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Mantra For Activating the Threefold


By now, people out there know that I have helped many in meditational practices including transcendental. I couldn’t bare knowing that people were paying thousands of dollars to learn it, when it was not really that hard to understand. Now, I want to not only add a place for readings on here, but also mantras to meditations that you may need, to help you to heal or overcome things in your life. This particular mantra is for activation of the Threefold Flame.

What is the threefold flame?

The threefold flame is the invocation of the light energy associated with the channels of your light body. Red, is the color that grounds you to the Earth. Yellow, is the color that connects to the higher self will, if you can push beyond the ego of avatar self. White, is the ray of light that purifies and cleanses. Turning into the violet ray at the end, this shows that you have aligned all of those rays within yourself, to have reached a kundalini awakening. This is not only helpful for those who need activation, but also for those trying to keep theirs active if they have activated it previously. The threefold flame upgades your energy body, and transcends anchors, imperfections, and insecurities into strength, higher self determination, truth, wisdom and purity.


I pray that you will join me for the event of the Threefold Flame Healing, on my Youtube channel. The invocations were sent to us by the heavenly messengers Saint Uriel, Saint Ariel, and Saint Lumiel.

This beautiful gift has been given to us from above, as they love us and acknowledge all of our struggles. You will want to breathe in a circular pattern, of breathing in through the nose and slowly exhale and completely, through the mouth. Try to visualize the energy as you say these mantras.

Mantra One: Red Ray of Light

Saint Uriel

Heavenly Goodness, all that is pure and true,

Come forth within our being, we long to merge with you.

We call upon the angels, the ascended masters, and our guides,

To activate within us, the threefold flame , now let it rise!

I defend this healing in myself, to work in God’s enterprise!

Mantra Two: Yellow and Red Rays of Light

Saint Ariel

Sun, sun, my inner warm bright sun,

From the root of my whole being, the rise now has begun.

The core of my lightbody, now illuminated with golden light,

Burning like the sun above, forever eternally bright!

Let your will work within me, in all that I come to want and do.

I am a hand in action, Lord I exist right here for you!

Let this sun light my way, and the light of others!

 I will, I will, I will, that all things work for me, and my earthly sisters and brothers!

Mantra Three: Spiraling Rays of Light- Intertwining Yellow and Red

Saints Uriel and Ariel

My heart which was full and heavy, Heavenly lords I release to you now,

The things that I’ve let come before me, but now its your will that I now allow.  

I release my worries and burdens, I release all of my old hurts and pains,

I let allow the cleansing of my heart now, with these two kundalini flames.

I will work in all your slendor, without malice, without agenda, without fear,

To live from my heart center in perfect love working your divine will on earth here.

Last Mantra: Red and Yellow turning into white and then into Ultra Violet

Saint Lumiel

I am the violet flame, I invoke the violet fire,

I chose now to heal of hurts, and any wrong desire.

I chose now to work with heaven, to live by the will of my greater self,

I surrender all of my past now, I take in all of this divine wealth.

The wealth of our divine heavens, as it streams all throughout me,

I chose to live in balance, and in perfect harmony.

I am the threefold fold in action, let it burn deep inside of me,

Burn, Burn Burn, that I become come at one with the violet flame…. of mercy in totality.

I truly hope and pray, that you get the full benefit of working with these mantras. You will want to chant them for a good 10 minutes each, daily.

Thank you heavenly host, for this gift of love and perfection. I pray that all will allow themselves to heal, rejuventate and recenter now, to move forward with a new start.