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Angelic Herald: Trumpet Blast #1

I receive visions and prophecies each day. But, I also use my gift to help other people with channeling sessions and visions that pertain to them personally too. It’s a lot. However, while I am always in contact with the heavens I don’t post every little piece of information that I receive from above, in the blogs. I usually save the longer angelic messages that I get in my personal communication with the heavens, for publication. I do share some of my random revelations with my family though. Upon mentioning this in a life coaching session yesterday to one of my clients, it made me think about how cool it would be to actually have some of you here with me to have a chance to hear more and witness more. But since many can’t be here, I thought maybe it’s time to share a little more information then, online. Also, I often don’t keep track of every vision and revelation that I have, unless I am told to by those above. Therefore, Ill start documenting some here. I’m doing this to keep people informed but for myself, as a diary of random predictions that I felt compelled to share. It definitely will not include all of them as there are just far too many in the day, but it is a start.

I’m going to call them a “Trumpet Blast”. I will number the trumpet blasts for each blog entry so that the prophecy can be easily referenced.

4;01 a.m Eastern USA time

The trumpet sounded off…

Archangel Raphael came forward

“The south, the south, woe to the south. The foundations of dwellings will be destroyed, and the invisible enemy will swarm”.

That’s a huge piece of information in such little words.