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In this world, many things still go deeply misunderstood. Indeed. I know that this world is a projection of what “superior” man wishes for the others out here to see. The world has contained corruption, hypocrisy, ego, and greed, since Earth’s earlier times. But it was not created that way.  It all starts somewhere, and since all is consciousness (spirit), then to exist here, it has to manifest through someone or something that relates to this reality. ~ Truth of living light 2017

I am finally covering the “Demons and Archons”. Well, a few of them that is. Let’s start with Lilith.

Lilith is said, to be a Fallen Angel, and a succubus as well. A succubus is, an entity who provokes sexual energy, in order to thrive off of it.  In ancient times, Lilith was said to had been the first wife of Adam.  The name Lilith itself, was derived from the Akkadian version, Lilitu.  It means, “of the night”.

In the story, Adam’s first wife was a demon, whom would not submit to, or obey Adam.  Definition of a demon is a wise one. As a result, Adam asked God, to give him a new wife who would be obedient. After that, it is said that Adam’s request was granted. His first wife Lilith, fled and roamed the Earth on her own.  As you can see this means that a wise one would not be obedient to creation. That is because the name Adam means to make.

Archangel Metatron teaches that “all things need to be seen, on all levels. Not simply on the surface”.

Looking at this on a deeper level then,  Adam’s name means, “to make”.  We see where this going already. In other words, “to make”, and then along side of Lilith’s, “of the night”. It means, “to make of the night”. What is made in the night between male and female? Intercourse.  And therefore what is the product of intercourse? Life, sentiment consciousness, oh wise one. A wise one meaning that this is a being that can think for itself.

As Metatron says, “everything is symbolic, even in prophecy, it has a deeper meaning, and more than one”.  We live in a world confined to the 3D elements, but our soul is light. All light belongs to the heavens above ultimately. On Earth, alot of teachings will go both ways, “as above, is so below”. So in this translation, Lilith and Adam’s story represent the very same as as creation in the Universe. The dark space (night), being created (to make). On another level, it represents the blank slate of the mind, being created. The mind starting out without thought, and to later be filled with thoughts in learning. It represents the flow of kundalini energy Left (male), and female (right), joining together to flow the light of consciousness into the (night) blank mind in one’s new experience.

However, we see that this did not work as planned, otherwise “Adam” would not had needed to ask for a new wife. In this he received Eve whose name means (life). Therefore with Adam and Eve, they were together (to make, life). This worked in raising the kundalini energy, as they both reached that “original serpent”. The kundalini is often represented by the caduceus which is a pole with two serpents rising up either side. The joining of man and woman, which brought others to life.  They became God Like, in the fact that they now had sentient consciousness flowing in them, as well as being able to create in having children.  That was the symbolic meaning of the tree of knowledge, or Tree of Good and Evil. The good and evil, was the rise of duality.

Then, it was said that they were to be sent out of the garden, so that they could not eat of the tree of life, and end up living eternally. A cherub and a flaming sword were set up to guard this tree. But what about Lilith?

Lilith was said to join with Samael. Samael means “poison or blindness of God”, and if we see it in terms, this meant that “the night, was full of poison or blindness”. What poison and blindness? Well, the blindness that joined with the night, was that even though man and female would create, they would never have the full knowledge of the creators. They would be blind. Or as the second book of Thessalonians 2:11 says: “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”…  The scripture was mentioned much later on, but represented the same principle for the Earth’s later people. They would never fully understand the mysteries of creation.

Since all has multiple meanings, we now look at Lilith in another way. In the night before morning, males end waking up, with a nice surprise. In this, their side of the kundalini had risen, leaving them with the blood flow rising as well as their male parts. This sexual arousal, is also likened to Lilith in all men (Adam).  That is another reason as to why she is called a succubus. With this, it basically means that man was not able to create life alone. Otherwise his Kunda Leny rising by itself without a woman, would not be able to can join with the tree of life. It would not be able to create more life with the genetics, because he would not have a partner or spouse. This means that it was blank energy he was releasing, during moments of being by himself. And therefore that is the succubus energy they speak of. It’s getting arousal, without the want or will to create life. Simply merely for the pleasure of it. And that is why Satan tempted Adam with many different images of women in the garden before Eve.

But no, it is not the only reason. The other reason is that she is a spiritual entity. In her energy, she can appear as anyone, in any form, and often enough, she is responsible for thriving off of the sexual energy that comes from man.  It is said that she comes in the night, and has many who work under her legion. Let’s take a look.

Lilith has a legion of many. She can send anyone instead of herself, and has. There have been many people who have come to me, and stated that they were deliberately having a sexual liaisons with Lilith or other succubus, through conjuring. I have skills in summoning many spiritual beings, but in the world of incubus and succubus, I never mess with those spirits.  People who have, they always came to me later for cleansings and exorcisms as a result. Those types of spirits are hard to get rid of. They do latch on, and they will violate the person who is performing the cleansing.  I have run into many situations where I had removed one, but they went into incognito mode, and lingered hidden in the atmosphere until at night time. It was as I laid down, that one of of the incubus came and pulled me off of the bed and tried other things of a sexual nature. I prayed so loud each time, which chased them away before any violation could occur.

Therefore, those spirits are very real, although some of the stories are symbolic for other things too. Lilith is a queen in her realm and runs many legions of male and female spirits who thrive off of energy to continue having strength. Many of them thrive off of fear, depression, and  anger, but some decided that the sexual flow of energy, is even better.  That is because it is the purest in kundaini rising. Lilith will take from this type of energy, even between  couples. And that is because that energy is a very strong form of energy other than any other out there.

So while it is a very influential entity, the story itself was very symbolic. Every form of consciousness exists. Every ounce of it is an intelligence, some of that aware of itself, some of it not. And the story is showing you that even sexual energy is a form of consciousness. But when put to the way it supposed to be used, it is a creator it’s self. And that is what little of the represents on so many levels, Man’s attempt to raise the kundalini without the creator outcome.

Lilith represents seduction, sensual lure, with enchantment. She can appear in many forms and relates to many other types of spirits who are associated with this theme. It is said that Lilith even has a daughter…. I will cover this another article. For now, Lilith resonates with the number 7. The number 7 is all about truth seeking, and when you activate the kundalini, that is what you find. However, she is considered “fallen”, because use of this “truth” in any other way than to create, is considered to be fallen or rebellion, as it is not used as it is intended. If someone uses knowledge for power and not creation, than it is rebellion against the order, according to the heavens. With knowledge, create more knowledge, evolution, life, birth, growth, development, but not control.  As you can see, sex and lust, is a form of control, and one of the deadly sins as a result. That is what Lilith represents.


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