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Oracles, and a Glossary of Skills


What is an Oracle? In my last video on YouTube called Incarnate Angel Testimony- Life As An Oracle, I talked about my life as an Oracle. Ever since that video came out, I have had about 100 different people email, asking what exactly an Oracle is. They had worked with me, but also had gone to other readers claiming to be an Oracle, and saw that there was an enormous difference. So I am writing this article so that I can educate people on what a real Oracle is all about. Many people are using this title nowadays, without really truly knowing it’s deeper meaning. There are a lot of people who think that they can train to become an Oracle. This is inaccurate. You can train to enhance your intuition or your visionary prospects, or learn magic but as an Oracle? No. You have to be born as an Oracle. An Oracle is a person who has a direct link towards the heavens all of their lives to where they can discern the mysteries of life and the universe naturally. They can provide you with information, but only according to what is given to them, as an Oracle connected to heaven. They cannot break the laws of the celestials because they are a servant of them. Even oracles on earth are still bound to the natural laws of spirit there. They will give you answers according to when it is time to know, and there is no concept of real time when it comes to the path of an Oracle.

A lot of the time, they do not provide straight direct answers, but they will give you the answer none the less. However, heaven usually makes them provide the answer in the form of a riddle, much like I have used in my works with Metatron. This leaves the person openminded in order for them to have the answer hidden in plain sight, to figure it out for themselves. This way, they are getting the answers, but at the same time, still trying to find answers on their own through the riddles that cover the answers. I do this all of the time in my work, as I provide direct guidance for many people, but there are also times when heaven tells me to disguise the answer in the form of a parable so that the person can ponder it over and gain inner wisdom them self. This is not something that a person is taught to do. It is a natural, heavenly gift. Many times, I have put out riddles lessons, eadings, and etc…and some would ask me the meaning behind it. But during those times, I could not interpret it because it was not time. I know that must make people a bit impatient, but I have to listen to the heavens.

A good example of this is using the movie, “The Neverending Story”. As you well know, Hollywood is deep in ritual magic, and they use often a lot of the same symbolism that secret societies use, to disguise magical intentions in their films or stories. When it comes to this particular movie, there was a part in the film, where the young boy Atreyu had to approach the oracle in order to face a mirror within himself, to find self worth. The Oracle did not provide him the direct answer about who he was, but gave him an idea of what he should be really focusing on, in the form of a riddle. But if you really look at the movie, the boy did not really need the Oracle to speak much at all because I’m a just being in the presence of one made him question it’s been an inner purity and motives himself. That is much how it is with me. Many people who come to know me in person, get very attached because the energy is life-changing. It either acts as a mirror to bring out the persons shadow self, or inspires them to be the person that they really want to be. I have had people that have not wanted to leave my side because they had felt such a great strength and goodness in themselves, while around me. Believe me, if you spend a week with me you will see exactly what I mean. The love is so pure and true, and then the wisdom in addition… that people have never experienced it out there in the world before. Either they do not know how to handle it, or they attach to it deeply.

Back to the example in the film, I feel as though they really captured the essence of the Oracle, in that small little clip. Those who are pure and true of heart will know the meaning of the riddles of an Oracle themselves. A true Oracle is one of the most divine beings that you can find on the planet earth. I remember that I had a friend of mine who was involved with a secret society. He once had said, that the path of an Oracle is also very sad one. That I can definitely vouch for. I always say, that I don’t understand why so many people want to live this lifestyle because it is full of having to see things that people cannot really see naturally. And it hurts. As an oracle, you are taking everybody’s problems onto yourself, not just flipping a couple of cards for a price. That is why a majority of my following, have become friends and people that I often teach and coach… even on the side. It takes a lot of caring and putting oneself last. For an Oracle, there is no self.

Truly, any real Oracle knows that it is a very difficult, isolated life style. It’s hard to go out there in the world and be around other people, knowing the things that you do, because of the pure love and divinity within, that wants to help change it all. I don’t think anyone really truly understands what this means, until they either experience it themselves or witness it in an Oracle that they are spending time with. I have had so many people leave after having spent time with me in person, with their whole life changed. In addition, they also had their entire mind and perception altered. But in a positive way!

