The horned Gods

Another facet or mask, of the God of many faces”.

In my ancient ancestral belief system, Cernunnos was a main deity. Many today, still worship him in their rituals for practices such as Wicca or even other witchcraft rituals. They also depict other Gods like him, throughout the world. Still, a horned God is worshipped in every belief, and as for the holidays held for them… they either stay the same, or shift around a little. But what does the horned god really stand for and represent?

Religions all over, have often referred to this horned God as the devil. We all know from my teachings, that the horn’s often referenced in religion, merely just represent a part of the brain that is in control of memory. When you can remember everything, including data from your past lifetimes and your journey, then you are truly awake. That is because in your journey, you will have developed so many skills, learned so many languages, and took on many characteristic traits. You will have experienced probably almost everything throughout your journey, in small increments throughout each life. Many of you will have had those experiences at different degrees. While still, others may have learned and experienced to the maximum degree in every life, or every few lives. Yes, there will also be some who have had very superficial introductions into a little bit of everything. Everybody’s higher self is at a different level. While this article is not a lesson on the higher self again, it does assist in gaining the understanding on any horned god. Its true that the horns merely are just a symbol. That is why they are always placed on the head. That is where the brain is, in which the horns symbolize a part of it. If you do your research you will find this to be true. It is called the hippocampus.

Drugs and alcohol affect this part of the brain. That is why I often tell people that the use of substances can definitely alter your spiritual journey, and not in a positive sense. It is not good to alter how your consciousness streams through the brain. Otherwise, your experience will be artificial. Many different parts of the brain come together in order for you to perceive this reality. If one of them is full of toxins, it’ll affect how you perceive reality altogether. You will want to enhance your spiritual awakening naturally, by expanding your knowledge, practicing meditation, and learning truth that you can apply with the knowledge that you have learned in your life. Some may need to be shown through their own every day life, how to use all of that. While we are all perceiving this reality similarly, there are many different personalities who will perceive it with a different outlook based on their positive or negative experiences in life. Upbringing and influences that were earlier on, play a role in that outlook. Some people have a very negative outlook, and they are mainly focused on themselves. Others, may be very open minded and try to see from everybody’s angle. Everyone is different.

Nevertheless, the horn symbolism have been applied to figures like Moses for example, in art. And, many others. That is because in order for him to channel his higher self, he had to be able to tap into is all knowing wisdom and knowledge that he had developed throughout his previous experiences in existence. Obviously, earth was still developing and was not at its peak of civilization back then yet. Moses took knowledge from what he had been taught as an Egyptian, having had access to higher learning as a prince. On top of that, he more than likely was tapping into knowledge that he had had, when he had been an angel in heaven previously. He had been a descendant of Enoch in that bloodline after all.

Those who were able to tap into the divine self throughout history, have always kept that a secret strictly for themselves and followers that they had gained by sharing tidbits of the knowledge in order intrigue them into wanting to learn more. That is what mystery schools were built upon. Like mine, called the Illumination of Metatron. Teachers who were knowledgeable in the secrets of tapping into the divine self, would never give the extent of their wisdom and usually would just talk about things a little bit more deeply than had been available already. Interested students would then want to go deeper but would have to earn trust. Even then, after having been initiated, those students would still be taught in the use of parables. If they were serious, and logical enough, as well also having some visionary tendencies….. they would eventually figure out the meaning of the parables. So if all of this is the case… what has this to do with horned deities?

Firstly, being at this from the example of Cernunnos, he rules over life and death, wild animals, nature, male sexuality, and self control. He supports protection, energy, power, courage, and dedication. Next to those things… he is associated with fertility, hunting, seduction, and has been said to carry traits of being cunning, strong, agile, assertive and decisive. Basically, he represents man’s nature to help create, and to care for the creation. His association with wild animals is an implication of man’s animal instinct. In regards to hunting, it reveals man’s nature to destroy what he helps create, or his natural instinct to care for it all… in his power struggle.

We know that man has always had a struggle between his morals versus the animal instinctive nature that is naturally built into him. The hunter versus the creator, lover versus the savage. He also struggles with his inner battle with himself, in wanting to power but also needing to retreat in simple humility. He is about appearances, but he is also about finding what’s within as well. He does this through his power struggle in the interim battle with duality in his soul. This particular God represents all of that. They have also called him the green man as he is said to be a part of all things growing. Yet he is associated with winter, which is a time of the death of all of those things. This is why he has horns. Through his battle, he awakens and remembers what he’s learned in his battle. Since he also represents the wheel of the tear having his marriage marked at Beltane, his death at Samhain and his birth at Yule… he is really just representing the infinite cycle. The cycle is only in which man can awaken but not just in one cycle, or just one lifetime. He must recall all of the experiences of ancient past as well, for the enlightenment of his experiences and to truly discover that it is not really birth or death at all, that is happening.

