Angelic Herald: Revelations on the Jester


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Revelations on the Jester… clarifying the wisdom of above in Earthly terms, according to Alura; message delivered by Cassiel.

“I turned and I looked and at first saw nothing. The sky is clear as a beautiful sunny day. But to my surprise I could see smoke piling together in the air for me and a huge clouds in the distance. Clouds dark, they were. Like little swarms of gnats, the particles of darkness fluttered in the air above me, heavy and thick like soot heavily filling the rising smoke of a burning fire. It crept slowly toward me, until finally it had expanded, like a blanket being opened not realizing its size. It alarmed me that suddenly as the last patch of blue in the sky was covered, a scene appeared using it as a backdrop for me to see.

The angels were fighting but they were closed off from Earth before they could even get through to help. Instead, great warriors clothed in black armor came down through the dark cloud but yet no one knew. They were not visible to those on earth, because the people on earth were very much asleep. While they were sleeping, a new leader was erected in position. Someone who was not to be taken seriously by the people. He was a jester known for his clowning around, and enjoying the fast life next to other kings and entertaining their wealth. Yet he was never a king himself. But how perfect of a distraction it would be, because the figures in dark armor were using the humans to promote more sinister plans without anyone detecting a thing. There are only some who were not sleeping. Those who were Wide awake, were needed to be revealed to acknowledge who they were, not to reward them, but instead for a great agenda spiritually. This was needed to take in place… that it would reveal those who had never been conformists to the system in which they live. However, they were never any threats where they had never risen against it, just quietly in their hearts all alone felt, that there was something so in just were unfair. Nevertheless, it was still needed to be drawn out so that those who were leading the system, could do away with those groups of people so that they could not ever speak against it out loud in the future when a new way and new system was put into place. Additionally, those criminally minded we’re also needed to be revealed as well, to see how many were truly going to go along with the new way of things willingly, no matter how immoral. And it was a great surprise to see just how many had been corrupt in their hearts all along, hidden underneath of the surface. It truly would be of no difficulty for those in great power to get the people to march to the beat of a new tune. And so I saw coming in the darkness of the clouds, a great army. And I looked, I saw drummers who tapped away at their drums in front of them, but this song was one of a great mourning. I could no longer feel the great extent of the sky for now I had this great dark blanket hanging in the balance of it and those who were wearing the dark armor seemed to just walk up on the surface of it. It was then that I could see small clearings almost as if little movies played out right there above me but without any device.

In those small movie clips playing upon the darker newer sky that had just been created and crafted for the earth, I could see Great images that had appeared. There were images of men on horses galloping in the mist of fire. In fact, everything behind them had turned into red and orange flames. Then I could see that there was a white mist coming from underneath of the galloping hooves of the horses beneath the four riders. It seemed to spell out something although the vision had faded as quickly as it had begun, and I did not get to see. But one shouted out the phantom word and I heard it in my mind loudly that it nearly made my head explode, as he spoke his lips did not move. He just continued his gallop. The word that was spelled in the mist? “Yaheveh”.

I then saw beings that were taller than most, reaching out to the extent of the sky, only their feet visible as the blanket of darkness covered them from the waist up. You could see that they were full of anger. Each one standing in each of the four corners of the earth. One took in a breath and blew a great wind, disturbed the great masses of waters and also the wind.  One of the giant beings, put forth both of his hands in front of him in which he held a flame in each of the palm of his hands. With one breath, he blew into those flames that he held, and it burned up a great land. However obvious, the people of that land still did not take heed. The next giant, stomped one of his great feet and shook the ends of the earth so that the quaking did not stop for 7 full years. It also caused waves in the bodies of the waters, to rise up to great heights and come crashing down upon communities of people. With one stomp it has triggered the crevices of earth beneath mountains which held liquid fire, to rumble and spit the hot magma into the air. 