If you look at the symbolism in the photograph, the Oracle is in the form of half a lion, half a female. This is usually the correct symbolism for such a person. They were also called the southern Oracle. The south relates to fire, and fire relates to the spirit or ethereal world. When it comes to a true Oracle, they are born with the knowledge of the eternal dance of duality so much so, that duality does not exist. They are not extreme light nor are they darkness, for they have all knowing knowledge and wisdom on both sides. This is why I have stated many times, that for people who are seeking out a true Oracle, you will want to look for very specific traits of that person. They are virtuous, loving and true. Accepting and forgiving. They abide by the heavenly laws on earth and conduct themselves with great wisdom and grace. However, because of their knowledge in both sides of the force, they can spot readily, any worker in darkness, even when they are trying to hide behind the light. They truly are a gift to the planet because, they provide such a wisdom that it makes people think so much so, that even an answer itself, leads to even more seeking and more questions. It creates a longing to continue down the rabbit hole for truth. The wings represent remembering all things heavenly and having keys to the past. The helmet represents protection of this wisdom and never giving away the secrets. Also, it is a fact that an oracle belongs to noone, not any spouse, not any relative or friend, not even themself. Therefore, they are subject to nobody, but their maker. There is no master to obey, for the oracle. Only the heavens.

The feather on the helmet represents, that we as oracles have access to true celestial wisdom, and to the Gods. The helmets being in the form of a pheasant shows creativity, sexuality (Goddess energy, fertility), influence and magic.  The lion’s feet means, that we walk constantly in strength, regality, and leadership. Being a woman in the upper region, symbolizes the ability to access all of the elements of the divine, instead of just the three in the masculine. The fact that the oracles in the symbolism are nude, shows beauty, and that there is nothing to hide. The breast plate shows that we have to protect our hearts against others, because we feel the thoughts and emotions of others and it hurts, not to mention that people will deliberately be malicious to us out of natural envy. I truly hate that LOL. Truly, there’s nothing to envy, except power. But power is not all it is cracked up to be.

An Oracle who is a true Oracle, will not need any other readings from any other psychics or oracles themselves. That is because as an Oracle… again, you are already all knowing and wise. This is because an oracle has a direct connection to the heavens, not just to earthly spirit such as most psychics do here today. Many people use the term Oracle here on earth, to mean “finding answers through a psychic or a medium”.

While that is only part true, the rest of the definition is that, an Oracle always gives an answer that can provide a solution to not only one problem, but all of them, should the listener or seeker actually open themselves up to see it. There are some churches out there in the world who actually like to seek out a true Oracle for their church, so that they can have someone in the church that can have a direct link themselves, in order to better assist and guide their people. But there definitely is a great difference between a priestess, psychic, medium, and an Oracle. A psychic is just someone who has the ability or sensitivity to communicate with the next veil of spirit. Mediums are much the same. A priestess is someone who in turn, uses the spirits in order to obtain or achieve something, other than just getting answers or insight. An Oracle is someone who has the ability to do all of those things, but at such an extreme heavenly level, naturally.

Most oracles do not abide by any religion, any study or practice, but instead they just use the wisdom that they have obtained from the heavens above naturally within and from being taught by the Gods. Magical practice and wisdom, as well as knowledge of the celestial bodies, is something that definitely just comes by nature. For an example, I don’t really need any astrological charts myself, because as an Oracle, I have all knowledge and abilities needed, just not when they are demanded. I don’t really need any tools in order to read a person through and through. This has been known, through the people who have come to me with only just a name, even a fake one at that times.

On one last note, an Oracle is always out for the better good of other people which is what most of their answers will pertain to. Oracles know the dance in duality so much, that they always seek to try to help a person or many people, to heal and remove themselves from that dance in a balanced way, that they can finally reach a state of bliss or Nirvana.

In that path, there is alot of frustration because it takes a huge life long committment for change. Some want to go all of the way. Some only want an answer or two. And, some want to change only what bothers them the most.  Really, it is up to them to decide, truthfully. I also saw an oracle in the game “Final Fantasy” and I had thought that they had captured it pretty well too.

Hey, there is alot to all of this but I want to help. If a person says they want to go all of the way, I will put all of myself into it with them. This develops an emotional and spiritual bond, as we fight through life together. It takes putting one’s life to the side to do that. That is what Oracles do. I am sure that I am hated because I am honest, and that is totally fine with me, because I only show love. However, in reality,  I support anyone trying to make a difference. I only hope that they are honest in their attempts to do so, because this world can be a wild place, full of temptation. The ambition to help, can easily be turned into self ambition.  Oracles are not like that though. An Oracle is bound to speak only truth, show only love, and they do not have selfishness within them.

It has been a really rough path because many who desire this life, do not understand that it is something that is acquired naturally. Like I mentioned in the beginning, people can train to expand the psychic gifts that they have naturally within themselves. But you cannot be taught how to be psychic, if you do not have any gift at all. You can learn how to use some divination tools, but even then a good reader will have some other gift to back up their divination. Truly though, I find that this particular line of work is not the most pleasant or easiest. Many fortune tellers are in the industry for entertainment and money, and will tell people exactly what they want to hear. But as an Oracle, I cannot do that. It definitely proposes issues.

