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The Minotaur

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The Minotaur is a great symbol of stubbornness, being hardheaded, one who is stuck in their own opinions and mindset, and very great ambition. Its a creature that in a positive state, represents courage to face any battle headfirst, even if it means ramming heads. The Minotaur will fight without question, and is always obedient until something sets them off. However they will flip out, and flip the script, if  something challenges them in their great state of strong logic, strategy, and physique. It is a creature who is always willing to run fast into the face of danger, and take one for the team. In legends, the Minotaur has fought bravely, sustaining many injuries in his journey… while protecting either his leader, his family, or his Legion. Even though this creature is very stubborn at times, it certainly is one that would sacrifice itself for anything and it left, if it meant keeping it safe and defending it. But the beauty is, a true friend will fight for you whether you are wrong or right. The Minotaur only fights for those who are in just. However, there have been some very unjust Gods who have held the creature against his will, making it fight for their own agenda. There are many stories of this having happened to many legions of this creature, that came under the command of different gods in legendary stories throughout mythology. There is far more to the meaning of this being, in the underworld and the heavens… and even here symbolically on earth.

In ancient times, they used to worship the bull. In fact, there are many gods themselves, who are depicted as a man with a bull’s head. Many of these creatures were associated with the age of Taurus and Aries. Both of them represented by the ram and the bull. However, Mooses who led the turning of the new age of Aries outside of the age of Taurus, decided to get rid of any image of any half man, half animal creature… that were used by the Egyptians whom he had just left. Egyptians and Greeks often used these types of creatures in their pantheon of Gods. But Moses, who knew a great deal of the ancient practices all over due to having been a prince of Egypt, highly educated and well versed in mathematics, languages, science, spirituality, ritual, and different practices of different lands…wanted to start a new way. More structured in authority, laws, and government. He did this through religion, because the people of biblical times still believed that the Gods had say over their lives. The hebrew God appealed to him mainly due to the his association with Warfare. The other Gods during that time were Molech, The Goddess Astarte, Apis, Hathor, and Minos. There were of course others whom went far back in Mesopatamia too, like Nanna. Some of the most fascinating stories come from the minotaur.

 Minotaur’s birth name, Asterion, in ancient Greek actually translates as “starry one”, associated with Taurus, but this was hiding the fact that it actually represented a hand. Nevertheless, many used this as a male and female duality in having our Goddess rule the Age of Bull Worship, while Molech also ruled.Interesting enough, Moloch has been traditionally interpreted as the name of a god, possibly a god surnamed “the king” but in Hebrew the word is  bosheth “shame”, distinguishing it from the title of melek “king”, written identically in the consonantal text, which is also frequently given to Yahweh. Yahweh is the god of war, the very same that Moses adopted, but while still shaming the woman. In the story of the of the birth of the Minotaur (my group Ethereal Consciousness and I watched a movie on it) they told of the story of a minor Goddess giving birth to the creature, in which a maze or labyrinth was made for it to live in. Amazing enough, is that in fairytales minotaurs are good creatures who aid in fighting for the weak. However, in mythology itself, the minotaur is a creature of evil.

These beings are 100% real. I have explained the symbolism, origins and legends of this creature. But now let me tell you more about a personal encounter with one. Many will not believe in this but it’s true. Heaven is my witness.

