Angelic Herald- It will go quiet…

Letter to Readers

Beloved readers, I come yet again with not only my voiced perspective but also fact. Through what I am shown, I have expanded into great sights, which were used to not only guide others in their personal situations but to make nations aware. Please see my predictions from 2015 onward. You will understand that I only ever had the best intentions revealing truth from above and inspiring change. But I know that I was not lovingly received, except by a few. In my time I defend, that while text may have not shown my loving nature due to how it was read, the love was always there for those with in whom I communicated with. I understand. I truly want everyone to know that it was always in my heart to try to be the love that many lacked, and the friend that many needed, in a former blog I had mentioned that I know that I probably have more enemies then allies. I could never really wrap my mind around such a thing since I myself have looked for a very long time, for people that were unconditionally excepting and full of love and truth. If I myself had ever found anyone that was the pure definition of those things, I would not for a second think negatively toward them. But indeed we live in strange times where it’s hard to trust anybody.

That brings me to the point of my portion of the message here. Since I have been through a lot on social media in terms of trying to get my message out there and reach many people with the love of God still in their souls who could have the potential to believe that a person could actually have a connection to the source and really use it for the good… I have come to the conclusion that there really aren’t many people to trust. Human beings turn their backs on anyone in a split second even without any reason. They don’t appreciate kindness or love. The good people in the world always get the worst end of it. I have also in my own experience found, that humans are selfish creatures in nature, who only seek to benefit themselves. I have met some nice people here, and I will always hang onto the few that I did meet that were righteous and good. But for the record I do want many to know that I have always known who was for me or against me, those who secretly doubted me, those who deliberately sent me negativity and aggression, as well as always having known those that were surrounding me not for the best of intentions. And I have surely found it in my life at this time to say that I respect and love myself enough, That I do not have to endure any more abuse. I have laid myself totally and utterly bear before others. Most teachers would not have even shared any aspect of their personal life without a twist of deception. I have always been forthcoming. I have always super exceeded myself in order to help others, putting myself to the side to be there in times of need, give advice even without a session, and to provide tons of free information in blogs that I paid for out-of-pocket. None of it was ever free. I spent more time and more money putting out free information then I had on anything else in my life. Additionally even when I did well financially, I donated and live modestly. But yet there are many others who is he to judge me for things that bother them personally because of the more deeply rooted things inside of them that they are not willing to face in terms of their relationships with me. I only ever thought to be a friend first, a teacher second. But maybe it should have been the other way around. With all of this I would like to say that I have never expected anyone to promote me although it would have been nice if others could’ve had such a strong faith and believe that they could have tried to help in someway. For those that did I am grateful. But I cannot keep trying to prove myself. If others struggle to believe, to exchange unconditional love, or see deeper, then I can not change that. From this point forward, I will allow my work to prove itself. Instead, just like it has done recently with all of the prophecies and predictions, now manifesting in the world today. But I would like to ask you, Isn’t that enough?

Believe me if I can foresee these things and into the lives of people that come to me from all around the world even those without a photograph, don’t you think I can see other things to? We are living in important times and others will seek to project negativity instead of love? It’s an abomination. I will now turn my side of the speech over to another, listen carefully chosen words of spirit.

Nadiel- Lord of Secret Feelings

I AM, Nadiel (Nah-Jee-El). I come in the name of “The ONE”, and another who represents him. We have agreed to speak in turn.

Dearest brethren, coming from on high with the council of twelve, truly I say unto you that we do not need to repeat much of anything. Our earthly messenger has done a good job of spreading information for us, as well as her own visions. For now, I feel that it is very important to leave a little bit of something with you, as the future rolls forward. We know that there are some of you who are still seeking personally for your own spiritual care with our angel and we don’t mean to hold any of you up from your sacred services. However, now is a crucial time. Please be patient, as we see that you have been. For that, thank you.