Another one of the Giants, reached high above him and tore open the blue sky in the area that I could no longer see. Yes, it had been hidden in the darkness. I only knew that he had done this, because suddenly it was extremely hot and then it was extremely cold. As I sweated and then shivered… off and on, I could see the vision of the pages of the calendar as they flew by. Year after year, it was that way. There were times that the earth was covered in ice and snow in the bitterness of cold temperatures. Some of the storms were so horrific that people could not even make it outside of their homes. Then there were times that the sun itself had scortched the land so badly, it had ruined any attempt of providing produce. What was more, was that some of the diseases and toxins released into the air by the one giant already infected the majority of the waters, the air, and the people. Inside of them, had been a great illness all along.

The sky above the giant, the one that only they could reach, had already been showing signs in the luminaries above them for some time. But by the time that all of these things had started taking place, even more rare and stranger occurrences had taken place. And then I saw visions of religious organizations and, and even people of a religious mind, acting out doing some really outrageous things. There were mass shootings religiously targeted, some in schools, and some associated with major corporations. And yet the drumming of the great army above seemed to only be a song that appealed to those of younger audiences as they somehow just followed along with the beat. There were more killings on the earth at that time, in the ages of the perpetrators got younger and younger. People were segregated so much so from one another that intimacy was soon being promoted with pets and family members, even young children. The Giants themselves had seen this and that is why some of the disasters had been provoked in order to somehow end/or control it. But I asked them why was this happening? Why was it being allowed to take place?

One of them yelled down to me and said “when the body is not well neither are its limbs”!! I knew this to mean that the people of earth would be infected by disease in great numbers. The body is our Earth and we are the limbs. One cannot exist without the other. In the air in which we breathe be bathroom beneath that dark blanket, that had surrounded me in which we breathe, became full of brownish yellow with specs of black and gray. But yet disease does not come just in illness of the physical body, it also comes in the illness of the mind. The people lost hope.

All four of the Giants let out a great cry but yet the humans could not hear it. They could only feel the weeping, as if walking into the mortuary after a funeral. Then, in the picture of the Giants in their great corners of the earth had faded and I saw something very different. Alas, I was shown the earth as a great stage. On it many performers. But one, had been a jester. Decked out in some of the very best attire, he gave his very best performances until he would not need to be a jester any longer. He would hire others to be a jester for him. But still he had never changed his ways, and even without the costume he was still a jester nonetheless.

It was then that I saw a woman dressed in all red who had approached him. She promised to him a great performance, unlike one that anyone that he had ever done before. She had promised him great wealth and renown and that it would be the last performance he would ever need to do. He almost turned her down, but as I saw in the vision that she had turned to walk away, he pondered within moments and then reached out for her to change his mind. Asking her what part he would play, she handed him the crown of the great king.

It was explained that they had always had him in mind for this performance especially. And that the signs really, had always been there. Feeling rather special that he had been considered for so long and feeling so great and mighty for it, he jumped right into his role right away. Still, he took it so seriously that he began to believe that it was real. But the director, writer, cast, and editors never seemed to take him serious. So he came up with a whole new plan of his own. Instead of allowing this severe performance, he would make it a reality. To spite them all, he would be the very best king that he could be. It’s not like the audience knew the difference between whether it was a play or reality anyhow! They were still fast asleep and all of it was nothing more than a mere dream to them. Everything in the world around them seemed to keep them in this dream state, one of the best dreams in slumber that they would have ever had… ever before.

Yet there were Trumpets blasting all around to try to wake them up before it was too late. They could hear them in the distance of their dream but did not seek to find them in order to understand where they were coming from or why. The trumpets were trying to warn them, but soon the dream would end and they would wake up anyway. However, it would be too late and nothing would ever be the same again. As they slept, real life has changed drastically right underneath of them. Aha, the jester put on a play for everyone during their dream state, and it would be the best performance by the jester yet. If gone and setting the jester center stage, the masses would believe everything all be the fault of the jester would it not? Because at the end of the final scene, everyone who had been a part of the production would disappear and would leave the jester standing front and center stage before the waking people. But this would not be the end of the story.

