life but always for self mastery only. The kitsune spirit will get distracted with its games and temptations. Wanting the easier road which, is not always what it appears and really, is an illusion. There is always someone smarter. Read: The Fox and The Crow

Thank you fox., And for the magic that you bring to the kitsune.