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Tobias Sid John: Art

Siriusly Creative is a page by my close friend and wonderfully talented Tobias Sid john, who also teaches music. If you are interested in help or services, please reach out to the above link or check out Tobias Sid John Business on Facebook.

This piece is a mystical piece is a representation of Aquarius as it has the Eagle pouring from a pitcher of water, such as constellation. However, Tobias has creatively used an Eagle instead of a man, because Eagles symbolize the element of Air, as does the zodiac of Aquarius itself. This is also why the cloud is behind the Eagle. Strange that an Air zodiac would be represented by a man pouring a pitcher of water? What does water have to do with Air? The planet Uranus is the patron of philosopy, science, theosophy, and wisdom. The archangel Uriel is the ruler of this planet, and we all know that his name means: “God is my light”. In my quote, “Energy is light, light is consciousness, consciousness is spirit, it is intelligence”, I reveal it all. In my courses, Truthology and Lightology  and even on my Youtube and blog  Church of I.M- Illumination of Metatron  

I talk about how the Universe is plasmic which is why it was said in the Bible book of Genesis 1:6, And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters, to separate the waters from the waters.” 7So God made the expanse and separated the waters beneath it from the waters above. And it was so. 8And God called the expanse sky. And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day”. All was made of the “waters”. We all know that light, is consciousness, and the whole Universe is consciousness as proven by Science. Therefore, Uriel, Uranus may be Air, which is the mental world, but it is also “water” or light, as it is being poured out in the constellation, as in “Wisdom being poured forth”. The new age of Aquarius is right around the corner as it was said by Christ himself,  Luke 22:10- He answered, “When you enter the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him to the house he enters…”.  this was marking the new age.

Tobias has captured the turning of the new age, in just this one symbolic piece of art. For more, visit his pages!