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What is a Starseed?

Divine blessings! In light of all “messenger” soul types, Angels are a species of their own. However, mankind has never had a true name of their race and called them Angelos, which in lamen’s terms simply means “messenger”. Throughout time, many races have come to interact here on Earth.  Gods, Demi-Gods,  races from other planets, and light beings from other realities. A star being, is a being who comes from another reality. Since they come from all over the Universe and many do not know their true origins, or who they are….the term star being applied to all of them. Just like the Gods, and demi-gods were all called “angelos” or “messengers”.  Many though, did not know the difference between any of them, and some how, they all fell into the one category of messenger instead. Until now….

The 2012 new age propaganda paved the way for new understanding. However, it is a double edged sword, because this world only reveals what it wants to, according the powers ruling here. They control the evolution of consciousness, and mankind…  They give a little, and conceal the rest. Until another cycle. Entering into the Age of Aquarius, all that has been released works with what is to be adapted to, and all will have to wait until the next age after, to get to the next level if they continue at this rate. Nevertheless, starseeds were a term that deemed any souls with a fixed star astrologically, as a soul from that system. But how can astrology determine a soul’s origin, if their birthdate changes in every experience? How can one date in one lifetiem, determine the infinite soul, and its beginning. Especially when some realities out there, do not even have the concept of tiem, depending on their density? Starseeds in truth, are not just a mark on an astrological chart.  Starseeds are much more. All who are living, have a source of light that come from, as it is said that man is made in the image of God. Obviously, light is infinitely expanded in the Universe. My famous quote is “Light is energy, energy is consciousness, consciousness is intelligence, and intelligence is spirit.” All light is intelligence, so that makes it spirit, but some of it is aware of itself, and some is not. That is called, sentient, versus non-sentient. yes, all of mankind is made in the image of God, but isn’t everything? God is light. a massive brilliant all knowing intelligence. And the first things said here in creation was, “let there be light”, and then everything else was created day by day. the point is, everyone and everything is made of light, as I teach in The Church of I.M. All originate from light, whether light of this planet’s design, or others. And that brings us to what a starseed is.

A starseed is, any soul or intelligence, who was created in the design of another reality beyond here, or for that reality. In doing so, they take on the characteristic traits of that reality, like souls do here on Earth.  After being on earth for awhile, a soul adopts a 3D perspective and during that process, the 3D influences provoke temptations, influences, habits of this world in which mistaskes are made. that creates karma. A starseed still holds the traits of where they come from, but those traits are dormant until awakening and then unparallel wisdom of their origin starts to come through. But, 3D is a lower vibration than alot of other realities. Therefore, only a fraction of their soul is being used in this experience.  that is why they are called a starseed. Many of those realities are enormous in consciousness and wisdom. With that, a starseed, is but a seed of that consciosness from another star, planet out there in the stars or another reality, There are many who come to Earth, to take on a physical experience. In this, some are new here, and some are ancient here. Some, have been born here, and some are here in another form visiting. In my ability to channel, psychic abilities, and access tot he akashic records not only Earthly, but Universally too…I have come across many realities and many types of souls from all over the Universe. In this section of this site, I cover many of the races that I have come to know, while still not all of them.  There is a vast infinite Universe out there. In it, man planets and sources of consiousness. They all have different levels of it in each dimensional plane within each reality too.  I am only scratching the surface of my knowledge here, but its a start. Much of the content that you find here, is from a blog that I had long ago. Now, all of this information can be found here in one place, with information dedicated to all messengers…no matter where they came from… Enjoy!