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 2017 Metatron’s Message

During my channeling session last night, I sat back seeing all of the beautiful spiraling vortexes that came to life. I waited to see which messenger would present himself. It is a different visitor each night. As I watched, it was our magnificent Archangel Metatron who came through. He had a lot to say, but only portions can I reveal to you. Some of the messages were for those who work with me in spirit, and some were for clients, who seek with me for knowledge. The rest of the message was about the world, and about the New World to come. He started by saying:

“Dearest one, I wish that everyone in your world could see what was actually going on with in the matrix. The beautiful structure that was created with billions upon billions of souls. Tiny particles of light into those larger, that make the beautiful dome above your plane. It is no easy task to be a guardian of it. There are so many places to watch over within, and so many all around. Interdimensional and extra dimensional. But the one thing that I can say is this, those in your particular dimension living physically there see but do not see. I beseech those of you who can hear, Listen…

“After the hawks offspring cried aloud in great distress, the lady sent forth a flock. Those in the flock exploded in their anger, and in their heat made a great distress.. The bear was roaming amongst the hawk’s thirsty land, when the flock attacked.  The lady said she would sing her song for the bear to hear when fierce flock took flight. But the song was never heard. The hawk, hurt by the flock, would plan a way to rebuild its nest. But the lady would keep a watchful eye on it’s nest forever. Now, the bear had reason to attack the lady. Knowing so, the lady looked for help from the golden pheasant. There would be more distress to come,  from the angry bear and the injured hawk.” Be aware, for the greatest darkness shall come born of the light. Watch for signs. The  Moon disappearing, and then a black shroud over the sun, will show that it is very near.”

Metatron knows of the world’s issues, but speaks in parables due to messages that I interpreted in the past, that were not appreciated by those in a higher spot. No he reveals a great piece of information to us through his symbolism. From what I saw in him, he is greatly distressed from all that has been occurring within his gates. But for all things under the sun, there is a greater reason. Everything as it is now, is happening as it should be. Our mighty archangel loves every breath of life here in this world. The love is divine, as he embraces each being with open arms and a great longing to drop the barriers that keep us seperate and stuck in this bubble. He  once everyone to be happy and full of optimism and positive outlook. He wants everyone to have hope, faith, and peace. But he does exclaimed, but no one should ever be so comfortable, that they cannot see the truth or trouble that could be on its way. He says that “the wise, are always ready for anything”. Delight in the comfort of our Creator always, and keep your eyes open.

Copyrighted. 2017

Alura Cein

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