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Leprechauns have been depicted all over the world in many different ways. They have been drawn in pictures as little tiny men with red hair and a beard, wearing a green top hat in a little coat. The story is that, leprechauns are always on the search for gold. Therefore they end up, following any adventure towards the end of a rainbow. Playing many tricks along the way. But is that the only legend that pertains to the leprechaun? And what does the leprechaun actually mean, and represent?

Leprechaun actually comes from my family roots in the Celtic mythology. At first, they were depicted as water sprites. Yes! Water spirits which were known as ‘luchorpán’ which means ‘tiny bodied’. It is said that these spirits merged with a household fairy and developed a taste for heavy drinking! According to other myths, the term Leprechaun actually comes from the Irish term ‘leath brogan’ which means shoemaker. If you have ever taken a close look at the leprechaun, you may remember that they are always told, of making shoes were having an obsession with shining them! Symbolism in having a position to shine shoes, basically implying that this is a type of spirit that would like to give you the best path of life for your feet to walk on. To walk a life and luxury!

They are actually water spirits but they have the ability to morph into mainland creatures, shape shifting and changing form in which ever way they need. This is way they often are told of in stories, of being tricksters in rogue mode. But are they really that cute adorable mini man that most people I’ve talked about in the legends? Far from it. Most spirits are earth spirits. Leprechauns came from a creation made by the spirit Agares. Agares is a Grand Duke in the Eastern part of Hell. He is of the order of the virtues and governs thirty-one legions. He appears in the guise of a Lord riding a crocodile and carrying a goshawk. He can give people dignities, teach all languages, and cause earthquakes. Indeed, when making his legion many were small gnome like creatures who spread from Agares position in the East, all of the way to the West coming to dwell underwater. The best representation of a leprechaun was in the movie, The Lord of the Rings. The character Gollum was symbolically based off of Leprachauns. Especially in his obsession with something of value! Dobby in Harry Potter, is also another rendition, but humbled. If you notice, many in his species and in one species similar….were working in banks in the movies.

The leprechaun symbolizes greed in excess, one of the deadly sins that leads to encountering trickster people on your road towards riches greedily. As you can see, while Magical… they are created and ruled over by an Earth spirit whom is connected to the underworld. Many people who encountered these water goblins, seldom could defeat their tricks and ended up broke and humbled. Finding a spirit like the leprechaun randomly, will lead you right into a selfish chase of riches. But in the end, a valuable lesson is learned.

Leprechauns are often associated with Four leaf clovers because, leprechauns as a trickster and a spirit of greed, will lead people right to their very own poverty and demise. Having a four leaf clover in your pocket, is said to ward off the bad luck with the leprechaun can bring. As well as the false promises that he tries to mislead people with.