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The Saintly Attributes : How the virtues change everything

The virtues. They are the attributes of real saints when living by them entirely in all that a person is, and all that a person does. Even in just trying to be mindful to apply them to everyday life, can help a person to be healthier. In using to the fullest, these are the principles that lead towards true ascension, enlightenment…awakening.

In my teachings, I teach that to reach a true state of awakening and to have your vibration rise with it, one must transcend human nature. I was taught this by the heavens myself. It’s true. Each and every ascended master has lived by them.

I often re-quote them, since it the upmost truth. Be a spirit, for that is what you are. The body is like any car that you buy and drive. Like any car that you purchase, it’s there to get you to one point or the other. What matters most is what’s inside the car, not the car itself. Your soul needs to matter more, not the vehicle. This is not to say that it is not just as important to take care of your vehicle. Just like you would with your car, you want to get it washed, make sure that it’s body is taken care of, take care of what’s under the hood so to speak, and make sure that it is strong enough to move about from location to location. Nobody wants their car to be dented up or somehow obtain scratches in the paint, and likewise you would not want your physical body to have flaws. But if it has flaws, then what can you do? Of course you could go and get it fixed up, or you could just accept it for what it is. Not a lot of people have a lot of money to go out and fix up the flaws that are in their cars detail. Similarly, not a lot of people have money for plastic surgery. Sometimes it’s just best to accept things for what they are and be happy with it, embrace it. How else can you live with it then? Just like anyone driving around a scratched up car, they still have to appreciate that they have the car. Also, you’re going to want to make sure everything is taken care of under the hood, nobody wants their car to have trouble internally. It’s like caring for your organs and health within your physical body. No one wants to suffer or struggle with ailments. Leaving problems go, internally… Can lead to the car breaking down later. The point is, yes you wanna take care of the vehicle, you want to keep up with its health inside and its appearance outside. But what matters most of all is the soul within. It’s the soul that drives a vehicle. Let’s talk about that.

Just like with your car, you wouldn’t want a drunk driver behind the wheel steering. That could lead to all kinds of trouble and damages later on inside and outside if there is a crash. Having someone who is intoxicated and not right within their consciousness, could lead to the harm of other people as well. It’s the same thing with your soul that is driving the body. If your soul is not in good condition, then it’s merely only going to create trouble for yourself and others in the outside world. For example… like a drunk driver. That drunk driver is merely just going to be a hazard. The soul has to be in a good condition in order to drive the body which is the soul’s car. If you are not virtuous, you are living by the deadly sins. The deadly sins aren’t called “deadly” for the sake that they kill you physically. Yes many sins eventually do lead to physical death. The term refers to the soul’s death. Actions while ignorant or “asleep” bring the opposite of virtue. Selfishness, greed, pride, laziness (sloth), lust (immoral sexual conduct), wrath (anger), vanity (obsession with self) etc. Those deadly sins and all that fall into those categories certainly kill the soul. Over time they make people feel hallow, empty. What’s more is that the conduct that comes from them can hurts others as well, that it makes them lose the belief in themselves. Being without awakening and without the transcendence of human nature is not in a good state since you will be just like any drunk driver driving a car, but instead not while driving a car… you are driving your body. You could affect people, create pain and conflict, and even cause a world of trouble for yourself. And that is why it is so important to worry first about the soul that is driving inside, then the actual car it’s self first. Worrying about the condition of your soul leads to driving your body better. This means that you will make better choices, and those choices will reflect on your actions every day that can lead to leaving a better effect on your world around you.

The virtues are like a guideline to the soul’s better health. While following the virtues, you are replenishing your soul and putting it into its healthiest state. That then can lead towards a happier state of existence in your vehicle. That will also automatically lead you to want to take care of your vehicle as well. It all goes hand-in-hand. Following the virtues cleanses the soul while guiding it into a perfect condition to where you can enjoy life, and not be affected by the troubles or conflicts. It brings great wisdom. Also with that wisdom you will treat people better, understand them more. You take care of your health, and are mindful of the health of others. Health is not just physical, it includes being healthy emotionally, mentally, and spiritually too. Many people don’t understand why the virtues are so very important.

What are the real virtues?

The true virtues…

1. Patience/ Endurance

2. Perseverance

3. Chastity/ Clean sexual conduct

4. Compassion

5. Understanding

6. Generosity/ Charity

7. Honesty

8. Humility/ Being Humble

9. Acceptance

10. Mercy

11. Gratitude

12. Faith

Wait. Twelve virtues? Most resources on this subject only give seven. I say, that is wrong. While it’s listed that there are only seven virtues in opposition to each of the deadly sins, there are twelve which correspond one with each of the stones which will complete the new Jerusalem.

Anyone can try to live by the virtues. It takes a lot of awareness. To learn how to apply them to your life personally may require mentoring. It’s always good to have an extra conscience so to speak throughout the week anyhow. Many fall into the routine daily of what seems to be society’s cultural tradition and habit. This includes the mindset since you will act unconsciously according to what you habitually do and that stems from what you see or are influenced by. Television, music… other people. I say “unconsciously” because many will try to do the best that they can in changing but still do, say, and perceive things in ways that they don’t realize. Mentoring has help others to maintain realization. Even those who have grown greatly still get surprised during mentoring just how conditioned their mind is, and how quickly it re-conforms when working on deprogramming it from 3D ways. Everyone needs an angel on their right shoulder that they can actually hear, right? Mentoring is like that. Still, anyone can give it a go at applying the virtues to their life. It’s a wonderful challenge. I told a student of mine to look at it like having a competition but only with herself. Could she beat her own changes from week to week? How more aware of her character and use of the virtues was she the week prior? Could she do more this week? The idea of it, was to get better and better at being a better person. When people enjoyed her personality and appreciated her more and more, it made her want to strive even more in seeing how others felt good because of her.

The Virtues eventually cleansed her within, because of the goodness. She was made new, and remained an unprecedented inspiration for others. She lives a clean life to this day. She takes no substances into her body whether by unhealthy foods or habits. She has no disease nor illness from being clean in hygiene, home and sexuality. She has good communication and relationships with others, and more. And, her relationship with heaven has never been better. She couldn’t be happier. You could have all of that too. And that’s all just in applying the virtues on a general level. Could you imagine if using them in ascension and awakening? Whoa!

I hope that the examples that I’ve given you here today show you. Obviously, in order to ascend you have to ascend beyond human nature. How can you be a spiritual being living like every other human? The point of getting to the next level spiritually, is to ascend above the level you are already in spiritually. Here, many people are 3-D minded, influenced by the material world around them. In order to grow and transcend, a person has to get beyond that first. However, many spiritual teachings and platforms do not provide the correct guidance or insight in regards to how to actually transcend. Even with my introducing the virtues, is merely not enough.

But it is a start. Watch your life unfold as you begin this beautiful journey towards the virtues.

Please see the video on YouTube this week 6/24/2020, on this subject!