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Angel Kutiel

Divine blessing everyone,I am grateful to have you here reading this. I hope that the site has brought you a lot of angelic insight so far, and much more to come. Spiritually, I have already noticed a few who have grown from the information, and that is my only hope..

angelkutielcopyrightaluraceinI choose Kutiel today because last night she came to me. As I lay in bed at the hotel room in my travels, weddings, and bridal showers to do, in New Jersey. How wonderful, to be a minister and perform the actual wedding myself, and to do the psychic readings before the ceremony, to ensure the marriage is a destined match.. I had left early yesterday, and when I finally got a chance to rest from going from home to home, for the preparation of a young fan of mine’s wedding and celebration, I was not tired, as I am never tired, but I was missing home, the kids, my parents, and my own personal space at home, where my tools are.

I laid, staring up at the ceiling, and as I normally do, I started going into trance, trying to communicate with the Creator, to ask for blessings for the couple I saw that morning. A marriage to last forever, prosperity, harmony, the Creator would deliver those to them, for me. It was after communicating with the creator, that I started seeing a rainbow glow coming down out of the ceiling above me. It was a burst of light with rainbow colors pulsating out of it. I asked, “who comes forth to communicate”? I received no answer.. I inspected the energy’s code, and afterwards asked: “Sa Covetina, is that you”? Then, the being started to manifest.

In the air above me, Coventina, or Kutiel as known on Earth, an angel from the 5th heaven appeared. She is unusual looking to those who do not know her, or her race. Her race appears as a species of Sting ray type beings, who are called “Nachamim”.  Pronounced as (Nac-hem-im), with a phlegmy vocal in the throat when saying the “hem”. You will not find this anywhere. There is limited information out there, and they do not want you to have all of the truth. There are many jobs, ranks,and species in the heavens. A “nachamim” is an angel who comforts. Her only wings, her wide fins to the sides, and a long tail and a pointy rod at the end. I always used to make fun of her, jokingly, when I was home in spirit, and would tell her that she looked like a spade LOL.  She is transparent, and in this transparency, you can see the rainbow light, energetically traveling through her form. It is truly beautiful, the luminescence of this being. You know me, always trying to make some visionary art, to show you what I see, and the only being I can even begin to compare a Nachamim to, is the alien out of the movie “Abyss”. With difference,s it is the closest similarity we are going to get here. But, you and I both know, with the Illuminated ones, ruling the earth, they also run Hollywood. And they always have some kind of truth in movies, only people do not know what it is at first. I see many things that are from the spiritual worlds in movies, a lot.. This depiction is pretty close, except she is energy for one, and there are lights trailing all through that white light, of pastel rainbow rays. Her eyes are bug like that, but violet, and there is a opalescence to her white light from the pastels radiating through out it as they flow. The photo below has a lavender color, and that is not what I saw. It was all white. They are magnificent to watch in heaven as the float and glide through their atmosphere, almost swimming and flying at the same time, through our plasmic, quantum realms.

She floated over head, looking down at me in awe, of this kin of mine here. I started to get emotional and could not hope but sob. My tears ran to the sides of my eyes, down the temples and into my hair, as I lay there on my back, missing home. “Alariel, do not fret my sister, you will be home soon. It may seem a long time while you are there, but to us, it is only like tomorrow.” I choke back on my words, Birdy’s Skinny Love, song playing in the background. “I miss The Creator, I do not like it here, and people are cruel, without a real sense of love, and my heart is sad”. “You are doing a good job, be glad of it, and stay strong”.. Her long thin arms reach down, and with her long lanky index finger and bulbish finger tip, she wiped away my tears. “I have a message for the people on this Earth, who still care”…. The song changes as I had her album on, Birdy,“Not About Angels” plays next. How perfect…

Kutiel is an angel of water. Not an arch, she has not her own legion, but is a part of one. Many in this force, but it is a force of sentiment, love, and whispers of the angels, of peace, tranquility. A peace like the animals feel, with silence, and unspoken emotion, and contentment. The world slow, and  and infinite. Existing in awareness, but of togetherness, and true love. Kutiel brought that feeling for me, in those moments. She is a kind, loving, benevolent being. A messenger for her kind, but also a Virtue. She told me, that she had many messages to deliver, but only one to this world that day… I was honored. She gave me such comfort in missing our home. Her virtue is full of compassion, and restoration of the mind set. In a world of chaos, and a mind of racing thoughts, she would make that all go away. She is the messenger of God’s pure divine parental care. Even though I had only just spoke to the Creator, I still miss being home so much, that communication from here to there, is not enough sometimes. But as a servant, I can not be selfish… I must complete my mission. I had much to ask Kutiel myself. I had channeled answers so much for others, now I wanted a message for myself.

download.jpgKutiel exists in the Summerlands. This is a Wiccan and Theosophist term, but I use it to help other know what I am speaking of. However, my truth on the subject, may be a bit different. It is beautiful paradise in the realms, where souls who have passed go.. Ones that are still pure within, and innocent. Ones who did not want to do any harm, or make mistakes, and no matter if they did or not, their heart was still pure and loyal. So, they go the Summerlands. Beautiful Kutiel does not live there, only watches, and delivers her messages when told. Her true home is in the Magnetosphere of earth. One of many angels there.. She is always aware of the souls on earth who are longing for the love of their Creator, to make it better, being here and all. There is not much information out there on Kutiel. As always just the same old repeated stuff. So let me reveal her truth.


