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Ukobach- Entity of Stirring Rage


Art By: DW Osburn


In the infernal as it is called, spirits of the most definling nature exist there. In truth, the lower vibrational entities exist within 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th planes, and in many of the “chambers” that exist therein.  The third dimension being known to also have parallels, also has some entities who are on the other side of the veil, so to speak. They exist all around us. No one will ever know which spirits that they have reached unless they learn about them directly, or learn how to read blueprints and energetic signatures, but even then, some of the best spiritualists can be made to be confused. These spirits are cunning and ancient. They have been watching on the other side, for a long time, and they  have access to the world of humans easily. In fact, many of them thrive off of the energy of humans when they can, because they do not have direct access to the light anymore. Of course, they are made of light themselves, all consciousness and intelligence is… Only with the lower realms, beings do not access to the direct light any longer, and have to find it elsewhere, in one another, or in themselves… through growth. Being made of light energy themselves as bodies of consciousness, lower vibrational entities can pose as anyone if having the ability to shapeshift, as many do as well.

There is a hierarchy in the middle realms as I call them just as we have one here in the physical, and just as those in the higher planes have one too.  As above, is so below right? That’s right! The hierarchy for this subject will be another topic, but for now, I want you to start learning about some of the most predominant entities working  in our world, and who are mainly responsible for the damage to society, mankind, and the soul…

Ukobach, is an entity who is  of lower rank but extremely powerful. He is an entity who plays a huge role in the fall of mankind due to what he is responsible for provoking in humans. What is it? Well, he is the instigator of rage. While other eneities cover things like jealousy, coveting, lust.. etc… Ukobach instigates rage. This is why he is also said to be the demon of deep frying. Deep frying is symbolic for scorching, burning up, disintergrating, and bubbling over into explosion. When angry, he will aggitate your mind with thoughts to provoke even more aggitation or anxiety.  The anxiety and aggitation will then become so overwhelming,  triggering a bubbling or boiling effect within the person which ultimately leads to an explosion or outburst. These can be in panic and fear, or anger and irritation, any of those in excess. When this happens, it leaks the energy into the person’s aura, which they feel totally, as do the people who are experience it with them.

images (7) Then, as it starts to flood the atmosphere, Ukoback will then take it within himself, or share with any other entities that are in the surrounding area at the time but not always. He is very greedy, and if you have ever seen rage, anger, or panic in energy form, it is such a disgusting frequency that transmutes in a murky color. It looks much like the rusty color I have here, to the left hand side of this paragraph.  It caught my eye as an example because of the swirls of colors. The red is rage. The reddish orange is irritation.  The yellow is jealousy which could be what is used to provoke the anger. The brown is the hatred being felt at the time of the rage. And then the copper color represents the out of balance solar plexus which at the time, would be greatly imbalanced.  Rage can make this entity grow 3 sizes bigger than his natural size which in comparrison to our height and weight charts, he would be around 4’7. With his intake of rage from only one person, for only 5-10 minutes, he can become 12 foot in size..

He appears in a goblin appearance. This is not fantasy. This entity is very real. I have seen what he can do in the past, to others inflicted by the inner torment that he causes. But only recently did I encounter him directly as he had his hold on someone very close to me. I was able to release this spirit among others for now…and hopefully for good.

His legion is non-specified since he is as low as a slug, within the realms.  He is a bottom feeder, and will feed off of his victims until they are empty and at rock bottom themselves. This spirit is usually responsible for anger management issues, outrageous jealousy issues, homicidal maniacs, and abusers. For an example, a person who just because of their anger decides to torture some innocent little animal, would be someone greatly possessed by Ukobach. He is a masculine energy, and appears with strange energetic extensions at his feet including what looks to be other faces attached to his own spiritual body as a part of him. He wears a black cloak when he is seen, and usually will go totally unonoticed while he is there, unless someone picks up on his very disguisable  energy.

When channeled by dark magicians, he always asks for dragon tongue to be spoken due to the aggression that is needed when it is spoken. He will do favors like make someone jealous, stir up and arguement or instigate a domestic dispute for a break up or murder. He requires payment for these dark deeds which many who work with him do not realize. Many will give him incense in exchange, but silently he binds them to servicing their soul once they pass on. The jobs he gives to those whom sell out, will vary. Be sure to steer clear of this particualr spirit, or any spirit at all, as this is a serious situation that may be hard to cut loose from later on. He too though, has to answer to a superior in the hierarchy there, which would be  Zagan who is a president there, under the great deceiver.