The Banshee is also called the Bean Sidhe in my ancestral homeland of Celtic Ireland. These were featured in the MTV hit show, “Teen Wolf” in the character Lydia.

The Banshee is usually a female and one who wails when death is approaching. They can sense it long before it occurs, and usually their weeping and mourning comes from their premonition, because there will not usually be a death at that moment in time of the banshees cries, only long after later. Banshees usually have white, or silver long hair and a very pale complexion. The frightening thing is that they look ghostly already in that form but they can also show themselves as a headless woman who is naked from the waist up.

Many have claimed to see them days before losing a loved one, form the corner of their eyes. I once had a pillar candle that melted into the shape of a banshee, right before my cat died. It is not only humans in which they forewarn about oncoming death. They will let you know when there is any death approaching, pets, loved ones, and even your own… They can be born into a human life but only rarely and they are usually women who spend time alone, are always there when a relative dies, and are sensitive at detecting when a loved one will die.