I had always known of the existence of these beings, from before my time on Earth, and due to their own race out there beyond Earth too. I had relayed messages between planes many of times, having come into the presence of one who stood guard for a particular ruler in the planes. Not quite a gatekeeper, he still scans the intent of the visitor before they are permitted to enter the inner chamber of the ruler. I will talk more about all of this later.  My first encounter with the minotaur personally while in human form, was when I was 27 years old.  These creatures are very sexual. The ruler over them in the planes, is a spirit who thrives off of sexual energy, and blood. I was having some energy drains that week, as I was working with a woman from California, whom was seeking love, despite the fact that she was married.  I was trying to assist her in releasing spiritual attachments that had her in this lustful state. Nevertheless, I was sending her a healing via OBE. Often, I fear entities interfering with my spiritual energy because when out of body at first, you are half way in and half way out, and this leaves your physical and spiritual bodies both, vulnerable. Therefore, I had put the TBN channel on TV, since the pastor was reading from Psalms, and Psalm is said to have protective qualities. As the pastor read on, I started vibrating to lift my spirit out  of the physical form. I did not rise out and up as I usually had though!  Instead,m I felt something slipping my soul out for me, feeling pulled out of body instead of voluntarily leaving it, out from the chakras on the bottom of my feet. I felt myself being slid out slowly. This had happened to me as a young child, and I always associated it with something negative, because I have always had the ability to leave the body at will, even since I was a toddler. Whenever this sort of thing occurred, it usually had an entity behind it. Coming out through my feet, my spirit body was lifted up and began spinning.  Suddenly, I could not control my spiritual body any longer. Something had taken control of it, and my spirit started spinning and spinning out of my control, I could not re-gain direction. I tried to gain insight as to what was causing it, through the consistant spinning that made any imagery difficult to make out. Soon, I regained control and floated vertically on my back, lifting my head up, which still having my cord attached to the physical body…made my physical head also lift. Senses on the other side of the veil are different. I felt light in spirit, but the physical body transmuted a denser, heavier feeling where I felt diassociated form the physcial form but still experienced it if that makes sense? My head felt like a heavy bowling ball that could bot be lifted. In spirit, it went up to look around, quite easily.

I saw nothing at first, until I looked toward my “feet”. Horrified, I froze in terror. n front of me, was a minotaur spirit. He was large, about 13 feet in height, extremely muscular,  His skin tone was a reddish brown, no fur or covering. He simply had very distinct lines in his muscle build, even in his abdomen. I did not see below his waist though. It was very dark. I did look up at his face though. I saw the face of a bull but differently structured, in having some human features to it. He had large horns, both of them dark brown with thin ridges in them, and they did not point upright, but instead outward to the sides. He had the hands of a man.

When he saw that I saw him, he reacted by pulling me closer to him, and then tried to perform sexual acts upon me. Minotaurs are highly sexual creatures. Like a bull in heat, they go right for the act. they thrive on this energy mixed with the fear of their victims, and could be considered to be in the incubus catagory by technicality. As an angelic soul, they would feed on the fear, and the act of defilement upon a pure soul. The act of inflicting blemish upon them gives these creatures points in their kingdom or realm, in the spirit world. I was so afraid. I did not want anythign to touch my spiritual light. they do this to sleeping individuals, but being out of body, the act if consecrated, can stimulate physical reaction due to the energetic cord. This not only violates the spirit, but also the physical form.  I fought with all ofmyself to escape it, and before anything could take place I screamed out the name of God (that which is unknown to man) and asked for him to intervene. As always, he did. I was able to break free and jump back into my body. I did not go back out of body after that night. I did not want to take the chance. It was frightening and something I did not want to fight against again.

My encounter with the minotaur was not a positive one. However, one can not say that all minotaur spirits are bad simply because some of them are. that would be like judging the whole human race for the actions of a few. I know the minotaur to be a strong entity who not only has alot of representation symbolically, but also a great position in the spiritual world. The minotaur is a symbol of seeing things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. Its fighting for what you believe. No matter what or how long it takes. The minotaur is a symbol of stubbornness that can be translated as commitment, and their ability to complete tasks, orders, and directives with great initiative. They are spirits in their realm who are overprotective, conservative, or materialistic at times, with views of the world founded on their love of family, authority, order, structure and organization. Very overpowering and domineering, the minotaur repsects those that they are connected to on their jourmey. They are great warriors and fighters, logically, analytically, and in wit but also in the physical sense too. Very passionate and sensual, this is the path of the minotaur.  I hope you enjoyed this article.