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Solstice Message 2018


Greetings to those of you on Earth… I am Easara (Yay-Sar-Rah), a visitor for this short time from the star system of Perseus. Our planets here are wonders of beauty, but we are seldom mentioned in your world due to lack of communication over time. I admit that it has been hard for us to get through to the technological communications that we have come across, sent into space, from your planet. Therefore, I decided it would be wise to reach out another way. Right now, as you enter into the Solstice, and dwell between that and the Autumn Equinox, from our point of view…you  will find many positive tidings from the heavens, even during crucial hard times in your world.

In July, you have yet another shower of heavenly energy, from a warrior spirit here in our part of the celestials who seeks to bring out the inner determined fighter within everyone. “To tarry on”, is his message, and if he wishes to send forth some reinforements such as positive energy then so be it. Soon a new messenger comes into your world to help in leading your next generation, who that is,  for that to be revealed, it will be explained more in another piece of information soon by one who resonates more. It is a nice thought, to know that your world will always have someone to care for it though.

The  Archangel of war, positions himself, ready in opposition to the Sun whom Ariel will be ruling over, as always… every August. This will bring a great deal of charge to the Root, Navel, and Solar plexus areas of one’s spiritual bodies. Use this time to really get your battles in life healed, and fight for the renewal of yourselves, your journey and paths. You have no idea how we have watched in silence, as your world has gone from green, to gray, but in this, the colors should be getting some restoration a your solstice comes about. Our world, sees perfectly down into yours, as we have the technology to view into many environments. Only their communications are not as open to us yet. We strive in assisting other beings who can communicate, in helping to enrich your world with more scientific discovery in that department.

For now, be cautious too. With the God of war coming into the picture of your world, you can expect some upheavel and chaos during that time.  He comes bearing a sword and a ring of fire, that the lion of destruction can jump through its hoop. Be strong. Nothing in your world can harm you, you who know that you have guardians all around working to ensure your safety while some things must take place. However, with this energy in place… arguments, disagreements, and miscommunications could result, as a defensive side comes out in others and maybe yourself. In all, seek to see and feel intuitively, the deeper emotion behind things, and understand that this is a lesson to learn in using your deeper insight and emotional evaluation, but not counter intuitively. World disputes will also be happening. but you can stop the ones going on from within.

What also shall take place? It will be that you find political controversey, disease, strong weather changes, natural disasters, and changes in religious structures as some join together behind the scenes, and start to sound much like one another. Your world will fight to maintain balance, as new circus’s are displayed, and fake alliances are constructed. It is an amazing time as new structures of religion are formed, allowing more freedom in beliefs, but there is more behind it.  But while that is happening, you do not have to allow the gray areas of life to bring you down! You there… yes you!… Reader of this message once it is available… will experience a great deal of emotions throughout the wonderful changing energies of the Solstice and the Equinox. both positive and negative but transformational nonetheless.

Powerful decisions in love, and lessons in communicating your thoughts and feelings. An  overshadowing energy that will create conflicts, as well as shifts and changes in how you feel about things, is headed your way. It is a time of great change as your patterns and routines in life move into new light, that is once the shadow leaves…making it so that the new changes are visible to you. Oh!… How change is sometimes not apparent to those experiencing it! The changes though, will only be what you make them to be, dear ones of Earth, truly.

Over the solstice into the equinox, try to find within yourselves, great strength as hardships take place in the world around you, being steadfast in your attempts to reach a greater understanding which is needed in love… on your planet at this time. Use this energy to make progress, be creative, learn from interactions, and working on seeing that which is not always as obvious. Like the incarnations happening at this time! New starseeds are coming to Earth, and they, with all who are awake now, will come to make break throughs in the manifestation of a better world eventually. This will take place in changes made positively. Be the leaders of these souls in action, word, and deed. You alone, have the power within your finger tips to make your life as you wish. Use the abundance of the Sun light in your direction, and the favor of the guardians of your season, to shed rays upon the potential that you alone carry… to make life as you wish. You only experience what you allow yourself to, after all. We also want to add that there will not only be more disasters in weather, but also more power outages this year. Be aware. Flooding, tornados, hurricanes, political issues, and lots of shifting in duality! also, you will see that there will be more violence, protesting and disease. Have you seen stars moving out of place and zig zagging?

Till next time! with more to come soon!

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