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Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael

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Azrael Is known in many places to be the angel of death. You can find this angel in art often depicted as the Grim Reaper. But who is it really? 

Let’s Look at how religions view him.

Religious Character

Angel Azrael is known as one of the Archangels dwelling in the third heaven in Christianity. He is one of  four  malakim spirits mentioned in Islam. If you go into the book of Quran you can read more about him there also where he is mentioned. However, you may also find that the archangel is mentioned as part of the Zenaniyah. Within the Jewish Talmud Azriel is listed as the angel of death who takes away the human soul through the underworld to their proper direction and destination. 

Some may go to heaven or enter into one of the nine circles of hell. This is according to the book “Dantes inferno”. The Jewish Talmud is not as detailed and talking about this as the book Dantes inferno. In fact Dante’s inferno had gone into great explicit detail about Dante’s journey through the nine circles of hell. In his story he was greeted by the angel Azrael upon entering the gates of hell.

But these are all religious tales told throughout different religions. Who is the archangel Azrael really? Does he really appear dressed draped in a black cloak with the face of a skeleton and huge wings of black? You could read any one of these stories and find great interest in them. 

Azrael is revered in Jewish communities and also an Islam as they rever him as the great angel of passing. He is known as the Malik Al-Mawatt or malakim who to those foundations is considered to be more of a messenger spirit. Azrael is actually a combination of a lot of these things and then none of those things at all. 

I decided to do this article on this angel because he is known as one of the destroyer angels. It being that just a few days ago the Passover in Israel began and in Jewish communities across the world, I thought it was appropriate to highlight this Angel here on the website. 

If you all remember I had done an article sometime ago on the angel Jeremiel. In the same article, I had mentioned him as one the four of the spirits that work in their duties for God under heaven by helping the people that have passed away. 

I myself, really have enjoyed reading a lot of the mythological stories throughout all of the world’s religions and spiritual beliefs throughout my time. When describing the underworld, there are so many tales, ones such as that of the ferryman. 

The ferryman is a spirit of a man on a boat that will cross souls over into the underworld to visit Hades, in Greek mythology. 

 In all scriptures, they all describe basically a similar concept of the afterlife. Comparing them all, I can tell you that they all believe in the same being.  Archangel Jeremiel is closely associated with Azrael and is also mentioned in Christianity. This means that most of the angels are found in other books and are also referenced when looking at things like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Quran only in different ways. 

The Quran however references these beings with some of the same names, whereas Hinduism calls them something completely different.

There are many angels that all play an active role in the heavenly hierarchy. There are many levels to the heavens and as I always say, as above is so below, and then… The “inbetween”. Many cultures spoke of the middle areas of spirit in regarding the heavens such as Midghard. Hell is not in the ground underneath of you or in a lower dimension. The second dimension would be only a world of flat beings who had no space to move about in, while the third dimension holds the keys to mobility within a 3D area. Even in Hinduism they speak of the mental planes of consciousness that are just above here. And that is because the spirit itself is not flat two dimensional or third dimensional in shape. When in a physical body, It is a 3-D holographic image with physicality added to it here on earth. Outside of the body, the spirit floats and streams between the spaces of time and space. 

In Tanakh, this place is called Shemayim. This is where they say that the angels move to and from the heavens in between the different levels of the seven grand planes of consciousness. In Judaism though, they believe that this is the throne of God, when in fact the third heaven is not. It is only a lower paradise-like place where souls go for rest if they are not trapped in purgatory, limbo or going through some form of their own punishment. Souls will stay here to prepare for their next lifetime to work through car mix situations. For others, they may dwell here for rest before going upward into higher plains for their heavenly stay. They get to meet and greet with souls that they will say their final goodbyes to in their spiritual journey.

Azrael  is one of the angels that greets the soul after it leaves the human body to pass on into the spiritual world.  And no, he is not dressed in black with a skeleton face. This idea was introduced in the middle ages during the black plague. It was said that some of the clothing of the plague masters had been seen by some that were nearly half dead by the plague but for those that recovered and it having been a blur, they remembered being greeted by such a being confusing the plague master with some extra terrestrial beings. This idea was changed throughout time and introduced into horror movies and even into some of the costumes and decorations for Halloween. It is truly gruesome to think that at death you would be greeted by such an entity.