As the people woke up infuriated, I could see great visions of those involved with the production, attacking the jester themselves to as if they had never known about the production at all. but he would with all of his might inform the people that it had all been set up. He would begin to tell the truth of things he had seen during the production and off to the side of it. Many people would believe him in fact. And so those involved with the production tried and tried to make him look even more the jester than ever before. Who would trust a clown?

However, since he had tried his best to change the situation and to turn the production into something that could be used for the better, there were still many people that supported him. Those who were a part of the productions could not have that! And so the dark blanket that hung in the balance of the sky, came down and around the people. It seemed to keep them in a sleepy state of consciousness and they were guided and directed with images that were played out before them, to tell them what they were to do, how they were to behave, the things they were to accept. It seemed that the humans had done nothing more than simply just re-in act all of the things that they had been against, for so very long. Shifting the direction of their feet totally. The serpent had bitten the original woman’s seed in the heel.

The jester returned his crown back to lady in the red. She never intended on wearing the crown herself, but planned on having others wear it for her, as she secretly was the king behind the scenes. Only, nobody had ever suspected that it was a woman. Yes, the same woman that was seen riding the many headed dragon with the word mysteries written upon her head. Indeed it meant the occult, the occult had been used during the jester’s great play, but were all things hidden in secret, finally revealed? No. Instead the last thing to be discovered was the lady in red herself. And that she indeed was “lady mysteries” because she had remained a mystery all along.

By that time, it had already been too late. So many had been focused in their sleepy state, on the dream like production performed by the jester and all of the other images that were placed before them, that they had failed to notice the after affects of what the four giants had done. The puppet masters had belittled him so, that the jester would have one last attempt at setting the record straight. And then at the end of it, my vision showed me that the jester was no more.

As the people were waking up from their dreaming, the jester had all but disappeared, not just from the scene from the world around them… A new world, a new order of it, had been firmly implanted and established. I looked and I saw, a great net that had been been cast about the people. Like fish stuck in a fisherman’s net, the people were so closely drawn together that there would be no escaping now. Outside of the net, there was hunger, and disease. Crimes were taking place out of rage, thoughtlessness and influence because the net itself had covered over the emotional part of the human being. They had been hurt and betrayed so how could they trust or ever feel the same again? They had been asleep and dreaming for so long, that when they woke up, every day real life suddenly did not seem to be full of life at all. Things would never return to the way that they were.

I then saw a vision of many numbers portraying large sums of money digitally but yet no goods to back it up. Products were being exchanged for these digital numbers, but when the owners of those products wanted compensation for real, it triggered a lot of anger and lack of resources for they had stopped sending them. Threats were made and those in the dark armor help them. I then also saw that the ones who had been receiving the product but weren’t anymore, decided to use a great army to just simply go in and take them. Great lands were invaded until many joined forces together to fight against them to stop it. Not only had the earth been in a state of devastation through its natural disasters caused by the Giants and those riding on the horses, but now humankind alike would be responsible for finishing it all off.

I had wondered if the jester would have been happier knowing he did not have to witness such a thing, even though he had already known about it before his disappearance. There were many things revealed to the populations of people, and the great net that they had used before the new one was cast, spewed forth great truth until it went dark like a sun being blocked by big clouds on a stormy day. No they would never allow the people to ever know the truth. And while the poor jester had gotten himself involved knowingly in the first place, even later changing sides. The world succumbed to the dark blanket that hung above them in the net that enclosed all around them. It got dark.

Oh how the sun in it’s former vain glory, then sent waves of anger hitting the Earth. There was so much anger and so much pain on the ground in every human being, of all ages alike. It did not take them long after the jesters disappearance to realize that it had all been a production in the first place, and they were the ones who had paid the greatest price of all. New powers arose and bypassed old ones, and all of them working together in a new collective group for the same goals. Many people were caused to pass away as diseases spread that were incurable, whereas once before they had been susceptible to medicine. Young children paid the price mainly. But yeah even so, the children that were born during that time, were very advanced in developing understanding and insight early on. The affects of the four Giants continued every cycle of 364 days. But not only that, but the actual sun itself also started to become violently ill. The lands were scorched and there was even more fire because of it. This is what made the land baron, as I had seen in the visions before me. 

