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Weekly Reading October 9th 2018


Weekly Card for 10/9/2018

The Moon!

This is the strongest energy next to the “Sun” card. The two luminaries. this card is appearing this week due to the New Moon for one, and secondly, it is time to take the very first steps into your new life! Yes! Now you should have enough understanding of who you are and where you want to go.  In light of the recent negative energy that many experienced, you may still be feeling the after-effects of the crash. I saw many hit the bottom and withdraw, sort of scatter away for time to settle in. after alot of negativity hit them. Indeed, I know many lost friends, they lost finances, and bad luck settled in over a few months time towards end Summer. These energies were predicted in some of the “Messages” from spirit on here, and in http://www.spirituallyawkward.com in regards to negativity. The losses, and hardships brought rejuventation and showed us that some things were not really real and through that it hurt, but we needed to see what was reality versus pretend. Like pretend friends, dreams that may not had come true etc. Now they are gone.What was familiar may have been comforting but it was not real. Somethings had to be given up. Illusions especially.

Now many are expected to step outside of the  door again and into a new place, perhaps with unknown destinations. But you have seen the worst and that measn that getting through it, you are strong and can encounter anything. Truthfully though, you may know who you want to be and where you want to go, but experience has taught you the hard way… and  that the road to self-realisation, success and your spiritual purpose is never straight. You now know from experience, that it is very easy to get lost along the way or be lured down wrong turns by those who claim to know the way or to have additional answers. So, now the Moon is trying to say, stand up and pursue the longings of your heart because the hard-work of re-building out of the ruins begins.  Before you can head onto the road into your new life, you must first experience the powerful yet unnerving energy of our darker luminary, the Moon. This will take you into the  deepest darkest areas of our subconscious. Unfortunately, that is where it begins. The realizations found there are liberating and helps you to not repeat mistakes or choices as you  did before, that would have only continued to hold you back. this is freedom.

This card says that when the dark energy happened, that many may not have felt it, many may have, but regardless either way, it is important to seek within now in order to move forward. You were on your own during a down time, for most of us…  and having to sort all this out for ourselves. People will always try to lead you astray and have ulterior motives.  They may even try to deceive you. It is a time to find your own way. You can always seek your higher self and guides for advice too, I offer indepth readings and I bring honesty with love too. As for others, they may not want you to get anywhere, or they may be miserable with their lives or have an agenda of their own. If that’s the case, they will watch you fall, and then disappear. This is a time for you to say to yourself that you    must face any fears, find good direction, forget about others who do not really care or show support, and build things on your own.     Also, at the time of the hardships and negativity, maybe your fears are all in your mind when it comes to life and pursuing success. Some doubt if they will make it and talk themselves out of trying. Face your subconscious, many hidden answers are there. Good luck and be positive, now is a time for healing and actually making it!