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Weekly Reading 9/24/2018

Three really wonderful cards to celebrate this week. The first card is a lion which represents great inner strength and willpower that will carry you through out this week. We had some emotional vibrations that we’re trying to come through and disturb things, and were scheduled to continue to do so until October 6.

However, there was a slight shift in the environment and so now we have this beautiful energy that promotes positivity instead. The second card, is trying to tell everybody that in order to really benefit from it, start digging into some of the hidden parts of yourself, that may have been a part of the energy affecting you, and your sensitivity during the cycle that just miraculously ended. Even though it won’t be bothering you so much now, you don’t want it to come up again later in the future when energy is make things sensitive once again. Learn more about yourself and go deeper.

The last card is telling you that, now that the energies are a little bit more balanced, your intuition should be pretty on point. Enjoy this wonderfully positive time. It’s a good thing that I could feel the change in the environment, in order to take a second peak. Some may still experience a little sensitivity, but the best thing is that at least it can be coped with a lot better. Start listening to the inner voice within and it will carry you into some very deep and liberating spaces.

When you are on a soul seeking journey, you are still very much a mystery to yourself. Diving in and learning about that deeper inner self, really helps you to understand the things that you perceive around you in regards to your intuitive inclinations.