Kutiel is a part of Sandalphon and Metatron’s family, and is angel who works with the rainbow rays, but also with each ray individually. This is why she has been confused so many times, for other angels. She works with the vibration of  15. 15 speaks of nurturing, loving family, and being supportive. Leading each other in times of need. It is a vibration of leadership, without trying to be the leader, but instead looking for a way to help in the best way that one can, without exception. This angel has made appearances in history,  although not many of them are documented, she is mentioned as Coventina. Like I have told you many times before in my writings and videos, I am a descendant of the Tuatha De Danaan. This is a race of beings, who were known as Gods and Goddesses, but in truth were angelic beings who took over the domain of the Celtic people. The red haired race. Nephilim who migrated after the people of their heritage had turned against them because of the new dark agenda of the archons. They are spiritual beings, who ruled over their portion of earth, but when the fallen ones took over, they wanted no part of it. They left, and made their own home in another part of the world. In the spiritual realms above Ireland. Kutiel is one of them.

As a messenger and virtue, she worked with people many times, but there she was known as Coventina, the Goddess of water. The name Kutiel is actually a derogatory word used to insult her by the archons, whose teachings are ruling the world now. See? Many calling her Kutiel are actually insulting her, but do not know any better, because they accept surface knowledge.  She does appear in the form of a woman, with Pale blue hair and skin. Her eyes still violet, look amazing against the blue tones of her imagery.  This is because we, myself and ancient ancestors, who have seen her have always seen her against the backdrop of the blue sky, and made of transparent energy you see the blue sky through her. Her eyes though, are what stand out. I have this obsession with violet eyes now…

Much of what you know is a lie, but I say this all of the time… Kut, is a word describing a vagina, and is sometimes used for a slang word meaning Numb Nuts. LOL. Terrible.. But its true. Even the word Kuti in Hindu language means “Bitch”.  Iel, or el, at the end of the name, means “of God”. So putting it together, you get, “The bitch, Vagina, or Numb Nuts of God”. Purely disgusting. Like the way that took dog and flipped it backwards to insult the Creator too. It is a terrible thing what they do, the archons. They hate what is pure, innocent, and true. If you knew how much, you would be fearful for your life. They despise anyone trying to connect with the Creator or true angels above. This is why they masquerade in their light, acting as the good angels, to divert people’s attention from actually reaching the pure angels. If some one think they are going to try to channel the angels, and not reach an archon first, they are wrong.  I have the habit of calling the Creator “God”, shame on me, but s a habit from being brought up in this world. I try, and having the real name of the Creator, I call our parent in heaven, this energy of love, by it’s true name instead.  So, with the truth out there, (poor angel), let’s call her by the better earthly name known here on this planet, Coventina.

An angel of water, she stills the emotions, but can at times have a temper but only when it comes to defending the Creator, and others who are good, and righteous. She is easily upset injustice towards the people who still believe and love. Having Metatron and Sandalphon in her lineage, by the parent of light that is, they are not her authorities. In a way yes, but more of her parental units, it is Archangel Gabriel who looks after her missions. Coventina has a connection to the moon too, as well as lakes, and ponds, waterfalls, and any body of water really, even the water with you.  Since she is of a particular species of angels, she rules over mermaids, and fish.. Any mermaid soul could work well with her too. The emotions come in many vibrations, so the rainbow ray applies perfectly.

She works with the stones  Larimar. I had suggested one to my best friend not that long ago. She bought me a piece (but forgot to send it, knowing you are reading this Mariel, send me my crystal please LOL). I am excited to have some. I had a piece a while ago, and still have some smaller pieces, but this stone is wonderful for empaths, and those who are super sensitive emotionally. She is also working with Stitchite. download (1).jpg

Home in the heavens, since there are many, is a wonderful journey. This angel travels between them all, but in her actual home she has a beautiful view. It is showing the beautiful home of our higher authorities and the actual planes of the  higher angels, and their beautiful world. What you see, is not what they see. They have their own worlds. Interacting with one another on their scale of existence, they have a society, a world, and laws, different form earth.  She is very beautiful to look at and to know. While many do not understand angels in the truth, they think angels look like humans with bird wings, and do not realize that they are not of this world. Every species and race looks different.

Feel this angel here with you as her message comes in:

“Beautiful beloved kindred spirit, I come with a message of hope, and encouragement. Do not fret over the condition of the world. It will one day be over, and the future generations who will live to that day in age, will see a cosmic cataclysmic union, and this will restart it all, but a new race, new stars, and new beings. The negativity will be removed, and the new planets will have no ego layer. It will be full of creatures, made from all of your imaginations. Your hopes and goals that you had while here, will be real there. It is a wonderful thought. Since you may not be here to see it, know that your suffering was not in vain. You will go home, wherever that home is. And it is there that you will fly, even if not an angel, you will still feel heaven around you, and the old things will be a thing of the akashic history. not forgotten but remembered as a lesson that will keep any being from ever making the same mistakes again. Stay strong until then.. Learn all that you can, clear out you karma, and negative attachments. Try to be the kindest, most loving being that you can be, while still here. It will not be unrewarded. Try to start over new while having the chance, so that you do not miss out on the new heaven for your kind.. I send the Creator’s love, as it is always coming in abundantly.”

I am thankful for her reassurance for the people of this world, who are still seeking the truth and the Creator. Take her advice. Clear away old energies, and start over, no matter where you are at in life, there is always another chance. Start building your life into one that is righteous and pure so that you can make your inner self come to the outside, showing your love, truth, and innocence in every way, finding happiness. It all starts there, the journey home..

Thanks for reading! Please re-share if you can. It helps…Many loving heavenly hugs to you all on this beautiful day, no matter the day that you are reading this, I hope it found you in peace, love, and prosperity.


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