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Ladybugs- A family totem

I wanted to do a brief piece on the symbolism behind ladybugs. Very long time ago when I was a child, we used to find lady bugs all over the place. Those, and tons of four leaf clover’s, and we would even sometimes sit with honeybees who were chasing nectar off of the wild clover in the yard. We even went to the extent of picking them up by their wings. They were sweet, and never did sting anybody. Now, I know that Bees are not very nice sometimes when they do sting, but to be honest with you, any creature really only attacks when it is experiencing fear itself.

Nevertheless, ladybugs were definitely amongst my top three finds as a kid, that kept repetitively showing up as part of the natural symbolism around us. And another article, I will cover bees. And what a long article that will be too! And that’s because every type of Bee has its very own meaning! My grandmother who was a natural born generational seer, like myself, somehow knew her totems and their meanings without learning them. It was something inside of her, and I definitely know what she felt. Still, she had The strangest infatuation with owls, deer, hummingbirds, and ladybugs. You could find her entire house littered with little figurines of all of them. I remember going over there often in the Summer since she lived in West Virginia, 8 hours away. Only time I ever got to see her was during that annual trip. Sitting in her living room, I would stare at the little figurines. I mean she had every single client! That I was themselves, sometimes are made out of seashells that she picked up in Virginia Beach, some of them were actual feathered statues that she had picked up in her travels to Indian reservations, and the hummingbirds! My goodness! She actually had real hummingbird feeder’s all around her porch, so that live hummingbirds could come and visit daily. It was really nice to sit in the peace and quiet of the mountains, and just listen to the natural mechanical-like buzzing of the hummingbird wings fluttering back-and-forth from wherever hence they had come, to the feeder. We would all sit in silence and just meditate to it. she had pictures of deer, humming bird statues, and little ladybugs hand stitched into pillows that she had to spend time making during her very quiet life in the mountains. I admit that I did not see as much ladybug stuff in her home, as I did the others.

Sometimes, I would see ladybug climbing up the side of her house. I would just stand there and carefully watch it crawl all the way from the bottom of the crawlspace, all the way up until it had reached the roof. I was far too small to be able to see where she went from there. It was fascinating. Grandmom had a Beautiful garden, and even had a natural water well, with a hand pump. It reminded me so much of the old west. I used to play with it and get yelled at regularly LOL. I admit while grandmother was a beautiful woman, she was a tough cookie. But I would see the ladybugs in her flowers, and even climbing up the trees in the backyard that had some sticky resin and Amber naturally forming on it. They seemed to love it! I still have hundreds of Amber stone put away from that beautiful tree. Beautiful in a canary yellow color. The ladybugs themselves with their red wings, sitting next to them… made the yellow stand out the most.

My grandmother and I never really did talk very much about our psychic abilities. She knew that I was different. We just kind of silently had an understanding about it. Before she had died, I sat in the garden with her just rocking back-and-forth on her outdoor swing. I had asked her a little bit about the ladybugs and other animals that I had grown up scene my grandmother and I never really did talk very much about our psychic abilities. She knew that I was different. We just kind of silently had an understanding about it. Before she had died, I sat in the garden with her just rocking back-and-forth on her outdoor swing. I had asked her a little bit about the ladybugs and other animals that I had grown up seeing. I knew that I did not have much time with her.. I knew that I did not have much time with her left. Was a perfect moment. The air was very still, and everything was silent. We sat there and that silence for a few moments until I turned to her and asked her, “Grandmom why do you like the animals that you have all of the figurines of in your home specifically”? She turned to me and said, “I think that you know very well what they mean, and you can probably search with in the spiritual world within yourself, to know what they mean to me”. I started to tell her what I saw each one to mean. She said to me, “I always knew that out of all of my relatives and granddaughters, that you were the one”. I broke down and cried that day. I had a lot of acceptance from my grandmother and my father while growing up but it was done secretly behind my back in regards to my abilities and my soul type. Things were not really openly admitted to me until much later about different things that were acknowledged and validated. I had always thought that the prophecies that I had predicted and had come true, were ignored. Every time I had seen a spirit and told my father, I had thought he dismissed me. But all of that time he and my grandmother had been talking about it. It was really comforting to finally have someone to talk to.

So we had spent many hours talking about things and there were a lot of things that grandma had confessed to in regards to me. And even herself. I remembered while we were talking, I had seen a little ladybug traveling across small patch of earth that was not covered with grass due to the tracks of our feet.I’d watch it for sometime. Finally ladybug had wandered off into some high grass some distance away. My grandmother passed away only a few weeks later. Now the strangest part of it was, not only did I know that she had passed because, we were fixing something down in the basement of my house and I had felt her presence, but we also had some other strange signs. I had told my at-the-time husband, that my grandmother had died because I had felt her. He had asked if I was sure. I told him most definitely and that the phone would ring in a few moments relative explaining that she had passed. Sure enough, the phone rang and it was my grandfather to inform the family that she was gone. But it was only just a few hours later, that we had gone outside for a family meeting on the porch to talk about grandma’s passing. I looked over to the left side of the house and to my amazement there were hundreds of ladybugs climbing up the side of the house all together in a patch. Almost as if there had been a nest there of some sort! But we have been working on that side of the house all that week, and we had not seen a nest at all. It was extremely abnormal. I had told my father, “Look Dad, look at all the ladybugs on the side of the house! There are hundreds of them! Right after grandma has passed”! It truly was a phenomenon. Even my father had to admit that it was bizarre. Afterwards, throughout the years whenever my grandmother would come and visit in spirit form, I would notice a ladybug would be left somewhere in the room. Even if we had not had a window open or anything. Now the stranger thing is that my new baby daughter who was just born, has had ladybugs appearing all of the same week that she was set to be delivered into this world! We had quite a few of them in my office, just a couple of days before she came! I thought it was pretty wonderful sign that my grandmother was with us during that time.

What does the ladybug actually mean or represent?

Ladybugs represent, ancestors that are nearby. They also represent elderly family members who have very strong leadership within the family. They are matriarchal in their presence. If you see a ladybug, more than likely means that you have the presence of a female ancestor around you, or that someone within your home who is the oldest woman or most strongest woman, has important guidance and advice to provide for you, during a very complex time. Ladybugs represent:

1. Aging with grace

2. The need for motherly or grandmotherly affection.

3. Your own protective and nurturing qualities that need to come out at the time.

4. Slow travels or journey to take place in the near future.

5. A death of a female family member, or a birth of a female baby.

6. Years of happiness to come (number of spots)

7. How many souls were or are meant to be born to a woman ( number of spots).

8. Manifestation and how it will come (shade of ladybug)

9. Steady and slow strong growth that later takes off fully.

10. Family matters of importance needing attention.

11. Mother and daughter situations needing care.

Ladybugs have such deep meaning. If you see one or two you can ensure there’s a need to look into what the message means for you!

In loving memory of my Grandmom.

October 15, 1936 – October 8, 2002