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Metatron’s New Riddle

images Archangel Metatron descended upon my light. In our meeting together he spoke to me words of wisdom but within a riddle. I have  been predicting a lot of things through out my career here, and all of them came to take place. It may seem kind of spread out, the predictions that came to life. Even though, at times people expected it to happen all of a sudden. Events, people, and situations need to be set into place in order for everything to take it’s course. Yes, things do happen gradually. It is all according to the shaping of the world in a very specific way, that may not benefit everybody in it.

Why do we care? Because we live here. What happens out there, will effect everyone trying to maintain their safety in their homes, as people are doing now. Let’s hear Metatron’s messgage now and see what’s going on:

Metatron’s next riddle started as: Oh woe for the world!

“Tensions are high, the government will sleep.

Then the worlds chaos shall surely peak.

It’s not the Lady’s issue, in which she involves.

But this is how the tribulation evolves.

The signs are prevailing and they will continue to fulfill.

Tear down the soul of the lady, destruct and rebuild.

The signs are like starbursts, they illuminate the sky.

Truth reveals itself, and triggers “the eye”.

“The eye” is aware, and it sees all.

Because it was due time, for the lady to fall.

“The eye” is over the lady, it sees and observes.

The plan is being hidden, behind many false curves.

The sun marks the path as it dims, the brightness of the past’s glory.

The autumn then brings the start, of the villains part in the story.

Flee to the “mountains”, soon enough there will be no time.

It’s a journey, a battle, for two sides that shine.

Angels of glory whose messages shine bright, …

And angels of darkness, who bring forth the false light.

As the world’s true colors come to the surface, and daytime becomes night.


For all who have a spirit, please let them hear!

The fall of the lady by he, that she that pretends to not hold him so dear.

The aggression, the  sorrow, all lands let out a great cry.

But it’s not just the lady, but also people who die.

They will fight till the end, they say to make the world great.

As they try to unite, each one at its gate.

Friends  act like enemies for the sake of the game.

And in the end they rise together in “the eye’s” all seeing name.

Explosions and distress, reach out to the sky,

And it will look like Angels fall down with a great cry.

The children of the land fight against one another,

as they struggle to cope with the effects of “big brother”.

He calls out the lands, tempts and provokes,

The people have no more food, all is  bought with valueless notes.

A time of false declarations, of troubles that are no more than just a ghost.

Resurrecting the ghost, bringing it to life,

is what has created all of this strife.

The giant returns, he removes the law..

But his Father takes a back seat, and still rules them all.

It fulfills the prophecy, that father and son are but one,

The people claim they are loyal, but no, there are none.

The world will cry, and they’ll argue, until the world kneels,

But the one who becomes king, does not meet their appeals.

He was born of the Winter of Eclipse of the Sun,

who joined with the lady who on Lunar Eclipse’s life just begun.

They change the way of the time, and the countries follow

For the child of the Super Moon, marking the end of the age…



It was the mark of the times, the moon turned to blood,

The atmosphere shifted, as all knew it would.

Now the fierce one comes out, he is bright and gifted.

Each day taking his journey, and his spirit being lifted.


The master of enlightenment, death and rebirth,

He owned the sky, and domniated the Earth.

Now, he knows his time has come to signal the times,

As he wears his suit of gold, but it no longer shines.

Wisdom and Mystery block out his glory,

The counterpart to his path, scorned by his fury.

At the moment he is hidden, darkness brought by the light,

As the night becomes day, and day becomes night.

That marks the start of a new ruler’s rise,

A new date for the birth, of the King of Kings worldly demise.

As he takes his place, the Earth will celebrate in quaking,

But no one will know this thief in the night, as the Earth’s people start shaking.

A new King! A new king! Now comes the age..

An unhappy ending, in the Earth’s storybook page?

Or is this end just the end? Or an end to the days?

Man begins life, in a blurry lost haze.

He forgets his suit of armor, and he offers his soul…

Time is missing now, but then that was the goal.

Watch the glow disappear, and the world shifts in reverse.

This is the riddle of Metatron’s verse.


Yes, it is true, that Metatron is not playing around. He knows that the times are changing, and it all coincides with things that were predicted as a part of a campaign of long ago. He simply advises, whether you understood the riddle or not, that you do the best that you can in making your life all that it can be. Try your best to grow, ascend and learn. While church, is definitely dogmatic  and confining, do they not hold the keys to the world? The blueprint of Earth has been shifting and changing. Is it in a good way? Well, that depends on who you are, and what type of person you are too. Metatron says, that barriers are being broken, and new ones replaced. It is hard sometimes for even me to keep up with everything that is going on. But I was given some really deep visions. Prince William will be King, we are still having a war, and life will continue to merge into “do what thoult wilt” society, Except.. the “harm none” part, will be none and void. However, with all of us together united, we make  the world a better place.  It may not seem like it, but looking at an individual sense, it doesn’t does it? Look at it as a greater whole though, and you can see that no matter what, united we are the greater good. And that includes others who are making attempts.