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Weekly Reading- October 29, 2018

Abraxas, our demon of the week card appears revealing a lot. But what does it reveal? What’s going on this week?

This particular demon is actually very mystical. He represents one of each planet, and is deeply rooted magic. More so, he is deeply rooted in magic concerning the law of manifestation. With him appearing this week, it is both a gift and a curse as he is one of the great archons in hell. We are learning about hell in my new course and how all of that works. But for now, this particular entity here shows up because he is actually showing that due to each planet that he represents, that everybody is being affected by some kind of magic at this time. Positive or negative.

If you go back to my older blogs, you will find symptoms of what it’s like when attacked negatively. If you’re being affected positively, you will notice many good things happening for you, for no reason at all. But the point is, where is the magic coming from? Right now, there are two forces of magic. Above and below. You have the heavens that have trying to bless you, and then earthly lower powers trying to bring you down. Alongside of that, there is also an individual who has the ability to manipulate energy but doesn’t really know how to read it, who happens to be sending it to others, in attempts of trying to sway people over toward their intention/s. Then there is also another person who is trying to protect everyone from the other. You will have to dig deep to figure out who these two people are in your particular life or if it’s just the spiritual powers only.

It is not so hard to figure out that the truth is, the heavens are always working hard to have your back and the earthly powers are always trying to influence people to exercise their ego, because it can act as your own worst enemy. This particular entity appearing represents the ego in everything, as applied to the seven planetary bodies that he attached to. These are the seven classic planets in ancient times, each one corresponding with each spiritual center on your spiritual body. And those spiritual centers connect to your layers of self in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. He is saying that he will have effect in those areas of who you are. And this is going to go to the extreme. He’ll add temptation to see where you are at in regards to strength. He will draw out a lot of complicated emotions to see if you can discern where they are coming from, rooted from within. You will have all different types of thoughts about your situation in others, to see if you can reach the correct conclusion intellectually. Spiritually, he will tamper with the energies all around you, to see if you truly can surpass negativity, and focus on the positivity instead. And physically, since he will be influencing all of these bodies, it will leave some symptoms when your physical well-being, as well.

Not only will these little tests becoming from him, but it will also be coming again from the powers and influences that I mentioned earlier. When a person can learn to balance all of these areas of their self, they gain mastery over there elemental Self. And that’s we are true magic really begins. And that’s exactly what this entity represents in his spiritual domain. He has trained some of the best magicians out there in the world throughout time, the same way. He wants to teach you to draw on internal and external magic all around, and overcome negative magical energy and optimize on the positive. But first you have to figure out how to recognize the difference in the forces above, below, within and without.

Many people do not realize that everything about you, about the world, and in life, comes from those places. Everything is energy and energy is light. Even darkness is energy. If you want to gain self mastery, you have to learn how to recognize both forces, even in their most hidden forms and start working out your situation through them. Can you control of your magic and make a live better for yourself by manifesting better things and eliminating the negative around you? That is what this card and the entity on it, represents for this week. That is a lot of reflection work ahead, but it worth it in the end.