Angel Gabriel Appears

As everyone knows, spirits and principalities are responsible for the elements. Earth, air, fire, and water. There are spirits within everything. And there are the deities that sometimes act as messengers that are called angels during those times. Those deities preside over the elements. I channel so much all of the time, and it is an amazing thing to have that gift. What is even more amazing is when you have proof of it.

Just the other day, I had been outside in the weather had been getting really weird. In light of the blog here called theAngelic Herald, there have been so many predictions about weather disasters and end times. I have been putting these predictions up weekly, and then the predictions would come true only within a week or two after each entry. Some of those predictions included tornadoes, and storms. The weather here in New Jersey is been acting up quite a bit. I was outside and it was sunny one minute, and all of a sudden clouds started to come in and wind picked up strongly. I grabbed my camera.

I feel the presence of a very strong and 40. I am mediately knew who it was. As I was filming I heard her, but I did nothing by any means it would show up on my camera. It’s ultimately ever does. But when I played it back, sure enough it was there. Her beautiful voice in the background of the storm. Gabriel. Listen below…

I’m sure everyone knows that I spoke with her after, and she has a message for our next Angelic Herald news. I hope you will join me there to hear what she has to say.

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