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Angel Aurora

Auriracopyrightaluracein Angel Aurora. She is mighty, and the most exquisite. This angel is a feminine angel, with the softness of a loving mother, and the kindness and leadership of a beloved sister that one would look up to. Angel Aurora is closely descended down from the Christ Consciousness, the prism spectrum, which frays out into the colors green, purple, red, and blue , in the light rays. Aurora has a combination of those, as she appears, she appears in those rays of light, with a beautiful appearance, that would make anyone feel enchanted. And she is, enchanting. The kind of beauty that makes your heart fall into your stomach when you first glance.

In angelic form, her rays flare out into a spinning portal of color, extensions expanding half of the Earth alone. Under her, she rules a legion of 432,001 angels, and she is a throne angel. She speaks with a kind vibration, loud, and echoes through the heart center, while making the crown pulsate. She is closely working with commanders Uriel, Zadkiel, Michael, and  Lerariel, in his lime green ray of light. Many have not heard of Aurora, and this is because she has stayed behind the scenes for so long. Not announced, but she is known of, just no one knows her true name here on Earth, so those who have seen her, called her Aurora. Her true name, is Halisiel. She is an angel of truth,love, and cosmic wisdom, with Angel Cecelia under her, in her legion,running 200 of Aurora’s angels. Cecelia is the messenger to Earth, of cosmic wisdom, for Aurora.

Aurora touches base all over the celestial Unseen world, but she is not unseen.Not in the least. Maybe to the small, human eye though. But out there, she shines just a brightly as any of the others. She is an Angel of the 8th dimension but almost making her way to the highest subplane of the 9th. She takes charge of souls who are born under the zodiacs of Aries, and Taurus, even though they are different elements. One is Earth,and one is fire, but the purple violet flame,and the blue waves of emotion, within her, somehow work for one another, rather than extinguish. Like her Uncles and Aunts, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael, who rule the four watchtowers, she is an angel of a cardinal direction too, working under our beloved Uriel in his legion.

She is a messenger of the North, and strange enough, is that she is operating many roles here. She works with all elements. Especially fire and water. She is guarding the North, but also commands wind, like Raphael but since Uriel is in charge of this area, he has given part of his job as an angel of one of the four winds of the earth, to Aurora. She is very busy, and quite important. Aurora appearing, she looks like a ball of energy swirling in neon colors of red, green, blue, and purple the size of  a large exercise ball. It is very bright, almost blinding.


She can be compared to, Hausos, Tefnut, Tanit, Frey’s and Brigid. I’m not saying that she is those goddesses but is like them. That’s because she is a ruler of fertility, an emissary of planet Earth. Yes, among her roles and jobs, she also aids in fertility and in looking after planet Earth too. Aurora works with the number vibration of a few numbers, 0,1, 2, and 3. All of these vibrations work in allowing forever, to become individual and then together, to produce the family.She works with the sign of the Triangle with a spiral going around it. She is such a feminine vibration, and gives such a sweet tone of light to any atmosphere, as well as the scent of lilies and lemonade, when she is present.

The magic involving Angel Aurora is a wisdom unknown. She is strongly presiding over a magic called, Planetary Magic. She often aids in cosmic deliverance of light, from the sky above. In ancient history, many civilizations practiced this kind of magic, but without knowing that as they did, the angels of the highest realms did not respond, but better yet, it had been the angels of the rebellions, who were closest to this realm, who responded to the callings. Angel Aurora tried to intervene by helping mankind in receiving some of the cosmic energy that she had. This way they would be safe, and have a good chance of obtaining their intentions. Drawing the energy from the sun.

Her wisdom is called Asatru, and is closely connected to the North. She has led many of the civilizations to the North, with her spiritual energies and communication with them, through beings that she sent herself, to relay the wisdom. To be exact, the wisdom is closely resembling that of the ancient Norse. She is a throne angel, because she only presides over a particular small area, in comparison to the domains, and principalities, and the other angles have out there. But she is powerful, and considered a smaller ruler here. You can call on her in times of need, for fertility, child birth, sex, love, and nature based magic. She will work with three of the elements in magic.


Every religion or belief has Gods, Goddess, and Demi-Gods who work and rule within it. She is one representative.

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  1. 28-03-2013 Aurora came to me in my dream or delirium
    Cause I just had a liver transplant, and she hovered very high above my grandparents who were instructing other small angel-like beings to look realy good after me and weren’t aloud to tease me. I asked who she was. Because she felt feminine. And the answer was in a warm far away voice: Aurora. I am there for you . I felt save.

    I wanted to tell you this story cause it happend to me. And it touched my heart. I havent thought about this much. But lately she came to my mind again and my husband found your site. So thank you for in a way giving me strength again. And Aurora most of all
    Love Vanessa

  2. Thank you beautiful light being! This really do explain very much of who I am ❤️‍🔥💫

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