Azrael’s Apearance

Actually, this entity is one that comes in the shadows, yes. He is very large in size and often wears a very long white robe and has very dark hair. The skeleton appearance could be referenced when describing his face as being gray, thin and with dark eyes but he does in fact appear to be very human-like. The only non-human feature that you would notice are his eyes because they are completely black without any white around the iris. This is also kind of terrifying if you think about it. Imagine a divine being from the underworld confronting you as you’re passing on, with black eyes? 

He also appears in the form of a woman to some. Because the male presence is more predominant amongst humans, it being that they were taught to respect the male form as being stronger and more courageous that women. He often chooses to appear as a male when needing to be more dominating in his leadership on the other side. He comes as a woman when the soul that he is ushering to the other side is sensitive.

 His appearance as a male in need to be stronger applies more to those that are sinners and do not want to face their life review. They certainly won’t listen to a kindly woman. For those that are gentle and meek, he will appear as a loving woman with very long wavy dark hair whose eyes do you have white around them but the iris is completely black where you cannot even see the pupil. She has a very pale skin color and appears very thin as well. There aren’t any wings when this entity is moving in his/her part of the spiritual world. We will call him a “he” for now and say that he doesn’t think that the wings are necessary except for in front of those that are terrible grotesque sinners. 

Seeing the appearance of a male with all black eyes and huge wings, can be terrifying enough. It gets the spirit of the deceased person moving,  for those that do make it to that part of the afterlife journey.

That’s right, not everybody makes it to that part of the afterlife journey. Some souls are so attached to worldly things and to the people that they had in their worldly lives, that they have difficulty in letting go. For others they were trapped in their own delusions, or often at times lost in general in their actions throughout their lives. These are the ones that don’t often want to face their life review and so upon death they flee and end up in what it’s called purgatory. 

What does any of this have to do with the Azrael or the passover? A lot.

 In the book of exodus when God was telling Moses that he was going to send a destroying angel over the land of Egypt, he was talking about angel Azrael. It was said in that scripture that the people who were believers of Jehovah were to mark their doorposts with the blood of an innocent lamb in order to safeguard themselves and their families within the home, as the destroying angel passed over Egypt. For those that didn’t, God said that there would be a cry out in the land of Egypt, one as such which had never been heard before. What he meant was, the first born sons all throughout the land of Egypt would be killed in those moments. This included other Hebrews (early Jewish people)  if they hadn’t put the lamb’s blood on the post of their doors. You can find this in the book of Exodus chapter 12. 

When I was a little girl I remember reading the Bible and I absolutely loved reading the book of Exodus. Actually, the book of exodus was my all-time favorite book up until my teenage years. There is a lot of symbolism found in the Pentateuch, the first five Books of Moses. 

Therefore, Azrael has been doing his work by command throughout time by taking souls straight from the body of those that God had commanded it. This often included doing it on a mass level. During the time that the 10 plagues had hit Egypt, the loss of the firstborn children in the land had been quite a devastation.

Azrael, The Real Truth

This Archangel definitely works in the spiritual world in between physicality and heaven. Many of the spiritual beings there are not I have a good nature and majority of them are actually human souls that have become corrupt over time that they could not return neither to heaven nor to a body. This type of punishment kept them within that spiritual in between space. It is ruled by those that have become fallen. As a result, they do the work of those that originally came from heaven and fell. There is a lot of misconception in regards to fallen angels. Many seem to believe that angels from heaven can become completely corrupt and have, thus giving them the title of being a fall in one. However, the word fallen could apply in a technical term just to say that they have lowered their vibration or fall in from their heavenly residence to be here. Angels of that nature are neutral. In a way you could say that Azrael falls into that category.

Being a former arc angel above in the higher plains, he did lower his vibration significantly to take a position in a lower dimensional frequency so as to perform his duties for the heavens. There are others at work with him such as I mentioned above, like Jeremiel. he is 100% still loyal to the most high end to all of his divine family in the higher planes. He is merely only taking on this mission for the most high because, there is a need for souls to be guided and directed very precisely. Some have the ability to change, while others do not. The souls that are ready to leave the body often float beyond the body and don’t know how to drive themselves into the spiritual plains so to speak. A lot of times they end up getting lost or joining with another collective group of souls who have also gotten lost there. For those that are most definitely meant to be recycled back into the third dimension for another lifetime, then it is important that somewhere there is someone who can guide them. There are many times that there won’t be a chance to guide them if they flee from anyone that they meet on the other side though. People often get very fearful at the fact that they are dead when they finally realize that they are. Spirits that are there to take them where they’re supposed to go, are often eluded by the deceased because they have great uncertainty as to what’s going to happen to them because of mistakes that they made in their lives.