I know that many of you have felt that something was not right. That things, simply are not what they seem on the surface. And indeed you are right. That which is happening is as Metatron would say: ” no more than another jester in a play”. Go figure that its the very same jester still in theaters… so speak. In actuality, there were many getting very sick all around Europe. Of course these things were predicted in terms of economic collapse, power outages, not sure whether disasters, animal extinction and so on, through Metatron, Michael, and others as Alura had documented. We always keep her up-to-date with the latest even though there are things that we have told her that she cannot reveal. Still many of those things have taken place in biblical proportions. I know many are having difficulty still placing faith in her, but now would be a good time to start reassessing that.

As you move forward into the future you will find that the economy does suffer greatly all around the world. People will be without jobs as it has been predicted previously in another article. There will be curfews and people will be forced indoors. This was also predicted in another article just previous to this one. This will affect picking a leader for the modern day Babylon. It seems that the one who is leading there, is someone that does not intend on leaving quietly nor facing the risk and circumstances of the position and role that he has played. His daughter is even at great risk!

He only has a few options. Nevertheless as it has been predicted in 2016 through another blog, Alura had already spoken for us in regards to trying to prepare money for survival. This was because she knew the role that this modern day Babylon’s leader, had been stationed for. This was a plan from so long ago, even from before the start of this ending age. I know that many are feeling a great deal of anxiety and depression. You were already feeling that were you not? As these things were approaching everyone had said that Alura had been promoting things that were depressing but yet if you look and see, she was not trying to depress anyone but yet get them prepared so that they could stay healthy, and even positive during the worst of times. There were others who would like to had painted her in a different light. I know your feelings any motions only toward her but also toward life, the world, and society. It is truly a difficult pill to swallow, when you have certainly been taught true spiritual awareness. You can see the situation is more than what it is presented to be. Please do not fear, but yet remain prepared and steadfast. As the Lord of secret feelings, I ask you now to transmutate any feelings of negativity that you may have. Any that you are carrying are being channeled deep into the earth and it will not help to heal the situations that you will soon cry for healing from.

People of earth, when will you stop paying attention to senseless things? When will you stop paying attention to superficiality? When will you put your egos in judgment to the side to finally open your hearts and your minds to the true light of the way? This is not a dream. The things that are taking place are real and they will not just disappear as you go about your day ignoring it. Please listen to the words of my superior… as I conclude though, truly I tell you that I sent you nothing but love and good tidings. We here above, want to help. We can only help through those that have their hearts open toward love because if there is no love, then there is only hate, negativity and selfishness. And those are the three things that will fuel more manifestations of devastation to come. I know that while it may be hard and you are worried about your jobs, finances, your relatives, and what will be next… You have to understand that this time is going to bring about a new system of things and through that, you can fight your way through to have success and positivity at the end of it all. There is promise. But as it is said “before any man’s glory, shall come his fall”. And yes while there will be some disturbances in the meantime first, is not hopeless yet.


 “May you all have my condolences and sympathies, people of earth. Even though all things must come to pass, you do have my heart. But yet, not my understanding. Being delicate, I ask with respects: How many times did I come through to give you warning? How many of you despite that, merely sat there and claimed to be believers but yet took no action or heed to my words? Did you think that this was but a game? Or rather, did you think that Alura was nearly just playing at some sick cosplay act? It is devastating to know how many people metaphorically slapped her in the face, and then turned around to smile afterwards. And yet still we communicate important information …. through her….in order to still protect you all from calamity through our cautioning?!

For everyone, there will come a time when you will not be in a physical body any longer. And while the physical body conceals many truths about the spirit, you’ll find that everything in this case, was always 100% honest and pure. Many foolishly forgot and still forget that we are always watching. Why do you desire to be a part of the earthly trends? Look at where it has led everyone? Why it was no more than just honey laid out for all of you bees, to get stuck in its trap. And even knowing so, many of you walked right into it, and with it eyes wide open? It is really astonishing!  There’s no excuse. Nevertheless, let me review a few things for you as we will grow quiet for a little bit in the future to come.

