Dionysus and Awakening symbolism

Does Dionysus represent only debauchery, sex and tantalizing the senses? No. He is known for being the god of making wine, eating and making love. In addition, creating children through doing so. He is also said to represent the not only fertility, but harvest and the life and death cycle as well. His symbols are grapes, pine cones, walnuts, and wine.

We know that death and life together, represent a cycle that is infinite here on earth. We know that when someone dies and comes into a new life, they are reborn as a new person. Harvest is symbolic to one reaping what they sow. Fertility is equal to creating. But his life of partying symbolizes creating trouble to reap consequences or karma later through death. Death then “reaps” what a person has sown in a life like that with the consequences of needing another life. This, the cycle which is karmically of one’s own creation. Fertility too, represents additional karma to be paid since leaving a mark on those around them with behaviors, may have influenced them to do wrong to. Or, to pass sin or negative traits down in genetics.

However, in his stories hides another message. Part of his story contains three situations. One is that he and his followers are treated badly by the female gods and other humans that he comes across during his experience as a mortal. The second is that he goes mad after the treatment. The third is the idea of death and rebirth. So what does he truly represent? Well, he symbolizes a person learning through mistakes naively and through the reflection of others divine and human ( the harsh judgment of the gods and people) and then falling apart through having to face themselves. And that that, can be a very difficult process in which they could lose themselves. All in order to change to later due to their old self for a new self to emerge. But it does not make them exempt from Karma or having left some kind of imprint through their deeds and influence on earth.

This story and the symbolism behind it is to teach a person that even though somethings look like fun, and that they will still get the lesson in learning from their mistakes, but that it is not worth risking yourself. Instead, a person has to be careful as to what he winces they take in, and leave here in their experiences. And that it could either make or break them. But over all, all is in the benefit for transformation and learning. Some the hard way like our God Dionysus here.

Grapes in this story represent abundance Spiritually. Pine cones represent the pineal gland where the soul drives the physical vessel. Walnuts are a symbol of being hard headed. Wine, is what one produces from their abundant spirituality. It seems safe to say that he already had knowledge spiritually, and that he was very in tune within himself and his spiritual nature. But he went against that, through being hardheaded and instead produced negative results abundantly on the other side of spiritual nature in exploring the animal nature of his self instead. Having to face himself, he almost lost himself, as his own reflection was from the divine level that he had already Spiritually knowledgeable, and also from an earthly perspective too. How many people have experienced is that?

The hard way or the way, everybody has to face themselves spiritually at some point and what results they have left on the earth in their deeds and influences. This will either lead to a rude awakening but it will lead to an awakening none the less. Yes god is a spirit that truly exists and is responsible for attending that I will nature and people, to see if they will use their conscience to do the right thing or the wrong thing. And then later, makes them confront themselves and their wrongdoings in order to have a chance to change or not. Some people never do truly change their ways at all. Some of them never learn to change, and then there are people who have learned and time and time again, but just choose not to change it all. It’s all about whether a person really wants to grow spiritually to the next level or if they are more in love with the physical pleasure of being here on Earth, a harsh testing ground and school.