Azrael and Jeremiel are both stationed there in order to help guide souls where they need to go so that this can happen less frequently. But Azrael has a more important job than just that. He serves as the final judge as to where the person is going to go, for those that he and Jeremiel do you end up guiding toward their life review. He allows the soul to review their life as heaven had seen it. The person doesn’t get to see it through their own eyes. They have to see it as an outsider looking in so that they can really see the magnitude of their actions. Once they are able to see what they need, that persons own soul will make a decision on what they feel should happen to them at that point, or what they would like to do. Azrael then looks at this and decides whether the person is truly sincere about wanting another chance or if they are just wanting to make things right out of fear of the punishment that they have created for themselves on the other side. 

That “punishment” usually either lands them lost in that spiritual world joining with other deceased souls who have an awareness that they are there and become a part of that spiritual kingdom so to speak. This leads them to eventually become so corrupt that they interfere with human lives, create conflicts, absorb energy off of living beings because they cannot access the heavenly light, and more. Or, they end up joining with another collective group of souls who can’t let go of certain things from their previous lifetime. All together they bring all of that into one or both consciousness made up by one another, and project into it so as to still live in a realm of their own which consists of their fears, their repetitive mistakes, and people that they have wronged. 

This angel is the one that will ultimately decide whether the person will go through any of that or if they are truly sincere and their desire to want to try again to do things right out of true remorse.

He is also responsible for collecting those who were supposed to pass on by their souls contract but have lived beyond that date. Yes, souls that come to earth often have an idea of how long they would like to live in each lifetime. Life throws you so many loops and turns that sometimes you die too early or you go on for far too long. In either case, he comes to get those souls during those times so that they don’t disturb the journey of their spirit here on earth by missing out on their next opportunity to be reborn, or that their presence is not a part of the story of the souls around them anymore that it could potentially disturb it or hold them all back in someway.


another huge job that he takes on is when he is given an order from the heavens to do a pass over. A pass over isn’t just some thing that happened one time in the land of Egypt so long ago. No. It actually happens many times more so than you think. For example, right now we have a war going on in Ukraine. With all of the people being killed in mass numbers, this angel is responsible for coming through and trying to collect them all as they die close to or around the same time. He does this at hospitals at times and most certainly during times of mass death whether it is caused by viruses, large accidents, or casualties of war.

There are bigger pass overs though, like the one mentioned in the Bible and is celebrated every year by those in Judaism and Christianity alike. This was symbolic to them because it represented a time where their people were freed as slaves from the cruel and harsh world of ancient Egypt and its ironfisted pharaoh. That day is no longer significant today though. It represented something on a much larger scale and it wasn’t just on one day either. It’s happening again and it will continue to, until the new way is set up according to humans, and then again when they completely fail constructing a newer system in society  without faith or the belief of God. During those times there are many events that cause death in large numbers. That is why he is called one of the destroying angels. It is such great devastation and destruction, when innocent people die in large numbers. He passes over and collects those souls since they chose to be a part of that specific time.


Manny know him to be the angel of death, change, and metamorphosis. If you believe him to correspond with those things, then you are correct that way at least. He does represent death or a.k.a. “an end” of certain matters and situations. Usually when those things happen, great metamorphosis can take place. However whether it is a good change or a bad one, that is usually left up to what’s going on at the time to decide. Either way, this angel represents when things should be concluded, in many matters. This could even apply to a habit that you have in your own life, that you are trying to quit. Once you stop and become anew, that is a smaller representation of what this angel is all about.

He greatly corresponds with seeds rather than the actual plants or trees. He also associates himself with plants and trees that are dying. There are other spiritual beings that correspond with those things as well too, but he is at the head of that hierarchy. He also corresponds with spiritual enlightenment because in order for a person to finally become truly enlightened, they will have to die to the person that they used to be figuratively. After that, they are reborn into the new spiritual being that they become. In reality, most have always been the spiritual being that they come to know later on in their spiritual enlightenment. It’s just that the human nature shrouded it and kept it hidden away. Therefore this angel also represents the uncovering of something greatly needing to be discovered in order for development.

