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Weekly Reading- September 3-8 2018

The Magician- Fairy Stallion (Reversed)- Page of Cups

Magical Creature:Hosted by Blayke Roberts in Ethereal Consciousness Group-Facebook.

Self mastery calls! You have a need to stop casting illusions.for yourself as well as hiding some things that you may have been withholding back due to insecurities, fears and ego. There also may be someone in your life too, who is very skillful at using their life experience to dress it up as wisdom and power but in truth is very toxic and smooth in his words. The magician is the master of illusion and learned a lot in the journey. This could represent your pros or cons or those of another person. Use your talents for your own higher good and be cautious with anyone who feels a need to be believed and accepted, and will do anything to get it from you, even using very convincing speech, to get their advantage. Do you sometimes justify things in your life to excuse behaviors? Mermaids too are the feminine aspect of the magi. Powerful, seductive, alluring… the mermaid’s role could suggest that it may not be only a male, but the Magician suggests that it could be either or. Is duality at work within you or someone close to you that it’s affecting you?

The fairy stallion Reversed as a solution card states, that maybe it’s time to cut the chaos out of your life but you valuating the first card that we got, and learning where to identify the problems with in yourself and in somebody around you who may not be trustworthy. The mermaid and Magician both show forces of duality in one’s life that is leading towards an inner battle that is getting you nowhere. In any aspect of life. This prohibits you from moving forward or traveling positively into the right direction in life. Stop for a bit and postpone any steps in your life until evaluation is complete. Otherwise, plans, how you get along with others, and how you view things will already be disturbed a bit.

Your solution is that, maybe while you learned a lot, perhaps you lied to yourself about it all? Perhaps you ran into people who were doing the same, and it only showed you more of you sensitivities and naievity? The energy will attract you to like minded people, but are you too accepting? Do you seek to be viewed a certain way? Is the outer layer the illusion, but inside you feel a mess? Perhaps. The knight of cups can be a bit of player too, but rather than mental power like the Magician, he also opts for a mask of sorts. His is not just all intelligence, but it’s also maybe being more loving than you usually are when you feel much like that lately? Don’t forget the outer appearance too. He likes to keep himself looking superior on the outside of things. Mermaids do too!

This is person who projects that the grass is greener on the other side, when it may not be. Or, maybe you are telling yourself that.

It’s time to look! Because whatever it is, you…or another person in your life… it’s delaying your journey and while you may look all fine and dandy on the outside, life is short throwing a lot of obstacles your way! That’s a sign! Remember when somebody is on the path of their true greater self, there will be obstacles but perhaps not as hard or difficult because your greater Self knows that you are trying, and as long as you are, they will help you. If there’s too much going on negatively, then there’s something definitely going on, either caused by you, or a devil in disguise so to speak. Tap into your greater self to problem solve. Be the positive side of the Magician!

Does this sound familiar to you, in your life, career, love life, friendships, family life, money matters? This reading could reveal insight in any one of those, or all.

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