Weekly Reading- November 19, 2018

Adree’s first reading…

This reading is from “Alura’s Intuitive” deck. From a new interpretation.

The first card reveals that there is a need to leave the past in the past this week. This card in it’s upright position usually represents needing to have a time for reflection, but Adree says that it seems to her, that there has been enough reflection work. She said: ” C’mon mommy, how many times are you gonna have the people reflect back into the past? It’s time to look forward”! She’s right. I do say that looking into the past helps a soul to really see important highlights of wisdom that was like hidden treasures in their lives. But if Adree says its time to focus on the present and future let’s do so!

She continued by saying that no matter what, there will always be lost “treasures” (lessons) hidden in the past. Maybe waiting till they are resurfaced naturally? For now, there is a need for strength. If the past wasn’t hard enough, the future will have its own hardships. Looking to the past may make it harder to recognize things that are needing to be realized, that are coming up. It seems you will need to have a great deal of strength to get through that time because, there are going to be a lot of tests. You’re even looking at forms of trickery and deception that will appear in your life to test your mind… and you… overall. Adree asks: “Is there something in your life that gives you a bad vibe, but when you think about it, it looks to be okay? You will come across a few of those situations. Be aware and don’t doubt yourself for a second. It’ll be smoke in mirrors. But smoke comes in many forms and isn’t always visible in the mirror. Plus, looking at it in the mirror could result in seeing it from the wrong side. So she advises you not to use your own “mirror” or aka reflection… Instead, try to see the illusions in life from what you have seen in others and what they have experienced. This isn’t exactly mirror works as some may think. It is… in a way. Mainly, it’s called observational intuition.

Adree says to use the observational intuition to find those illusions and avoid being swept away by them or to break free from them if you have been lost in them recently. And see the wisdom as you go forward from this point onward instead of having to go backwards later, to find missed lessons like you have to do now, in your reflection work. It’ll show you a lot and help you to avoid drama too. There are some things that you are not seeing now or won’t be seeing and it involves deception of some sort that needs to be uncovered before hurt and trouble comes along.

Otherwise, in its flip side this reading, Adree says… will show everyone a time to also find their hidden talents and skills for strong area in your life, like career. And it won’t be what you expected, but could be linked a little to what you thought of doing or dreamed of doing, when younger. New ideas will be added that will make the pursuit stronger and after achieving it…. the past’s hardships etc will hold more worth!

Thank you Adree! And this reading was a good one! I will pick back up on doing the reading myself, next week!