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Languages of Light

Welcome to the light language section of my angel site. I hope that even though it is of otherworldly origin, that it speaks to you in some way. If you want to learn the hidden secrets of these languages, please feel free to inquire about the course.


Here on Earth, we are vibratory. Beautiful frequencies are all around us, within us, and emitted from us. Voice is a frequency too. In the intention of what you say and how you say it, you change many things, manifest many things and effect many things. Your voice carries your thoughts and emotions and is a powerful too. Your mind has a voice only heard by you, with the possibility of sharing it with others through speech or telepathy. Your heart, has a silent voice that’s unheard by others and yourself but speaks through emotions and how others unknowingly feel your emotions. Those emotions are carried in the air around you. Your spirit body and it’s many parts, is responsible for that. The voice though? It’s combining all of those things.

Statistics say:

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. (Infoplease)

Language is not just a part of this world though. Beyond the seven heavens of Earth and it’s subspheres, language journeys throughout space. The vibration of Earth and all that is inside of it making noise or motion, combine together to give the planet itself its own voice, a song of sorts. It’s a shame that the beautiful opera that Earth’s once was, is now a song of mourning. But yes, every planet, it’s heavenly planes, realms within them, and the residents in them… all have languages of their own. Even the planes beyond them and the deities.

Most of them are unknown since there is not much communication between Earth and other places. Science searches and tries to find a way to communicate, but has only gotten so far. It’s impossible to bridge the gap. Even when they say that mathematics has been used by other races to send a message, seems a bit unrealistic since every race uses its own different form of mathematics and their own written form of the “numbers”. How would anyone who was from the outside, come to translate that language or any of them… if they never heard of it, don’t know what to compare things to in order to translate it, and it simply does not exist from the place that they are from? For example: to see symbols (letters/numbers) for the first time and learn their meaning, one has to be taught their sound and pronunciation. We know sometimes what looks to sound one way, sounds another. Like the name Jose. It’s pronounced Ho-zay but how could anyone know not to say Joe-see instead… without being taught the many sounds that letters can make? Otherworldly languages can only be taught by those who know them through learning them in that world, and then being able to compare it to something it connects with here. If you have no one who can see objects to compare the original word with the foreign, no one can understand. An incarnated deity or master who has full remembrance of all forms of wisdom and languages from their journey prior to Earth can… when here in the form of an angel or messenger. We, who recall all things from the higher planes and our travels in them, below them and inbetween them. We are the link to many mysteries. So, here I am. One out of few here in this planet who can provide knowledge on the “otherworldly occult”, I only desire to educate and spread the divine.

In this section, I will be sharing some of the languages of light throughout time. While I can not go beyond a certain depth on the matter since it’s not for everyone, I’ll share what I can. I hope you enjoy the vibrations felt in the information, and to click that re-share button for me if you do, so others can enjoy too! Take a look under this heading on the navigation menus from time to time for newly added stuff or follow my blog here to get emails when a new entry is published!

Languages being shared:

1. High Angelic

2. Cherubim

3. Pleiadian

4. Sirian

5. Hasgerdien -(Middle Earth)

6. Elemental (4D Earth)