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Legion of the False Dawn

Greetings reader,

Upon reading the title, I am sure you may had assumed that this is a negative thing? A legion of the false dawn, wicked? It does sound like a legion of fallen ones though, doesn’t it? Well, not in the least. This is a legion of angels who come forth to assist mankind, and our beloved soul of the Earth, Sophia, It is a blessing, but not one many know of, or have heard about before. I had stated in one of my Facebook posts, that I am surprised that in all of the years of my work, that none of the other angel experts or astrologists ever mention much of the things that I know. All being fact, it is startling to discover how much has been withheld from mankind…

Zodiacal light over La Silla

The legion of the false Dawn, is a fleet of beings who travel in the light of the sun. This is to disguise their presence within the mesosphere. They do not want to be discovered. Therefore, there are two methods of hiding themselves. One of them is with invisibility. Have you ever wondered why you can feel something in the sky? Why it feels so very different from when you were small?  Well, it is because there is always some force up there. This time, the legion of beings associated with this event in particular.


There are approximately 109,128 beings within their inner collective, and only about  5,000 of them come down, and enter into the alignment. Hiding out within the light, they have a better chance of not being seen. Why do they come?

In the beginning, man was susceptible to the teachings of the angels. They yearned for the power and for the wisdom. Man desired to grow and take over the Earth in the newly acquired wisdom that they gained from the angels. Every year, before man’s turn against the Gods, the distant kin of the angels who resided on Earth, would come to gather. This was during the Zodiacal lights. Only then, they did not hide their coming. Instead, it was a wide celebration shared among  the angels of Earth, Heaven, and man alike.

After the fall of man, and the human children of the angels called Nephilim took their rule, the counsel of the divine fathers was no longer heeded. In fact, it was abhorred, except if it were coming from those who offered to help the ruling powers. So, any new visitors were treated as nothing or placed in danger. Even for the nephilim children who acted righteously on the Creator’s behalf, that had visits from angels, had to keep it secret. Those who knew,  tried to hurt the messengers or belittle them by defiling them.   Even in the days of Lot, when the messengers came to warn of danger with the destruction of Sodom, the citizens of the city tried to actually Sodomize them. Making the city true to its name.


The city of lights, sends forth these wonderful beings every year so that they can bless the soul of our planet alone. You can catch this wonderful event on a moonless night, as the sunlight reflects off of space dust, in a zodiacal cloud.   It is truly a spectacular sight in comparison to the Aurora Borealis.

I have not seen the Aurora Borealis in person during this lifetime, but I do know it to  be very beautiful, breath taking. I hope that out of all of the sights to see in this world, that all humans at least see it once during their journey here. Along with that,  the Zodical lights, the great pyramids,and Yorkshire Forest and Falls, a few of the most beautiful  things that I have ever seen here in creation. I hope that you will have the chance to enjoy this beautiful display of peace and hope. It is a true gift. Give thanks, and send up your requests!

The blessings that these beings will bring can be enjoyed by all. Abundance, truth, and clarity for anyone who wants to take part in receiving. However, do this silently and without anyone around out of the respect of the secrecy that these beings are trying to continue upholding.                                                                                                                                         .