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Welcome to the complete glossary of starseeds! Have you ever wondered whether life or spirit existed beyond Earth? Here you can discover a large variety of celestial races, their worlds, and what they look like. There hasn’t been any other resource for this information ever before. Join Alura as she provides insight into her channelings and communications with beings scattered from all over the celestial kingdoms. Have you ever wondered if you could have come from some place beyond Earth too? Consciousness is energy and energy is light. Light is intelligence, and intelligence is spirit. It exists everywhere.
Now you can learn about other forms of consciousness out there that are living in experiences of their own. Find detailed descriptions of their worlds, and of the different races here! Souls come from all over the Universe as the light of the Creator is infinite and omnipresent. It is said that there are many rooms in the mansion of God. The mansion is the Universe itself, and the many rooms are made up of the many worlds.

Much of this information is found originally at Starseed Children where Alura was the first to provide this info before anyone else to this caliber. as a result, many have gone on the search for the truth about their own soul. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. These facts certainly are! The truth will amaze you! So many have replicated Alura’s work, but if you refer back to the original blogs it will prove her originality and expertise.

Starseed Race: The Garnetians

Soul type, Starseed, Garnetions, Spiritual Meaning, Realm, Ocean

Starseed Race: Canes Venatici In my exploration of the spiritual plains, realms and falls in realities that are beyond this one, I have come to discover so many races of beings, that […]

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