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The Angel of Comfort

Have you ever felt like you had a burden that you carried that was far too heavy up on your back? As an angel I promise you sometimes the weight of my wings can be a heavy load. What I mean by that is, it takes a lot to take on the burdens of others. Imagine you as one person dealing with the hardships of your own life? Now imagine how myself and many others in the heavens as divine beings, take on the burdens of many people all at once. Their burdens aren’t burdens to me as I truly love everyone, but honestly to know that their burdens are burdens to them… It is really truly emotional for me as I am emotionally invested through unconditional love. What is burdensome, are those that pretend to want help but have ulterior motives, those who come under fakes profiles, or being set up by some to lick me into a web so as to hinder my reach. That’s not right, and I know when it happens. I get tired of calling people out nowadays.

Besides being a mirror for others and carrying their pain to assist them, I too am here in a physical projection. Therefore, I have had my share of things that have forged some tears. What happens when we need comfort? Especially today, there’s a great need for comfort. Like the angels on this site predicted, there’s economic trouble, loss in jobs, bankruptcies family division, civil unrest, political chaos, and more. Families who are true to heaven, have worries of their children growing up in this day in age. It’s understandable.

The angel of comfort is someone to call on in times of distress. You can call on her for uplifting some of the heaviness. She is one to deliver sudden messages of calming, peaceful energy that even in a moment of extreme grief, it’ll seem like the clouds of sorrow suddenly clear away. Then, realization will set in of a serene truth.

The angel of comfort in highest of the order is Nashamiel. Some call her Nasha. She appears in tones of energy like peach and sand. She is extremely subtle in the way that visits, that a person may feel utterly distraught and then it just naturally feels better. She sometimes even comes during a rainy day when the calming rain sounds can work with her, playing like a nature song in the background.

Nasha is a friend when no one else is there. A youth with the appearance of a 17 year old girl, she is so pure with her light “graham cracker” colored hair and porcelain skin. She has beautiful gray eyes too! She is but a Cherabim, and a descendant of Ariel herself. She works in the order of “powers” considering that the ability to send comfort is indeed a power. How many are actually open to receive it when they are so mad at the world and everyone in it in their moment of demise that they don’t want to feel better? Even though deep down they really do.… It’s a job in taking all of the earthly hate and resentment from the surface to get to the core of the vulnerable soul.

Call out to the messenger Nasha should you feel alone, bereaved, misunderstood, confused, stressed… or if you feel down in any way. This is a time now especially, more than ever… to call out for help. She understands that as the world falls into the destructive forces that were unleashed. But she also knows too, that many won’t want to fall with it. It’s possible to stay strong. All that you have to do is think of her when you are feeling in any way down. And if you feel a slight shift in the air thank her for being with you. Tell her presence, that you would like to feel better from all of the heavy baggage that you must carry each and every day. Light a peach colored candle and add some pretty Coral next to it with little sprigs of babies breath. She is a descendent of area but is appointed over the fire and water, two elements that conflict. But she especially is an expert in the field of emotions because sometimes when you are feeling totally set your fire can get your water boiling so to speak. With that, she can understand more than anyone else that people sometimes can he sent over the edge. Have you ever been just so totally upset that you cried and felt feverish? Or that you’re upset turned into anger? That is why she is appointed over the two elements that she is presiding over. You can often see you little sparkle is a very light pink energy in the air when she is around. As soon as you acknowledge that she is within your environment, it’s best to sit down in a quiet meditation, Lighting the candle in setting up a small altar for her as described above. Then just take in a few deep breath’s and let her do the rest. However if you’re in a deep moment of despair, you shouldn’t really have to do anything special, as she will come in and just remove a lot of the burden for you to comfort you. and I’ll just remember that you have a friend on the other side that wants to help you through your times of trouble. Have you ever heard the song “Bridge over troubled water”? Well then that is the messenger Nasha for you!

Angel Correspondences:

Number- 82

Color- Peach

Scent- sun warmed, wild cotton