Small World

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am from Millville New Jersey.  I am writing this for Ally, because I feel so badly, that a voice like hers, get so much suppression. I want people to know how I feel about her and her work. She is really a truly devoted spiritualist. My story is a bit different from many of you though.

I grew up  in South Jersey all of my life, and felt so lost. This year, I decided to seek wisdom, but did not know where to start. I had known Ally when we were kids, as I went to the same Elementary School for only the one year of 4th grade. She and I shared a mutual friend. We were never close friends ourselves though. She definitely stood out to me, and maybe I struggled with some insecurities that made me kind of mean to her, as well as a lot of other kids in school too, that after I had moved away I am sure continued to be unkind to her.

After 4th grade , I never heard of her again, as our mutual friend, moved out of state, and not being friends ourselves, there was no reason to keep in touch after I had moved. After a rough teenage life, and my adulthood full of alcoholism, I began my spiritual search. I could not take it anymore. Something had to change, or I would have probably hung it up. Really..  Doctors, rehabs, and many therapists did not help, and it seemed that nothing was really working. Back in 2010 I began seeking which path in spirituality I would want to take. My mother was into Wicca, and told me about some thing called New Age. This was pretty early on before the whole movement thing happened in 2012.  I did not really connect with that either. I still kept looking, and it seemed that I couldn’t connect with much of anything in truth. The one thing that stood out to me was  the whole Starseed thing though. I felt that souls could come from other worlds for sure and I did believe in reincarnation. However, I still believed in Jesus too. I began exploring deeper on YouTube, looking up Star seed information, and videos on angels and Christianity too.. Yes, I know… I was a mess LOL. Up until 2015 I still had not found a path and I had been from psychic to psychic in search of information. Much of the insight was ridiculous and obviously made up. Some who said to channel angels had provided such worldly information. I was fed up. I figured I would make my own path. I continued reading books, meditating and watching anything that was of interest to me on YouTube, but I was so unfulfilled and unhappy.

After awhile, I started drinking again back in the summer of 2015, and I really wanted to escape life in anyway that I could. My mom told me to hang in there. Mom had started doing her own readings by that time too and ave me a nice card reading to cheer me up, and I felt like I could hang on awhile longer. But if I did not find any help soon, I am sure I would be dead today. While researching a video on Pleiadian Souls, I had watched about 40 of them already and they all seemed like they were actors repeating each other’s information in each video. I noticed that they were more than likely copying off of one another, and it became clear to me that many of them were in it for popularity and not for the love of heaven, the stars, God, or other people. That is my opinion, I’m sure. But how many others felt the same way honestly?

That is when I saw a video on the side reccomendations bar and on one of them I saw this blond teacher who stood out. I thought to myself, “I know her from somewhere”. I watched the video and I felt a connection to the information after watching about 10 of them. I immediately emailed her, since the information seemed so honest and she seemed familiar anyhow.. Sure enough, Ally recognized me, and told me “Jenna, welcome, I was waiting for you, how did you like the Star seed video”? I remembered her, and laughed. How did she know that I had seen it? I did not even tell her how I had found her yet.

I always remembered her as a strange kid, who never did anything fun with us. She was always acting like the group mom, even very small. She told us stuff about our lives for when we grew up, and it all came true. I thought when she told me when we were 11, that I was going to be an alcoholic when I grew up, that she was just being an a-hole. I see now, that she was trying to warn me. Weird how I never even thought of her words again, even after I started drinking. It held no significance to me at all. Now, it had all come together.

In the readings, she had everything about my life, out there on the table, and even after she had not seen me for decades.  I wondered, the old trick psychics had someone manning the lights, and spying under the tables or closet. How did Ally do it? Yes, even after proof, I was still skeptical. I admit it.  I could not believe my luck, that I found her. Back then, I thought Ally, and her whole way, was just weird. Now I know, it all happened to prep me, for a later day in my life, when the creator knew when I would seek him again, after years of alcoholism. Ally saved my life.

I started with her this year slowly, but she became addicting. not her readings, but her! Older now, I see her for who she is. I was such a stupid kid. I made fun of the poor girl forever, and most people would have held a grudge. Ally immediately loved me, like a long lost friend, when in fact, I had treated her so badly. how could I? As kids, we sure can be blind right? I am now with her 100%. She is becoming my best friend, and I have months clean under my belt, and no desire to drink. I feel I have to always be around her. I always drive up to her home, every week, with my friends who I introduced to her. They all love her too. She seems a bit intimidating at first. I mean, she;s wise, and powerful. Who would not feel like that too? Listening to Ally speak on the Creator, and the Universe, changed my life forever. I will forever follow her.

So if I, a kid who once did not like her for no reason, can fall in love with the truth and sincerity of this pure angel on earth.. then why can’t all of you? She is for the people, and always will be, and I will always be for her.~ Jenna NJ