Planets, Tarot Card, Throne, King, Spiritual

Lily Todd

Lily Todd is a starseed who has captured my vision on numerous occasions with art that really reveals the symbolism in the heavenly hierarchy. The above piece is of Archangel Michael. As you can see the planets surround hm as the ruler of the Universe. He sits above the Earth, as it will be his new domain when he comes as the Prince of Peace, in the symbolic ‘end times” battle. His hair is white like wool, his eyes aglow, and he wears the stones of all elements on his belt. He has white flames of purity and truth on either side of him representign that he has transcended duality in turht, and his hands show the “as above, so below” symbolism, as he is the true way and light of the world, and many others. His throne has the sacred stones of the New Jerusalem on it at the base to show that he will reside above it.

This was a hand painted piece, with all of the symbolic aspects to Archangel Michael’s rule now and into the future inspired by my own ideas as a channeler and angelic soul. Lily took the vision right out of my head with this and many more. If you are interested in her art, please contact her via Facebook.

Lily Todd- Art.