His number is shared but if you see the number 11 then you’ll know that it’s either him or another spiritual being that connects with that number as well too. Because angels work in myriads and groups, they basically all can be considered the same name because they work together as a group but in the name of one. 

It’s sort of like how I often get my daughter to help me with my work. Everyone knows that I am Alura but many times my daughter will go on to speak on my behalf if I am incredibly busy, or answer back messages for me when I don’t have the time. She doesn’t usually state when it is her or not, because she is working as me in my name. She is connected well enough, that she can do that. This is how it also works in regards to having a legion. This particular angel definitely has a very large one, all of them working in his name. This is why you may find that there are angelic beings in other spirits that often share similar correspondences. They somehow connect.

This angel especially loves the smell of rain. For a lot of other divine beings, they will connect with a particular incense or herb for their correspondence. This angel though, feels best when there is the smell of a freshly fallen rain. I believe that there are actual incense cones that try to replicate that smell. If not, leaving your windows open right after a fresh rain, can help attract him toward your home if you are wanting to work with him for the greater metamorphosis that you need in your spiritual journey.

A lot of times he won’t even notice that he’s there because they’re usually not a sign of his presence until he appears. It’s very rare for him to appear though. 

Since this angel is always somehow involved in collecting the souls of those who have died in mass numbers, this is why he is greatly associated with the pass over. That is exactly what the Passover is all about in a sense. However he has a great job to do on the other side and is greatly respected there by other beings that know of his presence and his role in the afterlife. He is very wise and when helping his soul to judge itself, he often is sure to point out certain things that they themselves probably would not have seen. I do this all of the time when I read the subconscious areas of a person’s spirit. He does the same but on a far bigger scale. Because of this, he is able to really know how to assist that soul when they are fresh out of their life review. He is an angel of distraction as well because if he is ordered two, he could be the cause of those mass deaths. If there is a need to take a group of souls away from this life whether due to suffering or some kind of injustice. He is always there to guide the way. There are so many other things that associate with the afterlife process, but will cover that some other time. For now take some time out to show honor and respect to this angel who is hard at work in making sure that the souls that are affected by death in great numbers every day, or take into their proper place. What an amazing job to do.

Sometime in the distant past this angel had lived in heaven and worked very closely with Archangel Michael. However he has a totally different sole parent than Michael does because Michael had been created by the most high and his female counterpart. This angel had worked very very closely with those that are in the close in his inner circle of the most high, and taking care of many different tasks throughout the universe. In time, when earth became a new idea for a place of creation and exploration, he decided that he wanted to watch over earth and learn from it just in an observational way. Others wanted to live on earth to experience their own creation. Azrael Felt that it would be wise to just watch for a while in order to see how things would go. It was such better judgment on his part, that he did that. Watching over earth and how the humans behaved and interfered with the feats of one another, he felt as though living on earth as a person would be a terrible mistake. But he had learned a lot about the way that they think and the way that their minds work. He learned a lot about sin and temptation as well too. Because of his observational knowledge that he had accumulated, he was placed as the judge in the afterlife, because he would be fair and making his decisions for those in the higher plane since they could not be there too greet the humans in the afterlife themselves. This really helped the process of death and rebirth a great deal. Many came to know him throughout other religions but only in their own name. No matter what name they called him, he earned a great respect amongst the living too. There were quite a few cultures that actually worshiped him and planned festivities ahead of time before their death, to honor him. They did so because they wanted to show him that kind of honor and respect in hopes that he would give them a positive after life experience.

At another time in the future, I will come back to the subject and elaborate more. As I said he also has a feminine side which is quite interesting. In the meantime, I hope that you’ve learned a lot about this angel and that you enjoyed reading. I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking interest and that you take the time out to explore many of the other angelic beings that I have on this website. I have worked with so many of them in my human life and also knew them prior to coming to earth. This gives me a great deal of knowledge to see them from two different angles. I am also one of them and so this shows me so much more about not only what it’s like to be a human, but what it’s like for the divine to interact with humans every day. It is truly difficult but rewarding when you finally do help someone. The heavens are indeed great. I think this angel also for giving me time to sit down and write this about him. It’s so important to be able to help others get to know the heavenly hierarchy above them because many are very much aware. Knowing about them and trying to live your life as clean as you can, can really make a strong bond and connection.

Take care of yourselves and one another