I have had people betray me, and I even had someone accuse me of using mind control. That is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard of yet, because I am always educating people on how to look for mind control, and how to somehow avoid it. Why would I give out such in-depth information about something, if I were just going to go and do it myself? Honestly, that would be so obvious and kind of foolish as well. It would definitely reveal my intentions if that were true. Who would expose themselves like that? In truth, the real mind control came from, the individual deliberately trying to turn other people against me, in the attempt to promote themselves eventually later. Sad. I only had ever shown them love. If somebody has to belittle another person to get somewhere, that’s definitely a red flag, and very questionable. For sure though, I would be willing to support anybody in their career or growth, as long as I know that their intentions were good and they aren’t being dishonest.

I have also had others who have accused me of being a dictator. That is also false because, I have only just guided people in the right direction. If they do not want to continue, they certainly do not have to. The only time that I have ever gotten upset was when, people had stopped having me as an Oracle or teacher, in a malicious way…having left the friendship hatefully. Then later on, gossiping about me behind my back, or trying to sabotage me in someway. If a person has made a vow to themselves for higher learning and change, then of course I’m going to try to give honesty and motivation to that person. That sometimes means talking to them in the support groups of people that I run in person or online and also privately.

I always say as an oracle, either you’re going to be exceptionally loved, or extremely hated. There really is no in between for an Oracle. But the truth is, for those that hate, it does get to an extreme level. I have never spoken ill about anybody, and I certainly won’t start now. I only look for the good in people, and I wish the world could be that way too. But hey, we still have to see the reality and the truth in the duality of every individual that we come across. That’s goes for not only just me as an Oracle, but also all of you… as regular people too. That way, we can have that insight to safeguard ourselves, but still try to show people the better good inside of themselves. Yes, I have faced a lot of adversity. Backlash and negativity, have definitely showed themselves in the way that others have reacted towards me in their own ambitions, and attempts to launch careers or simply out of frustration because they could not accomplish all of the goals on their pathway.

Nobody has to be perfect here, but if you say that you want to grow and change, then I have to give you the tools to do so. And the truth is, oracles cannot lie because they are only workers of truth. So I have to give people a direct answer but in a loving way. If people take that wrong, they may be an inner reason as to why, and that may be a larger part as to why they react the way that they do. I love everybody though, even those who have hurt me. Still, I can never change who or what I am, or the way that I have to do things in this position. I just want everyone to know that they are loved, at the end of the day.


In closing, I think many terms in life are thrown around so loosely. Love, is one of them. Others do not truly know how to really love. Friendship is another, because it takes alot to be a real friend. And titles too, are also used without deeper understanding as well. I am happy to elaborate but I know others get offended easily, which they shouldn’t. They should use reasoning and look at the truth and then the truth within.


Psychic: Someone who has a sensitivity to energy or spirit in some way.

Master Psychic: Someone who has multiple gifts in energy and spirit, and has mastered them.

Intuitive: Someone who has the ability to pick up on things based on empathy and life experience.

Empath: Someone who can pick up on the emotions and vibrations of others, but may not always know what it is saying.

Claivoyant: Someone who has visions.

Clairaudient: someone who can hear into spirit.

Clairsentient: Someone who obtain information from “feeling” into energy.

Medium: Someone who can communicate with the spirit world.

Channeler: Someone who not only communicates with the spirit world, but can openly transmute a message from spirit back and forth, as a mediator between the living and the spirit.

Priestess: A person who has at least one of the psychic abilities or uses tools, and can perform magic.

Lightworker: Someone who transmutes energy to others in many different ways, acts, or teachings, to help make a change in the world. Some have psychic abilities too.

Astrologist: Someone who has studied the stars and planets for predictions.

Telepath- Someone who can read the mind of others, or send thoughts to others, or both.

Remote viewer: Someone who can enter into any environment and see into it without being there, as well as dreams.

Foretune Teller: Someone who uses divination like cards, crystals, and herbs to tell a person of an issue, or of the future.

Reiki Master: Someone who has mastered Reiki, the art of sending energy and using symbols to lock it in.

Blueprint Reader or Deliverer: Someone who has the ability to read a person’s akashic records, and consciousness as well as activate strands that are not in use, deprogram negative traits, or upgrade positive ones to dominate the negatives.

The above individuals can use their gift at lage if they are mastered in their skills.

Oracle: A soul who naturally has all of the above tendencies, but is commanded by higher spirit to only use them upon being directed, speaking in tongues, riddles, or parables to deliver the answers to many things.  Also usually a teacher of mysteries and a healer as well.

An oracle can only use their gifts by the will of the above. That kind of stinks too, because those who seek answers may have to wait until divine timing and intervention to receive them. It takes alot of patience and understasndign on both ends.

To all of the readers here, I send my love!