Firstly, after your global pandemic starts to recede, you will find that there will be a lot of difficulty financially and in the rebuilding process. There will be even more natural disasters upcoming this year that will hit the economy even harder. They will provide resources for food, but it may have a priceless cost to you. Alura has referred to your movie “The Hunger Games” for a few reasons afterall.

Many will have to stay in their homes, and remain indoors by a curfew. Some will be forced to go to places for aid. How will people pay for their mortgages? Their rent? Where will they stay? In some places it will be bypassed that housing does not have to be paid during the pandemic, but for others, rules will be very different. Because of this, you will definitely need to be very careful in reaching out for any help from your authorities.

Additionally, there are “visitors” hovering in the sky and hidden in the invisible folds of your reality. I know them very well. They are not visible to you. But others will speak of finally seeing them. They may feel threatened or intimidated by their presence. Many of you feel it. You can not trust them all, so beware. This is a part of the huge secret as to why you all have been being forced indoors over time. For those of you not focusing on superficial things, you will come to find out what that is and the truth can be pretty devastating. Remain strong and do not question that there is a hierarchy above.

Tribulation times bring with them great obstacles to maneuver through. Try to go into mountainous regions with fresh air. If you can’t, then make sure you stock up well with supplies. This great deception will pass but with it will bring death and war. Protect your family as well. Listen to the advice that Alura has provided you with in her personal message through the angelic Herald. It will not steer you wrong.

Also don’t panic. Families will be in total chaos. There will be so many arguments due to stress and anxiety within families. Children will be even more disobedient because they do not understand what is going on. The heavens are trying to protect the children because of their innocence. We forgive them for they know not what they do. Everything is as a result of a cause and affect. If parents would have parented in a righteous way, then their children would have had more respect and cooperation to get through even in the hardest of times. Others who could not afford food, will start to become desperate and there will be an increase in violence. Civil unrest.

Do not close out your brothers and sisters out there. If you have enough, share it. Give freely if you can. There is enough hate that has been the cause of what is happening in your world. Any more of it, will surely end it. Take care of your health and try to eat as healthy as you can, drink plenty of water and take vitamin C to boost your immunity. This will help you get through any symptoms that you do get through the “cover-up”that is being spread.

It’s time to now open your eyes because there were millions of animals that went extinct in the fires, more natural weather disaster than ever before, and outbreak of a virus, and so much more that many of you forgot about as soon as it happened because you were so easily distracted by the age of the deceit. Don’t be distracted anymore. Even with the news broadcasting about the virus that’s going on in your world, many of you can’t take watching it anymore, but yet get mesmerized by it. Turn it off. Put on some good music and spend time with your loved ones.

Indeed, pretty soon you’ll find that many of the other predictions are going to start taking place. Look for them. Be vigilant. Spread the messages if you can. It will help others even if they don’t receive it openly at first. There will be a new way for the financial economics of your world that will arise.

You will find that many things of the past have been erased.

If you feel that you are in a daydream of sorts, then your consciousness is being shifted and for the new way. Don’t let it in. Refocus. Many of the “extras” or earthling natives will naturally shift and especially during new exchanges of power as well as new declarations of it. For those who are a week it will be exceptionally hard to even recognize the world. People will be so closed off and untrusting. Can you blame them for being so bitter? There will be so much lost. 

Do not forget also that many things are taking place in the atmosphere. Not only are there visitors invisible to the human eye that are there, but there are also chemicals and illnesses as well as frequencies, and hidden secrets. You will find that things changed greatly in the sky above. There will be new powers appointed on earth and in heaven. It would be wise to be clear of any Jehovian seals as they will be upgraded by the powers of earth. You will need psychic blocks too, as now your eyes are like a camera that any time, can be used to look through.