I find that a majority of the information online is not only incorrect, but it is also very repetitive. This goes back to many examples in which I have said that people just copy and paste from one another. Not me. I am truly knowledgeable in what I teach that I do not need to look elsewhere. However, it has been discovered upon other clients of mine who dabble in Wicca, that in time has brought up the subject. In hearing what they had to say, I had to correct a few things here and there because I did not want them having an accurate information. That is when they would give me a link as to where they had learned from, and I would inspect it very quickly. Upon doing, so I realize that most of the links that I had clicked on had taken me to articles that were almost identical to one another, but yet were claimed to have been written by someone else.

Things that were quite inaccurate were things such as the claim that this deity had a connection to Mercury alone. It’s also said that she connects with the moon but in fact he connects with all planetary bodies and both luminaries, because he represents the many attributes of men and their duality as well as his dark and light side. In truth if anyone planet had to be given him, it would Uranus. Uranus is about philosophy and enlightenment in which Cernunnos represents in his cycle of the battle in his the transcendence of his animal nature. This is why he corresponds with no cardinal direction. He cooresponds to the poles.

Orion the hunter is high in the sky at winter. There is emphasis on this because this represents our king Cernunnos as he symbolizes all men in his wild or animal nature. In the winter, resources are scarce and this brings fear of survival , that arouses the inner hunter in anyone. After working additionally hard to survive, man will want to partake in pleasing his animal instincts. The North and South poles are the tunnel of reality in which all creation is seen. Spinning on the axis, Earth’s elements are pushed by the forces outward in order for them to float but to much that they the planet and drift away. And also in contrast, so they do not sink. He is the symbol of nature and duality, but once mastered… duality working together for the good of nature.

Since he represents such great things, he can also be said to be represented by many other names. Now, let a step back into the wisdom of my ancestry. As you all know I am a descendent of the Tuatha De Danann by blood only. In our family, our ancestors believed in a God called Dagda. This was an ancient god of the earth, originally an agricultural god. When Christianity became dominant in Ireland, they degraded Dagda. But there are many stories of the Dagda showing he was originally one of the greatest gods. I recall hearing about his reputation from mortal accounts here, through my grandfather. If you remember I had done a piece originally on another page called “Tyr– A God of Many Faces” in which we took a look at this God from the Norse mythological perspective. Still though, it does not escape the fact this is the same deity.

In my previous article, I had explained that:

Tyr is a warrior who had was so significant that he even had a rune named for what he represented. Tyr is the Northern god of justice, authority, equality, fairness and law. Tyr, to his people was related to the north star. He was held with such significance, that the Northstar it’s self was said to have all of the other fixed stars rotate around it, showing that his people believed him to be the center of importance to their culture. This is symbolic of the positive order of the cosmos and how humankind is led by the celestial energies. It also shows how all things on Earth and above abide in that order through law, justice and moral “compass”. Chaos only assists in awakened consciousness when the guiding principles of the order and moral compass are recognized through the reflection of negative and positive. Thus, leading towards some awakening.

As you can see, they are basically similar descriptions.… We can pretty much figure out that if he is known to the Celtics and Norse than he is known to all. As a major deity, he has made his name known widely, in every culture. But because of the different languages, the names will have been different. For example: Tyr came before Odin and is older. But he is also likened to Ares and even Dagda is called both the “horned one” and “the firy one”. But Ares? They hold him to Mars? And this is why I often say that online information is a little bit mixed up. I don’t think that it’s so much has started getting mixed up online, but yet they were confused when spiritual believes broke up into the four corners of the world. People took their little piece of information with them, for their people in their new location. Without interacting with the others, they couldn’t check their resources to make sure that they remember things correctly, and they had to rely on those that were considered to already be knowledgeable, even if when they had left they hadn’t been totally knowledgeable in the subject. In other words, many had already learned a lot but not to the fullest extent but yet left and migrated in another area. The rest of the information was merely just assumed in regards to anything that they did not know of and had to fill-in the blank’s. The truth is, with major deities… They cannot be attributable to one planet. Each planet would represent the many attitudes and characteristics that they displayed. They are God after all, because they have all knowing wisdom and knowledge. That means they had all experiences, and they have all traits and skills to go with it. Minor deities are often given one planet for the one thing that they have mastered and rule over. That is what makes the minor..

Nevertheless I’m not going to go into which God is who, but I just wanted to make the point, that anyone under the terms of being a horned God (and there are many), are more than likely representing that they are on their way. This is why they also represent fertility, authority, agriculture, sexuality, balance and justice etc. This is because they often create, reign over, and destroy. They do so through the powers of chaos and light and is why a lot of these gods also have some animal qualities incorporated into their appearance like hooves. The God like appearance in comparison to the animal nature is well.