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White Tara’s Message

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Art by Mugwort

In Buddhism, they have their own version of angels, virtues, etc.  White Tara is the representation of the virtue class of heavens messages, for taking your dreams and making them real. This consciousness leads those who are dreamers, towards not just dreaming anymore. But instead, to make them into a real life order.

Her message is not one that is gentle, but it is full of love. In my channeling with her last night, she gave me wonderful inspiration for everyone to use and take hold of. Let’s hear this message, and then we all know who she is.

” I am Shining loving rays, showering the beautiful Earth with power. I create a path with the stars, for all to walk on if they dare. It takes a brave soul to step on the fiery steppingstones of fate.  That is because it takes great change. It is required for one to actually achieve anything that their heart longs for. How can any being walk a new path, to a new destiny, if they remain the same? Creating your dreams requires creating a new self. And that is in all aspects of your existence and entirety.”

Upon hearing this, it reminded me of how many guides, higherselves, and Angelic beings had said the same thing in for life purposes or fate, that countless clients of mine, needed advice in.  It’s absolutely true. You can not walk a new path, as your old self. Everything has to be reinvented. That takes a lot of work. New health, new outlook, new emotional reactions, and new personality.  If someone has a lot of unhealed emotions or situations in the past, it can come back to haunt them. All must be cleared away and renewed. 

The message is a clear one. Our divine messenger here, will provide the passion, and the inspiration, but it is up to the person to use it. You see, motivation and inspiration are two different things. Inspiration includes merely just having new ideas that you love. Motivation is actually getting up the energy to do them. 

Let this wisdom carry you into your future. It can turn you into a brand new person, with a path towards having all that you want in life, as well as a long life too. Longevity, completion, and success. That is the message of White Tara.