Weekly Reading November 14, 2018

The world

Any hardworking and determined person who believes in themself can obtain the world. However, some do anything, even the wrong thing… to get there. Well, they say that fast money never lasts. Then there are the people who worker harder than hell to reach success the right way. Either path, there are hardships to fight. But in the path of doings things the wrong way, there is always a price to pay for things that don’t last. Everybody and their own, will come to the conclusion of their story eventually, either way. The card of this week is indicating that everyone on either side is coming to the conclusion of a majority of their goals that were leading towards an even greater outcome in life later. However, this card maybe indicating that the conclusion towards the path of building success is closer, but it did not indicate success had been reached 100% already. That means that I have their person when I see their parent, can evaluate where they are now and how far they have come, and how they have gone about it. They can use them selves if there’s any need or reason to change course. They can also begin to celebrate.

It’s an amazing thing when you achieve goals that you have in your life but this card specifies that the majority of your goals have been reached, not just one or two. That is why it is “The world” that appears on the card. It means, that a person, group or family of people, have been able to build what they wanted in life over all, in all areas of life with the exception of a few minor loose ends to tie up. This a huge thing to acknowledge!

Also, this card represents that maybe what you were looking for all along, has always been just right in front of you. Many people reject and resist things that are brought to them in life, because they may have the idea that they want something else. I talk about this all of the time in regards to higher self. Obviously, your higher self is going to want something different then you do….if you are not aligned with them. They have been through many lifetimes just to build themselves up into the soul that they are. You are just a fraction of born here to have this experience now. But that goes through many other influences that leads to a lot of confusion. For an example he may be very much in love with somebody but something is making you run away. Maybe the person isn’t your usual type, or maybe there are other elements that you do not want to face. So you resist the relationship and try to go for somebody else. However, you keep coming back to the person that you are resisting and with a good reason. While you think that you want somebody else and they have more money or a different type of look, your heart and your higher self may really know that the other individual is much better for you. That’s because it’s true in a situation like that, a person will go through many transitions in how they think and feel, and your higher self may know that this particular person that you keep rejecting, may give you the happy ending that you have always wanted. You just may not see it.

Sometimes… no matter what it is, you may seek to find that one something or many somethings that can become your world but you may already have the world. Sort of reminds me of explorers in earlier times. They sought the world but it never needed to be found, as the continents were always already there. This card is telling you to take a look at your life already, and be honest with yourself. Is what you have already sufficient enough? Could you be looking for things that maybe are not meant for you? Are you going about finding what will become your world, the right way or the wrong way? Because the world is so very close by.

If you do find it, take care of it because we only get one world for ourselves, just like we only have one planet. Don’t pollute or you could end up messing up some good things.