You know what to expect as you know the rest. We have kept you well informed for years already. The rapture is about to begin but don’t look for it in ways you would expect. The expectations were put out there simply to get you to look for one thing and not the other so as to miss it or not understand it as it is occurring. It will happen a little further into the future but it will happen nonetheless. For it was said, that many people with a wicked heart would not understand. But those who are pure at heart would understand the word of truth as it is given in illumination. So it is no surprise that many did not remain loyal. But you came for a herald not a lecture so allow me to move forward with this message in the most of heralding forms.

“This time is about mass hysteria leading to real concerns. Diseases and famine, natural disasters, end of power for some and the new start of it for others. The two witnesses, end their term of testifying. And yes all of the trials that were inflicted by them on the earth have a ready. We will see and end to he who walks in their name but then for him to rise up. Who can understand?

There will be a plague that while many are out of food and shelter, they will roam the streets as it torments them. Affecting the skin, breathing, mentality and morals of they who contract it. The coronavirus as you call it, is no other than a similar cell to that of East Nile Virus , because the coronavirus has been out for so very long, they have already found ways of coping with it. But yet it seems that there is difficulty now? Look! I AM Metatron and I do not lie. As for the coronavirus… there is a huge understanding in the numbers! The amount of cases, and infections.

People will be against one another soon, stay safe.

Good bye old way! Things have passed away as they were now. Prepare for a new order. I will walk with you through it all. In the meantime, as we keep you updated, we will allow others of the predictions to happen and catch up first before making new ones. But we will help you to understand the predictions as they occur.

On an end note

I, Alura thank the heavens for being with us. Please do not forget to remain positive and do not feed into the mass hysteria. A shift in consciousness happens when people openly pay too much attention giving their awareness to a new idea or situation that is being promoted. It cannot affect you if it does not fully or truly exist within you. This energy is all in the air. As for me, I will still be an influence and presence for others. But I will need the extra time not only for my own family, but also to stay as an open channel for above. I have to be on call so to speak so it needs a lot of space, time and attention in order to keep everybody updated as well as to still walk those who are personally fighting through the spiritual warfare, to their success. For those of you still working with me, I will be available for those that are in life coaching, to teach the courses, and personal sessions for spiritual freedom and growth. Blogs will still go up, as well as social media posts. But as for individual communication, right now is the time where I need to be completely clear. like I said I will on my work to prove itself so I hope that you will still remain positive and motivated through things that I post up. But because of not having had the support in the past that I truly needed, I will leave all things as they are. Please be aware of those to try to promote themselves during these times though. There are many that would seek to position themselves in even five minutes of glory during even the most vulnerable of times. Keep yourself safe, healthy, and in true faith. I promise for those that do, that you will be unaffected.

One last thing. While we had a lot of things going on in entertainment and otherwise, you can probably expect that now we are entering a whole new digital age where most of the broadcasting is going to be live, with a lot of news, fake news as well as a lot of people talking about a lot of different things. That…. or a lot of pre-recorded stuff. Everything as you know it is going to change. Holidays will never be the same again. Television and entertainment as well as sports will never be the same again. Welcome to the true indoor generation.

And as a result people are falling deeper and deeper into a state of depression that it will then make them numb and spiritually dead inside. We will become more hostile towards others, and don’t forget what I said in my video that they will lose a lot of their morals and compassion. You can find a video labeled indoor generation on YouTube on my channel Alura Cein. This is a system reset!

It’ll be mostly as if everyone has shut off their feelings. Please don’t let this happen to you. Remember what I taught you all about the first and second deaths as it was spoken about in the Bible. And look forward to the great resurrection. Archangel Michael and Metatron both are going to be working together to make things better later in the future.

I also want to thank anybody that left a donation for me and my family at this time. It’s very kind of you considering how I lost my father and we expand the family a little bit. I love you all so very much for your compassion and consideration. Everything is greatly appreciated in terms of helping me in my mission for others while I am also trying to survive through these very difficult changing times.