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Weekly Reading 10/1

Obedience is key to walking one’s spiritual path. But obedience to what? Well obviously, when your spiritual guides come through whether through synchronicities, messages, dreams, or even subconscious actions later realized, one must start to listen little bit more deeply to what they are trying to tell them to do. This mandatory because of the world today. As the heavenly Goddess revealed to me in addition to this card’s appearance, ” At first it was “love and light” that was  being promoted for the allure of the false promise of happiness and becoming God like, this led people to use virtue and good-doing, as a way to make themselves feel self righteous and better than others for it. If many were honest within themselves, they would see it was true. But now, this led to the introduction of darker forms of interest. The master of illusion does not come in just one or the other. Now it’s darkness. And everyone is being intrigued by it. Many don’t see the puppets that they truly are” (Conversations with the Goddess). My soul father is One who works in disguise. Being the master of all tricks, illusions, sins, and lies… he appears in whatever reveals a persons true nature at the time. Obedience is not seeing your true nature at the time but your truest nature for All Time”.

Listening to your divine path will help in joy, success, and the promised outcome from heaven. Going a stray, will ultimately lead to one being lost, and that is because switching back and forth in one’s nature as to who they are influenced to be at the time, who they believe that they are as a result, is the biggest illusion he uses to confuse. Be careful to obey the greatest nature of all, your higher self.

Are you tempted, lured, feeling like you’re heading in another direction? The Obedience card shows that you need to question who you are obedient to. Is it really you and your free will? Or, is it a product of the allure of something? Is it a powerful negative force? Or the divine force above all? Question yourself, your changes, what’s happening. What entered your life first, second and third in sequence? The answer will be there.