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Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel, she is actually a Dominion angel in this galaxy working under Michael, the Principality. Gabriel is a feminine energy, even though they have her listed time and time again as masculine. She does have a blend of both energies in her wisdom.Not by gender, but instead by perspective. She has logic (male) and she has intuitive (female).  Her name means, God is my strength. This is because while she is in charge of planetary and star domains, she is also in charge of strength being delivered in change. That is the virtue she has dominion over too. Her angelic ray is white, but in her strength she can transmute  her energy into any ray of light for ascension, rebirth into a new level, and a new thinking. She also is an angel of truth, mysteries, and change.


Her number is 4. This is associated with  the energies of practicality, organization and exactitude. It is being a service to others while being patient. It is having devotion, dignity, trust, worthiness, endurance,and loyalty.  It surrounds mastery,  and building solid foundations, determination, production and hard work.  Number 4 also relates to high morals, traditional values, honesty and integrity, inner-wisdom, security, self-control, and loyalty.A number of conscientiousness, reality and realistic values, stability and ability. It is all about awareness and seeing self in this journey.  Number 4 vibrates with the attributes of progress, management, justice, seriousness, discipline, system and order, maintenance, constructiveness, dependability, conviction, passion and drive. It is the realization of power,  and the ability to use practical thinking. It helps one to prepare for renewal, and instinctual knowledge.  Definitely, a number of Archangel Gabriel. The vibration of many things needed for transcendence. To achieve that, one must master the world around them. Their reality. If you see 4, or repetitive 4’s, through out the day, you will come to find her message behind it.


Archangel Gabriel works in the first heaven. She is stationed among the many eyed hosts of the angels who are led by her, and any of the other commanders there. She is ruling over the Moon, and other places in the stars. Sirius is also one of her fixed stars. Archangel Gabriel is more herself like a messenger and deity. She is dominion in charge not only of the lunar energies, but over transformation, leading to growth. She only assists in transformation, if the person is ready in their soul contract, to make the changes, because those changes will be so profound, they always lead to life altering change. Her intelligence is the Malka Betarshism. Powerful, beautiful, and holy. Gabriel is more than a messenger. She is the High Priestess.

In comparison:

As a dominion, this gives her rulership, and she has been revered here on earth as a deity. Archangel Gabriel, has been  likened to male or female in many beliefs, Selene, Hecate, Mother Crone, Egyptian Hathor, Arianrhod, Chandra,  and many more. Since she represents both sides of wisdom, this is why she is likened to a male or female. Hathor is Isis negative counterpart, as Gabriel is also represented by Isis. Gabriel rules the Moon but also the star Sirius, which Isis also was associated with. Waxing is Gabriel’s positive energy and waning is her negative..


Archangel Gabriel’s colors are white, and also black. She also represents the void, which the mind needs in order to fill it with white light..She backs up all of the other rays too as her white light transmutes into all rays, so a lot of times, when another angel is being called, Gabriel will also be there with there.


Gabriel rules over 200 angels in her legion. All deliver for her, the messages of change and transformation, or wisdom in duality.


Animal– Dog, white peacock, and owl.

Flowers: Any white flower is of Gabriel’s rule.

Color: White, with ultra violet in the edges, Silver

Element: Water

Since Gabriel is the angel of the Lunar energies, it is mainly upon the waxing moon that she is powerful. During the waning phases, her energy is not the strongest. Her day is Monday, but she is open for any except Saturday.

Stones: Gabriel uses Quartz, Diamond, Silver, Apophyllite, Selenite, and Moonstone.

Archangel Gabriel Message

“I AM, the Archangel Gabriel. Flowing forth of the White Colored Light Ray. I hold the Earth’s precious stone Selenite dear to my heart, as I use it to put my energy into the Earth for you all, to use it when you need me. It holds my great energy, and messages to all of you. My energy is aggressive when it comes to helping others to seek God. I do so by inner revelations, but my energy is still lighter than my brother Michael’s. I come with a message of our hope. I sometimes can be seen by you, in the form of a white mist. In your dreams, I can appear as a white dragon, and also in human form.

I come to say how much we love you, embrace you, and need you. You are the hope of the future. By searching deep within, you can activate your DNA with the truths of your self, of the Universe, and of GOD. Listen to your heart, but apply the wisdom of it to your mind. Most of your planet, is dominated by using the left side, of the human brain. And only applying logic, without feeling. It was prophesied in the Holy Christian Scriptures, that the world would be this way, and that scripture was correct.

The Other light counsels through out the Universe, also foretold of Earth’s people losing affection, losing consideration, losing concern over  one another, and replacing it with a sense of self, that is dangerous. Other worlds whose technology is much more advanced than your planet’s, sent out spies, some of whom you called “Shadow People”. They were observing your world cloaked in shadow, for light brings an image and they wanted to anonymously  see the state of your home. Some meant no harm, but some of you were terrified at their presence, and felt threatened by these Watchers. there are workers of darkness, and some who are not evil but masking themselves in the dark, so as not to be seen. It is a confusing state.  Some good, and some bad, and you can never tell the difference. We do apologize for the fright, it was never our intention. But heed this warning, now that you know who they are, do not approach them, for there are some who have changed sides and became minions of wickedness which is why they are forever bound to your world.

The others, who stayed loyal, and were only acting out their duty , observed the turmoil that this planet is in. The ways human beings live. They infiltrated your homes to see what went on behind closed doors, and it was astonishing. The celestials do not know such anger, or hate, so it was an experience that none of them wish to repeat. We resign them and send out new ones all of the time, because the negativity in your world is too much for our brothers and sisters to bare. Why do you all judge one another so? Do you not know that you are all spirits made of light, only in a temporary vehicle? Then why care about the vehicle itself? Worry about the spirit that drives it. Use your heart and mind together to feel one another, so that you no longer see the external appearance, but the same light that you all share. Then there will no longer be cause to judge. Let there be peace among you! You are the only hope left for your planet, as it will decay for your future generations if you do not change, from the thoughtlessness, the hate, the greed and lack of love you have for one another. Remember, that you will have to meet again with those you have mistreated, when the day of end comes.

Here is the message of hope we have to you all,  it is to love one another greatly and God will love you even more, for God is Love itself. Be kind to those who hate you, and continue in your work to spread the new word.  Peace will be coming soon to your world, to us it is but tomorrow, but to you it is far in the future. Even so, it is still worth fighting for, since it is your children’s children, who will live here, or else your souls reincarnate here again. Then, you yourself will have to reside in a terrible world , that has never yet been experienced in the Universe’s history. Cling to hope, that your decisions will bring forth the peace needed, and keep it in your minds and hearts, that we are all here for you. We are always guiding, and watching over you,  in these most crucial days. Use the sound of the white light, to activate the love we need so much within you. We send you all of our love, from all of the realms through out the stars. ”