Woe to those children born or raised during that time. Yes as they were growing up in those times… my final visions showed me that there was a great time of economic collapse and unemployment. There were so many failures of small businesses due to debts that have been racked up and then the people were affected by the attempt to collect them suddenly. They had been told that they could create their dreams but their dreams had never been a real… and all of them had a price anyhow.

Even major corporations suffered as many truths were revealed about them and many were laid off. In an attempt to pay back for the products that they owed, they had overcharged people for their food and necessities.  and there was a cry amongst the people like never before because of all of this. Although, it was a cry that was not one that you could hear but yet feel. This feeling was channeled into the earth and it fed the dark blanket in the sky even more throughout time. Even with a major religious organization, more truth had been exposed about it in my visions unfolding, throughout a period of time, that it started to deteriorate in its value as new structures, morals, and laws were stationed to adopt instead. That which had been an empire representing an overdue age, was finally exiting of its power to allow the rise of new representatives who made everyone turn from the tyranny of the former ram, toward a horned figure, half woman/ half goat who spoke persuasively like babbling brooks of water. Power outages took place in numbers.

After these visions came to an end, I stopped and looked back up to the sky. The dark blanket had not been a vision at all. It was already sitting right there above me. having had all of these revelations that had been simply because of the jester, made me wonder why did it have so much to do with him? It was then that Cassiel told me, that is was not because of the jester after all… but rather as a result of the woman… The jester was only a scapegoat for a long well thought out plan.  It was a shame because nobody had a solution to fix the problem or make it better. And then I had realized that the visions that I had just had, I actually had already had a vision of repeating them as I am now. The two witnesses were silenced with the jester. The populations were now stuck inside indoors because of the disasters outside and because of the fighting. Everyone was trapped inside false realities of their own, ones that were created for them based on the collection of the data taken from their minds… from the previous net that they had been caught in at first. There were only a few platforms that remained huge and forever growing, or others that were just as good faded into the background. Anyone having knowledge of the truth of any of this, were silenced. Not only were their mass killings, killings by children and within families, but more suicides arose. Things that were devastating and grotesque in the past were embraced by the people. Finally, everybody had to have a mark, that would allow them food, banking, and to be accounted for in identity. The device is used to wave a credit card chip in front of them, were then able to read the mark on the people themselves.

The great armies of angels I had seen there in the beginning of my visions, battled through the darker blanket, and after all of this had taken place, the angels collected the people that had still remained faithful and steadfast. There would be no need for them to stay in that reality anymore. How many of them had listened and helped themselves to grow? How many of them had played a role in their own salvation by taking the necessary steps of bypassing the trap that had been laid before them? Instead, many of them got lost in the darkness of the blanket above. Only a select few would make it out. Even the angel recording these prophecies had been targeted by the law and disease sent to her so that if one could not get her, the other would. This would make it look like it were no more than a natural circumstance. No… there would be left no room to question. All of these things would take place so quickly before the people, that they would not have time to turn back. The world became slaves to those that were in the dark armor. The powers that were inevitably stationed, included great illusionists.

One with great scientific invention.

A corporation that had bought into several others, making up a great majority of the great net.

And spiritual organization created by those responsible for the promotion of history and science.

A large church of a newer age, but had yet always been around.

Company is responsible for pharmaceuticals, weapons, scientific discovery, and weather.

All of them had played a great role in setting the traps laid before the people. And after these prophecies were surely to come to take place, there was no hiding it anymore. Even with the truth out in the open, the people could do nothing. And some of the illusionist were even made to look as criminals, all in an attempt to trick the people into trusting a new platform that was said to make things well. and things that were considered to be taboo, then accepted, became taboo again leave with some things allowed as a new understanding was formed. The old system has surely been done away with and those that had known of the old, had lost their memories as they were made to forget.