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Angel Kokabiel

Angel Kokabiel is an angel during the first rebellion. He was under the main command of Samjaza, but as an Archangel himself, he had his own legion. His legion consisted of 2000 angels on it’s own. Angel Kokabiel is responsible for magic, in comparison to Uriel’s balanced magic, Kokabiel taught humans how to perform ceremonial magic that included human and infant sacrifice. Known as “The stars of God” he is a being who delivered the map of the stars to Sumeria.

Photo by Angelarium:


The photo above is not my own, but a pretty close recreation of Kokabiel’s natural appearance in the Celestial world. He appears in the form of a man, and this is why they say how spirits can be extremely good at being tricksters. I had a client who had a connection to Kokabiel. Yes, I have met souls here in human form who have connections to the fallen ones. Kokabiel tried to trick me.. He appeared as a handsome man, until I saw his blueprint which can not be hidden from another angelic soul. In this he transformed into his true appearance like the photo above. He is not of anyone’s command now.  He in fact, for his loyalty when the angels were caught for their rebellious ways, was given his own place at the council so to speak as an Archonic ruler.kokabiel


After years of corrupting human souls with temptations, mistakes, and distractions of the flesh and material world, he transformed many souls of light into souls of negative vibration, all of who became evil spirits themselves. Now he rules and commands over 400,000 spirits under his reign.  He is in charge of the ritualistic magic here. But what he is mainly responsible for was joining with his twin brother, Baraqel, and they taught astrology together. This astrology was fitting for the new shift, not of the original astrological coordinates in early earth life. Once the fallen ones descended, they gave humans knowledge that pertained to what their agenda and plans would produce. This way, when all things in their plan came about, the humans would be trained. There was another calender, and astrological truth before this. It dates back around the age of Lemuria’s days of glories. I have heard of many who have said to channel Kokabiel. Everyone has choices, and it is their choice to do so, but to present Kokabiel as an angel who is of good, is a terrible deceit. Kokabiel always takes something in return for his aid. Energy, or even to create drama in one;s life down the line, into the future. It can take place so later on into the future, that the person may not put the two together in saying “This is a result of channeling Kokabiel”. So, it is dismissed, and the disguise continues.

In comparison:

Kokabiel can be likened to,Astraeus in Greek mythology, Aurvandil in Norse,  and Tezcatlipoca to the Aztecs. Some have said Kokabiel is actually woman.. This is however the person channeling wishes to invoke, as most angels are neither male nor female, but some have a prefered gender to appear.

Wisdom: Kokabiel’s wisdom is attributed to Astrology teachings passed down from Ancient Sumeria. Baraqul, has his own attributes as Kokabiel’s twin, as they are cut of the same cloth, but went on to master their own energies.

Kokabiel  promoted the teachings that man has used for eons, on Earth, in how the celestial host affects humans connected to Earth under the star energies above. He started the quote “As above, is so below”, as true as it is, as the rulers try to make their former home of heaven, here on Earth, it is also true in the sense that what is above affects below.


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